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Comments from Brett Favre, Ahman Green, Aaron Kampman and more

On atmosphere of playing at Lambeau Field: "We have a lot of young guys, and if they couldn't feel the atmosphere today, they never will."

On his Lambeau Leap: "I don't think I've ever done one. I hope that's the last one. Donald (Driver) provoked me. I was coming off of the field and he kind of gave me one of those (pointing to the stands). I wish he would have gave me a boost. I should have found a lower spot. I'm not to savvy in the stands-jumping department. Not to mention, I was pooped out. There was a lot of negatives."

On team's contrast of youth and veterans: "From start to finish, we're a young team. I think the good is that guys are resilient. You go out and you play hard, regardless. A lot of guys are fighting for jobs and trying to establish themselves. Whereas, when you deal with an older team that's struggling, it's easy for them to pack it in. The few veterans we do have on this team are hard workers, (and) they give it everything that they've got. They handle adversity well."

On success of running game and not throwing as much as earlier in the year: "It's fun throwing touchdown passes, and it's fun throwing for a lot of yards, but there's no substitute for winning. I love to compete, and whatever it takes to win, I'll do ... You don't have to throw for 300 (yards) to win, but if you throw for 180 (yards), you better be able to run for something. I think that was the case today."

On whether or not he feels refreshed due to winning: "Yes and no. I didn't really get hit (today), I don't think. Now mentally, I feel great. You have to kind of fight the demons at times. Winning sure solves a lot of problems."

On overall thoughts of game: "Our line did an outstanding job. Our play-calling was excellent. Brett did an outstanding job, giving us some great plays. Our receivers even made some outstanding blocks downfield, so the running game could just explode."

On feeling more comfortable with the Packers: "Everyday I go out to practice, learning the scheme, learning what the coaches want, just going out there and giving it my all."

On recording his first 100-yard game: "I need to pay homage to our offensive line and the savviness of Brett, in getting us out of bad plays and putting us in the right plays."

On getting the season's first win at home: "It was a good day out there. The guys up front were hitting their blocks. Once you start to wear down a defense, the holes are just there. Vernand (Morency) and I could just pick and choose. We just hit it hard and that was it."

On two 100-yard rushers: "It was great, because it reminds me of the days I was at Nebraska. We'd get three or four running backs over 100, but in the NFL to do that, it's great."

On whether he's becoming more comfortable with the blocking scheme or the system is working better: "It's a little bit of both. I'm getting more comfortable with them, my body is getting adjusted now, getting back out there. I'm getting hit around and building up my endurance for everything. Once we get into the stretch run toward the end of the season, they're going to need me, my team is going to need me and everybody else offensively. When we get the running game going here, it's something dangerous with a quarterback like Brett. They have to adjust for everybody. They have to prepare for both of us."

Defensive end Aaron Kampman:
On getting pressure on quarterback Matt Leinart: "Our defensive line and linebackers, whether we were bringing four or five or three, we were getting there. That's a tribute to our backs. Our guys are really starting to lock things down back there (defensive backfield). It means we're starting to grow as a defense."

On sack that came from him playing an inside position: "Whenever you can give a team different looks, they don't really know quite what to expect, especially with an offensive line this week with some new guys in there and things like that. We wanted to shake it up a little bit."

On chance to be 4-4: "I think we're growing and you only grow with victories. Guys are confident. You look around the locker room and guys are smiling and having fun. We had a great practice last week, and hopefully we'll continue to do that this week. We're excited about how it's going."

Linebacker Nick Barnett:
On getting first home victory of season: "It was huge, finally getting that win at Lambeau. We haven't great these last two seasons at Lambeau. It feels good to get a win and try to establish an advantage, like we have in the past. We've got to keep truckin' and see what happens."

On the offense and defense setting the tone early: "We played good defense because the offense was able to control the ball. Then when we got out there, we made big plays and were able to get off the field quickly. We just played with each other."

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