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Fans sound off after Packers frustrating loss to Bills

Harry Sydney's column sums it all up
I have been biting my tongue, holding back on making any bold statements on the Packers season up to now. But, after the Bills game I was all ready to vent in Reaction to the Action or Letters to the Editor - until I read Harry's column today. Now there is no need for me to say another word as Harry expressed everything I wanted to express - to the letter. So, all I will say is read it. Thanks for saving me some valuable time Harry!! Bottom line, Packers should be 6-2 right now, it's just too bad they aren't. Sorry, just can't hold back - what the holy heck was that play call first and goal from the one? WOW!!

Jeff Dummer,, Kearney, NE

Eight reasons for frustration surface after loss,
1 – Defense dominated except for one STUPID PLAY, and If I hear anymore comments about defensive backs communication problems & substitution SCREW UPS, I'm going to PUKE!! Players are either stupid or the coaches aren't coaching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times have we seen the corner giving way to someone who is suppose to be there to help? How many times is the safety not there to help out the corners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 - Brett avoided several sacks and had to make throws on the run or step up, from an offensive line that allowed penetration and missed blocks all through the game, those who want to see Mr. Rodgers are ridiculous.

3 – That is I believe Well's third quick hike this season. Get it freakin' right, that killed us before the half, can't hear in Buffalo. Well, that's nothing compared to Minnesota next week!!!

4 – Two returns set up two scores. Special teams are not special, Buffalo's punter was incredible today.

5 – How many times are you going to throw the slant? Why not surprise them with at least play-action? Martin played well, but what has happened to Bubba? Blocks well but two more drops today or get Lee in the passing game.

6 - If I can continue to hit you in the mouth with my right hand and you can't stop it, why in God's name not run it 1st and goal on the one? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! Plays like that destroy a season.

7 – Packers win today, they are tied for second with Minnesota and in the playoff hunt.

8 – We miss Javon Walker. You couldn't just at least talk to the kid? You should not have ignored him Ted!!!!

Jan Mandel,, Phoenix, AZ

Play call on first and goal is unacceptable!
Last week we had the fake field goal botched call. McCarthy owned up to it and took the blame. When you call a play like that EVERYBODY has to know what the play being called is, right? Now today we have a running game that's working! So we're on the one yard line and what play do they call? A pass that gets picked off! Why? The running game was working and Green was doing great! This was unacceptable all the way around. This was a winnable game and the play calling by the coaching staff blew it BIG TIME!

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Packer stupidity!
Just watched the Packers give the ball up on a stupid play. They throw a interception in the end zone. Why wouldn't they play it safe and try running it in? Poor play-calling on someone's part. Then they get the ball back with about 3 minutes left and never use their timeouts to stop the clock until they squandered the time till the 2 minute mark. Someone on the coaching staff had their head in their rectum.

Truly disappointed in the show of stupidity they showed today. They may as well might have played Rodgers after the last TD by the Bills. There was no way we were going to win at that point, so why not give him some playing time that everyone keeps talking about??? They will really get their a$$$ handed to them in the next few games.

Steve,, Janesville, WI

Tired of all the excuses
I am really tired of hearing all the excuses and silly spin such as we can build on this, we have to correct this, we can change this with patience, etc. And to think people thought this team could make the playoffs after wins over Miami and Arizona. Please.......

1) The DB coach has to be fired now. Too many blown coverages. It's pathetic. MM looks like an idiot keeping him around. It's all the more pathetic if it is because he thinks he owes his brother for giving him his start. Please..................

2) I think Favre is a first ballot Hall of Famer and a real competitor. But the excuses should stop. He missed too many open receivers in their second Super Bowl appearance (remember what Wolf said), 5 or 6 interceptions against Saint Louis in the playoffs, etc. Oh well, all I'm really saying is that the ridiculous interceptions should either stop or he should be benched.

3) Special Teams? How can you let the Bills jump on you during the opening kick-off?

4) etc., etc, etc.

Oh well, let's build on counting to 11, DB Coach having a brother who is a head coach, MM for keeping DB Coach who has a brother who is a head coach, and TT for hiring a head coach who hired a DB Coach who has a brother who is a head coach. Yeah, let's build on that.

Bobio,, Minnetonka, MN

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