Sherman thinks big as team meets Joe Frazier

When it comes to motivating his team, Mike Sherman didn't hestitate to bring in a 'heavy hitter.'Boxing legend Joe Frazier met with the Packers when they visited Philadelphia last weekend.<P>

"When I was growing up in Boston, the one guy that I knew had the determination and will to do whatever it took to win a championship was Joe Frazier," Sherman said. "I just always admired the guy."

Frazier, 58, lives in South Philly, where he runs a gym bearing his name.

To introduce his young players - only a handful of whom were born in 1968 when Frazier won the heavyweight title over Buster Mathis -- to the boxing great, Sherman told them Frazier's inspiring story. Then the team viewed a tape of Frazier's first three fights with Muhammad Ali including Frazier's electrifying victory on March 8, 1971.

The team got the message. When Frazier was introduced, the Packers greeted him with a three-minute (make that a one-round) standing ovation.

The coach expects the meeting to have a lasting effect.

"I didn't do it for this game," Sherman stressed. "I did it for this year."

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