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Post-game comments from Packers, Bills players and coaches

Quarterback Brett Favre

Comments on the game: It never gets easier, even when you win it's tough. I expect so much out of my self and of course the team. We had our chances, that goes without saying. It's just disappointing to me. We knew their defense would play hard and they did. We knew we would have some opportunities and we did. As I said after the Miami game, and not to knock our team, we are not good enough to overcome a lot of mistakes and that was the case today. Buffalo really didn't make any mistakes. Offensively we didn't really help our defense out. It is just disappointing.

On the interception in the end zone: I think it got tipped. It is no different than the touchdown we caught several drives earlier. Guys from that distance are not going to be wide open and he was as covered on that one as he was on the previous touchdown. That would be the play that most people would point to as a huge turning point. We should have got some points, but that was a good play on their part. I think it was Nate Clements and he is a good player. The ball didn't bounce our way on that particular play. Donald Driver in traffic in those situations is as good as any. I will take him any day of the week and I don't second guess the decision from a play calling standpoint or where I threw the ball.

On the snap just before halftime: I'm not going to throw Scott (Wells) under the bus. We've all made mistakes. On that particular play, we wanted to go silent count, but we didn't and the crowd got up and we went on an audible snap count and he thought he heard second cadence. I was actually looking at our motion and trying to determine what coverage we had. That is unfortunate and I feel bad for Scott. I can see where that happens and that is why I wanted to go to the silent count. I think linemen usually prefer the audible count. I go into the huddle and see what the guys feel comfortable with and that is how I have always done it. I think I kind of put Scott in a tough situation there.

On the interception and if he thought the Bills suspected that throw was coming: No. I had the option to go left or right. We had two slants and flat and a slant to the left. After that play, it is really easy to say I should have gone left and by coverage, I really should have gone left. I have had success going that way and I looked left first to get the backers to hold. To be honest, I lost (London) Fletcher a little behind the referee. I was trying to look him off with my eyes. If I had to do it again, I would have gone that way or gone outside.

On the speed of the Bills defense and if there is something the young guys can learn: They played fast the whole game. I hate to say, ‘yes,' because you can never take anyone lightly. You look at those two defensive ends, I have never once seen them not play hard. I consider all three damn good football players. Don't let size and records and all those things fool you, their defense plays hard and we knew that coming in. I sure hope we didn't take those guys lightly. I knew it would be difficult and it only takes one play or one player to disrupt a game and they have those types of players. I don't care who we play, we better strap it up and get ready because it is going to be difficult week in and week out.

On not finishing drives: If you are asking me personally, yes it is me. I consider it me and the lack of execution offensively. There were plays to be made. We didn't make them. Give Buffalo credit, but either we execute or we find somebody that can execute.

On how disappointing it was to get in the red zone and not get points at this stage of the season: I don't know if that is ever acceptable, regardless of where you are in the season. When you are at the halfway point and that happens, it is kind of a reality check after things were going your way for the most part. I think it puts things back into perspective on how good or not good we really are, myself included. I am as much to blame as anyone for the lack of production. We moved the ball great, but that will only get you so far. Whether it is the first game, the preseason, or the last game, good teams don't make those plays. If we want to be a good team, we can't make those plays.

Packers Cornerback Al Harris

Overall comments on the game: We shot ourselves in the foot all game. We allowed them to make plays. We just weren't taking care of our business at certain times. It hurts when you go out there and it was a game we should have won.

On the long touchdown pass: That's one play I'll have to go back and look at film on. I don't know what was going on. We are going to get that fixed so plays like that don't happen again.

Defensive End Aaron Kampman

Overall comments on the game: It was tough. We had an opportunity to win this ballgame and we let it slip through our fingers. Defensively, we didn't create any take-aways. That's something we talked about a lot and had gotten some the last two weeks but didn't get any today. Obviously they got some and that's still the critical variable in football, regardless of what level you're playing whether it's pee wee on up. We've got to find a way as a defense to get the ball out and try to get more turnovers.

Safety Marquand Manuel

On the statistical dominance by the Packers: We come in and play a game like this but at the same time we still had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter. We've just got to figure out as a unit what we've got to do to get over the hump.

On the turnovers: It was really tough to see us turn the ball over in the high reds. In the high reds, you've got to get points even if you kick field goals. We play as a team and regardless of what they did we still had to counter that. I think we did a great job of that for three and a half quarters, but we just didn't at the end.

On the Lee Evans touchdown pass: It was a whole miscommunication thing. I wasn't on the field, but it was one of those things where they made a play and we didn't execute. That was the biggest play they had all game.

Bills Head Coach Dick Jauron

Opening Statement: (Green Bay) had scored 34 and 31 in their last two outings, and I told our guys all week that they are playing with great confidence, both their offense and defense coming off two wins. I tip my hat to our defense, and to our offense who struggled mightily. They hung in there and made the big play when we really needed it, at a critical time when we were backing up and hearing the boos. JP (Losman) came through, and Lee (Evans) of course came through and ran the route, and put it in the end zone for the winning margin. As we've said all along, in our game, turnovers usually spell the difference, and that was the case today for us. We didn't turn it over and we got some. The ball bounced our way a few times, and it just feels so good to win. I know you want to get up to that locker room, and I want to get back up there, so I'm not going to take a lot of questions. I'll answer a few if you've got them.

On Brett Favre: I've seen (Favre) play for 16 years, and stick it in tight spots like he did the touchdown on the other end, that was an unbelievable throw and catch. They have great confidence in his abilities and have great confidence in him as they absolutely should.

On the interception on the goal line: It was a different play, it was to the outside receiver as opposed to the inside receiver, but it's a quick throw. (Favre) has spent his career putting them right on the money. I haven't seen the replay, but it wasn't behind (the receiver). I think that Nate (Clements) got his hand in there and made a terrific play.

On special teams play: They did a terrific job really, punting the ball and covering it. In coverage we really did an outstanding job.

On the injuries to Willis McGahee and Josh Reed: Willis is a rib, and obviously it was bad enough and sore enough that he could not finish, there was no doubt about it. Josh had a kidney bruise, they're going to look long and hard at that one. We're just going to have to see how quickly either one of them can come back. Everybody else, I think we're ok. On the effects of the win: It certainly made our locker room a whole lot better, it made everybody feel a whole lot better, it made our whole building feel a whole lot better. It gave our fans a little reprieve too after everything that they've been through. It's always better to win. Everything is easier, the corrections are easier, there are a lot of corrections and we just have to move forward and advance, and enjoy the victory because they are hard to get.

On the offense: Was I going to make changes? No. I think that's where we're going with this thing. Was I happy? No. We're going to get better, we'd like it to be tomorrow we would have liked for it to be today. We won, and that's what we care about, the victories are really hard to get. I do believe we're going to get better. On Anthony Thomas: Anthony is a good player, he's got a big heart, he's a tough guy, and he likes to play.

Linebacker London Fletcher

On if defense thought they had to make a play since offense was not: For me I think and for the defense as a whole, you want to be in those types of games. We put an emphasis on not worrying about what happens on the other side of the ball, or on special teams. It's just really controlling what we can control. We knew if we didn't allow them to score, our offense would be able to do something. We also emphasized either scoring on defense or setting the offense up for a score. We were able to do that a couple of times today.

On why he thinks Green Bay passed the ball on the play on the one-yard line: They had success with it the previous time. It wasn't just one yard. Their run game had been doing pretty good, so I don't understand it, but that's their prerogative. I think a big play in that was the touchdown-saving tackle. That play I think Ko (Simpson) was the man who made the tackle to stop them from getting into the end zone. It gave us another opportunity to play football and Nate (Clements) made a great play and was able to tip the ball up and Ko intercepted it.

On his interception and touchdown: It was a formation that they ran a lot and it was a situation where they ran what we call a double formation. In those situations Brett (Favre) liked to throw a quick pass, and his favorite receiver was Donald Driver, which we saw throughout the course of the game. Even the interception that Ko had, it was the same situation where he was going with Driver. On my interception, it was the same situation where he was going to Driver and it was really just me reading the quarterback and I was blessed and fortunate to be able to catch the football. I didn't have far to go so I can't take a lot of credit for the run or for the touchdown. It wasn't really far.

Wide Receiver Lee Evans

On his touchdown reception: It was just an opportunity to try and get deep again. It was a double move. He bit and finally we were able to connect on a deep one.

On the number of opportunities for the deep ball this game: Even on the first one we had that we didn't connect on, we had the chance there and missed it. But the second came at a perfect time. We really needed to score, it put us ahead. We've been in those situations before and it was good. This time we finally made the play.

On the holding penalty: I wasn't getting discouraged. I didn't think it was a very good call. I talked to the official and he made his call but it worked out in the end and that's all I can say about it.

On pulling out the big plays at the end of the game: I think that's what we needed. It wasn't a matter of being in the right play, it was just executing and that's one thing we hadn't done was execute the plays when we had people in the right positions. So now that we have executed hopefully it will just carry on. It was good to see us make plays at the end of the game when it counted. It didn't really work out for us in the game early but in the end I think it shows a lot of maturing for us to make the plays at the end to win the game.

On the importance of the coaches being patient and not making changes: It's big, especially from the quarterback perspective because I've always said you won't be successful as an offense or as a team, in my opinion, if you don't have consistent quarterback play. Shuffling quarterbacks in and out, that's not consistent play so it's been good for them to be patient, to stick with one guy. Let us make the plays. It didn't happen earlier. It happened today. Hopefully we can make it happen down the road.

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