Sydney Speaks! This isn't brain surgery!

You think you're still irked over Green Bay's loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday?'s Harry Sydney blows off some steam in his column today, and he is not about to pardon Mike McCarthy's ‘bonehead' call on first and goal from the 1.

As I keep replaying Green Bay's loss to Buffalo Sunday in my head, there are so many good things that happened in the game. I saw a defense, for the most part, go right for the juggler and smother a horrible quarterback and stuff a running game, especially after their ace running back Willis McGahee, who went out very early with an injury. I saw an offense that started slow, then gain momentum late in the game, especially in the running aspect, which put them at the door to a three-game winning streak. Then, in a blink of an eye, it was all for nothing. HERE'S WHY!!!!!

Where do I start? I will come back to that "bonehead call on the goal line later," so let's look at the other mistakes, such as when the defense was in mass confusion. Two of their starting safeties were out of the game and they had Charles Woodson playing safety. Bob Sanders didn't call timeout, or Mike McCarthy didn't allow it. Think about it, Losman was horrible and was about to lose his job until his modern day Hail Mary to Lee Evans, a gift from Al Harris and Bob Sanders and the rest of the secondary.

Also, let's really look at the special teams I don't care where they are ranked, but they suck in my opinion. I don't understand why Mike Stock hasn't figured out that in order to get a good return on punt return you must double the gunners. To ask one guy to hold up a gunner for 40 to 50 yards is STUPID! The return man needs a place to start to run after the catch, especially considering that the gunners are usually pretty good athletes.

After a loss like this there were some good things, but unfortunately it doesn't really matter. Over the last two weeks with the wins over Miami and Arizona, mistakes got overlooked and everyone wanted to pat the Packers on the back because everyone got caught up in all the good and didn't want to see the mistakes. Well, this week the mistakes bit them in the butt against the Bills. Also, I question why the coaches put Greg Jennings back in the game after he re-injured his ankle again? This guy is the future of this team at receiver, so I don't understand risking further injury when they really didn't need him to win. But, then again, they didn't win did they, and why was that?

Another problem I had with the game is why would the coaching staff think that Bubba Franks could block the Bills' best pass rusher in Aaron Schobel? Didn't they learn anything about tight ends blocking a pass-rush specialist?

Now to the bonehead call on first and goal. It is inexcusable and I don't care how anyone wants to spin it. This is how I see it: Mike McCarthy again has been talking about the running game and in the most important time of the season he runs away from it, trying to trick someone and catch them off guard. To me, this means he's been trying to sell me something he doesn't believe himself.

That was a statement moment. McCarthy should have said on first and goal to Clifton, Colledge, Wells, Spitz and Tauscher to open the hole because they are going to run Ahman Green right down the Bills throat. Anything other than that would not be tolerated. At that moment in time the Bills were ready to quit, and Mike McCarthy, by calling that pass play, gave them a chance to win instead of stepping on their throats. He gave them mouth-to-mouth talk about no killer instinct and giving the Bills a win.

Trust me, I know that he might say he'd do it again if given the chance and if he did then he would deserve anything he got at that moment because that move totally changed the direction of this team. They had a chance to be at .500 and feeling good about themselves, and a bad decision took it from them. It's not always about the players not letting their teammates down, but that responsibility also falls on the coaches as well. Against the Bills, they dropped the ball. Doesn't it remind you of the 4th and 1 at Philly? The players were playing their butts off and the coach didn't see it, or have a feel of the game which bothers me more than anything else.

Defensively, I thought they played a very good game, except for some communication breakdowns. Besides that they shut down the Bills pretty much the whole game until the end when after an offensive mistake they got overpowered as Anthony "A Train" Thomas got into the end zone on a 14-yard run. There are two major concerns as I see it, but first I will say good job to Corey Williams for having 3 sacks. What a career game! Also, Nick Barnett played well until he lost his mind at the end of the game and got kicked out. Talk about losing composure.

But enough is enough with Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. He has got to go. He is getting his butt kicked all over the place and besides the mess up in the secondary, the defense played outstanding. And can Al Harris get off the field before he starts pointing fingers? After every possible mistake that happens around him, he makes sure to look like it wasn't his fault. It seems to be all about the money for him, which is sad. Yes, the Packers do need to get more turnovers but besides that they have played pretty good the last couple of weeks. This loss wasn't about the defense.

The offensive line seemed to start off very slow getting knocked back off the ball by the Bills defensive line but by the second half they made the adjustments and started rolling. Donald Driver again showed his athletic ability by trying to run after the catch as well as David Martin, who is becoming another of Brett Favre's favorite targets.

Even on offense there are way too many communication mistakes happening, such as the two problems between Scott Wells and Favre. That can't happen and part of that was because in an hostile environment you can't keep the offensive linemen at the line of scrimmage too long with the noise being so loud. As for Brett, he was very lucky he didn't have two or three more interceptions because he wasn't that sharp. Also, Ahman Green ran as hard as I have seen him run in a while getting another 100-yard game, but it didn't matter did it?

Sometimes the powers that be, or Mike McCarthy, must understand that the best way to coach football is the old KISS philosophy. Remember it K-keep I-it S-simple S-stupid because THIS ISN'T BRAIN SURGERY, IT'S FOOTBALL!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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