Romo on Favre comparisons: 'Ridiculous'

Not surprisingly considering he grew up in Wisconsin, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is being compared to Brett Favre.

Tony Romo's head must be swirling. An undrafted quarterback in 2003, the Burlington, Wis., native is now the quarterback of the NFL's marquee franchise, the Dallas Cowboys. While his head swirling, he's grounded enough to shoot down comparison's to Wisconsin's most famous quarterback, Brett Favre.

"The comparisons are ridiculous. He's an unbelievable player and he's accomplished so much," said Romo, who won the Walter Payton Award, Division I-AA's version of the Heisman Trophy, at Eastern Illinois after being a second-team all-state passer at Burlington. "The fact that people even say his name and mine together is kind of ridiculous. He's on a completely other level."

Romo is confident, athletic and boasts a powerful arm — all favorable comparisons to Favre. Those comparisons end there, though. Favre is second all-time in touchdown passes, the league's only three-time MVP and will extend his NFL quarterbacks record to 229 consecutive starts on Sunday at Buffalo. Romo, meantime, has four career touchdown passes and will make his second career start on Sunday at Washington.

Romo was 12 when Favre made his first start for the Packers. Not surprisingly, Romo loved watching Favre.

"It was exciting, and he just brought a flair to the game that I'll never forget. I can remember really starting to love the Packers," he said.

But Romo has found success by trying not to play like Favre.

"I have always had a little bit of raw ability," he said. "I think I have harnessed it and become a better quarterback."

Romo met Favre for the first time this summer at Favre's charity golf tournament in Mississippi. The two said hi, but, Romo said, "No, I didn't get his autograph."

Former Packers GM Ron Wolf scoffs at the Favre comparisons, too, but does think Romo has the goods to be a quality quarterback.

"First of all, it's his ability, and secondly, he's got an ability to move the team and ... he can improvise quite well, and make things happen from a positive standpoint from his ability to move and his ability to throw the ball," Wolf told's Mickey Spagnola. "Some people have that, some people don't have that. Tony Romo has that."

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