Play of the game: Driver's TD

In a situation in which most teams would play for halftime, Packers coach Mike McCarthy came out firing, and it led to Donald Driver's 82-yard touchdown.

The Packers had blown a 10-0 lead and were pinned back at their own 3-yard line by an outstanding punt. There was 1:50 left in the first half, so the smart plan would have been to run three straight plays, punt, and hope you can get to halftime still trailing 14-10.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy didn't go that route, and his typically aggressive attitude led to the play of the game: Donald Driver's game-changing, go-ahead, 82-yard touchdown reception.

Let's start with the play before the play of the game, because without it, chances are the Packers would have been happy to run the ball, run the clock and punt.

On first-and-10 from the 3, Favre hit Greg Jennings for 12 yards to move the ball to the 15. It was an easy pitch and catch. Nickel cornerback Ronyell Whitaker — who was the third cornerback because rookie Cedric Griffin moved from nickel corner to starter with Fred Smoot not playing in the wake of his half-brother's death — lined up 9 yards off Jennings.

That gave the Packers the necessary breathing room to stay aggressive. After a draw to Ahman Green managed 3 yards, lightning struck.

Donald Driver lined up in the left slot against a zone coverage that should have been ready-made to stop him. Whitaker lined up in front of and inside Driver, with starting safety Dwight Smith aligned with Driver in a deep safety position.

Driver didn't do anything fancy, simply running a skinny post. Driver ran past Whitaker and, for some reason, Smith seemed preoccupied with Ruvell Martin, who was lined up wide left. Smith took at least three steps outside, leaving a huge void from Driver.

Green, meanwhile, picked up blitzing linebacker E.J. Henderson to give Favre all the time he needed.

Favre hit Driver in stride, and he raced untouched for an 82-yard touchdown.

"That hit the best I've ever seen it," Jennings said. "That opened up. I don't know what they were thinking, but to leave somebody like that open is a no-no."

"All I know is I have to get open," Driver said. "I find holes. One thing about Brett, he keeps his eyes open. He may look off and come back to me late, (but) believe me one of his eyes is still looking to me."

The Packers took a 17-14 lead into halftime, and it was a lead they would never give up.

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