Packers 'Marshall Plan' moves slowly but surely

From little-know rookie to clutch replacement, from probable starter to Hardy Nickerson's backup, and from middle to a possible move outside, linebacker Torrance Marshall has seen his share of moves in his short time as a Packer. <p>

Not all of those moves have gone as quickly or in the direction that Marshall and the Packers had hoped, so a little patience is in order on both sides.

"Nothing is going as fast as I'd like," Packer GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman said of Marshall's development. "But he has the ability because he's been blessed with a great physical stature to be a tremendously physical player," Sherman said.

"He needs to work on that part of his game."

Marshall was a third-round draft choice out of Oklahoma in 2001. When injury depleted the Packers' linebacking corps last season, Marshall stepped up. He found himself in line for a starting spot following the release of veteran Bernardo Harris.

Then came Hardy Nickerson, and Marshall took a backseat to the marquee free-agent in the middle.

Marshall saw yet another opportunity at outside linebacker, where the Packers have experiemented with Paris Lenon and Rob Holmberg. The move is still a possibility for Marshall, but Sherman said that plan may have to wait.

"I want to see him play more at the position we've coached him to play and after this game we'll make an evaluation to see if, in fact, he can help us out at other positions as well," said Sherman.

"I want to give him one more game at the middle linebacker position and go from there. You may see him rush the quarterback a little bit, but that will be about it," Sherman said.

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