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Here are a few letters received this week by PackerReport.com managing editor Todd Korth:

Secondary still needs lots of improvement
Hello Todd,
I am as happy as the next person that the Packers won last week. The O-line was thrown a curve and handled it as well as to be expected, kickers and punters doing well, Hawk and the linebackers as a whole are doing great.

Although Woodson had one good game, what does that prove? The safeties (to me anyway) seem nonexistent and the secondary seems to just get lucky. I kept seeing Harris get burned (even though technically he only allowed 2 passes to get caught). If Miami had a better QB, the outcome would have been different with big plays against Harris and what … 500+ yards against? If Woodson has the same game this week, I will become a believer, but I am not holding my breath and with Harris getting burned it is not looking good. The problem is what do you do? You don't have anyone else so you are stuck with the hand you are dealt.

Many others have expressed thoughts on the Packers' TERRIBLE secondary. Most comments ranging from firing players, firing coaches, firing the GM, and somewhere I saw it was the equipment manager's fault. My questions is, when does it change from a player's fault from performing poorly to a coach's fault for not adjusting, changing, benching, or whatever it takes?

Matthew Struble, mstruble@lawsonproducts.com, Naperville, IL

Good to see Woodson improving, but safeties are dreadful
On an underachieving defense, Charles Woodson is a bright spot as the leader of the secondary. Since the start of the season, we've been hearing how Woodson is not the player he once was and is overpaid. Since Week 1, his play has been dramatically improving and his veteran leadership shows. He's been solid in coverage, and very good in stopping the run. He's the only Packer player on the defense who always goes for the ball (stripping one on the goal line @ Philly, and 2 @ Miami). On Sammy Morris' big play late in the second half, Woodson, who from the other side of the field, prevented him from scoring and forced a fumble.

The Packers have an average defensive line, and improving athletic linebackers, the problem are their safeties. Manuel and Collins have been killing the Packers all season. They constantly get beat deep, and struggle open field tackling. Their play must improve if the Packers want to keep their offense in games.

The offense is there. As long as the offensive line stays effective, there are no large concerns here. It was great to see Ahman Green back. He does wonders for this team as for what he brings. I couldn't disagree more with Doug Ritchay, who said, "Green gives the Packers depth at running back, but that's it." How he was proven wrong. Herron and Morency do not pose the threat of scoring whenever they touch the ball. He's just as important to this offense as is Brett Favre.

With a healthy Green and better play from their safeties, this team and their fans should not be satisfied with anything under a .500 record for the season. I look forward to watching the Pack surprise many as the season goes on.

Zack Sigmund, SjKnights26@aol.com, Saddle River, NJ

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