Aaron Kampman Q&A

Defensive end answers questions about his matchup with Bills rookie Terrence Pennington

Green Bay Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman enters Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills tied for the league lead in sacks with 8.5. He has a chance to increase that total against rookie offensive right tackle Terrence Pennington.

Kampman, who leads the Packers' defensive linemen with 38 tackles (26 solo), was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday. Kampman led the Packers with two sacks, three quarterback hits and tied for the team high in tackles with eight.

Kampman took time this afternoon in the Packers locker room after practice to answer questions from PackerReport.com's Todd Korth about his matchup against the 6-foot-0, 325-pound Pennington, the first of two seventh-round draft picks by the Bills this year:

Q: What kind of challenges do bigger offensive lineman pose for you?
Aaron Kampman:
They're usually a little better with power rushes, but it depends where their pad level is. The thing with this situation is I've never seen this guy play right tackle, other than a few snaps. I saw him a little bit against Detroit for a few plays, but I haven't seen a lot of film on him, so I don't know particularly how he'll set. Most guys coming out of college, you have an idea of how they'll go about their business.

Q: Can it be good to go up against a rookie?
It can be, you know. Hopefully, I'll be able to welcome him properly into the NFL. You never know. Sometimes it works against you as well because it's a guy's first start and he's all geeked up and this and that. So, he can play lights out, too. I can't worry too much about what he does. I just have got to worry about what I do and what I can do to continue to help us keep this streak going.

Q: Do you expect that Pennington will be getting some help in blocking you?
I would anticipate that that's a possibility. New guy. New starter. They've been doing that already with some of their protections, leaving a guy in, a back. We'll see how it goes. All I can do is react to what I see and go from there.

Q: In recent weeks, have you been getting double teamed more by opposing offenses?
I've seen more ‘chips,' I've seen more (running) backs. That's just part of it all.

Q: You lost some weight during the off-season. Is part of your success this season attributed to the fact that you weigh (278 pounds vs. 284 in 2005) a little less?
I think so. The training has helped, which is always good. You're always trying to work to get better.

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