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Fans thrilled after Packers victory in Purple Dome over 'ViQueens'

Fun to watch Packers progress this season
Donald Driver catching that slant over the middle for a TD reminded me of Lynn Dickey and John Jefferson doing the same thing years ago! The young kids are coming around and its fun to watch!

Shame on you people who were calling for McCarthy and Thompson to be fired at the beginning of the year. How many of you suffered through the Bart Starr years, the Forrest Gregg years and Mike Sherman years (although he had a winning record he was a poor coach). He blew that game in Philly in which we had a good shot at the Super Bowl that year.

A.J. Hawk, rookie of the year, how about Greg Jennings? Donald Driver Pro Bowl? We just need a little time and for Favre to hang around another year! Anyone out there have a VHS copy of the Minnesota game or DVD, I'd really appreciate it.

Steve,, Detroit, MI

Good game, but not without its blemishes,
I'm Very happy that the Pack beat those Vikings but they still need help with the pass defense and special teams. Letting the Vikes back into the game with a kickoff return ( thank God for a penalty) and giving up another TD because of bad communication in the back field is becoming a bad habit. Why isn't McCarthy addressing this problem and if he is why aren't these problems getting a little better? This could have been the point where the Vikes took momemtum and won the game. Overall a very good game. Also, just having read a story by Steve Lawrence about how good the coaches are doing, How come all the staff picked the Vikes to win? Just wondering.

Joe Kempski,, Belleville, N.J.

Good to see Brett Favre having fun again
It sure was a lot of fun to watch this young team starting to mature. Even moreso with the Viqueens fans in this bad territory making fun of past mistakes and resultant losses. This was a game where all three parts of the game clicked.

I know that the schedule is tough ahead, but at least we can expect that we will not be embarrassed. It's great to see Brett having fun again. Aaron Rogers will learn much from this game. He will get his chance to show that his education will pay dividends while learning under one of the best, if not the best quarterback ever. Here's to more fun games.

Dr. Vince Winter,, Minnetonka, MN

A sweeeeeeeeeeet victory!
The only thing I would say Mike McCarthy made a mistake on today was calling a time out before Longwell was going to kick a field goal. Longwell is an experienced kicker and he uses this time to this advantage ... the time out doesn't "ice" him or "freeze" him, especially in a dome. This might work outside and in cold weather or nasty weather. I'm not sure it was the right call at that time. A few other minor mistakes but DD was awesome and beating the ViQueens in the dome is always sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Lots of pluses, but still a few minuses, like the secondary!
I am glad that the Packers won today. I have always felt that records are pretty much what they should be except this team could easily be 6-3 or even 7-2. Anyway, the future does look promising. Favre looked comfortable and had a very strong game. I was glad to see him (under control) buying some time in the pocket and making some nice passes. I was glad to see him throw it away late in the game (taking the field goal and a two score lead). The offensive line played well especially with three rookies after Tauscher left the game. Driver had another pro-bowl effort. Henderson -- what a class act. The defensive line was solid with good substitutions among the tackles. The linebackers are really coming together as a unit. Barnett and Hawk were awesome on their blitz--sacking Johnson. However, the coaches really do need to correct the problems with the secondary. I hate to be negative but it has gone on too long (i.e., the blown coverages).

It will be interesting (living over here in Minnetonka) to see the reaction to the three-game losing streak of the Vikings. Everyone thought they would go 4-0 this month (they're already 0-2 with games against Miami and Arizona coming up) and be on their way to the Super Bowl.

Childress (just to mention it) has had a rather cold and strange relationship with the local press (especially considering they are trying to get a new stadium built).

I hope we can beat New England next week (or at least have a strong game against them). I think that would be impressive and would say a lot.

Bobio,, Minnetonka, MN

Most on staff off the mark
I have to say that was some call by the entire staff of the Packer Report. I predicted that the Pack would take the Viqueens and give them a run for their money, and Brett is still quite the quarterback and too many fans don't keep the faith. LOOK OUT SUPER BOWL!!! I am thinking positive.

Grant,, Connecticut

Bright future ahead for Packers
Todd, a word, if I may:
I don't think I have enough beer, or antacid, to save my waning health when it comes to watching the Packers try and get on track this year. They appear to be throwing one game away, and then suddenly, when they should lose by all the spock-logic wisdom there is, they kick some outrageous butt. Well, let's just say "Woohoo" real loud to relieve some of that pressure! Yes, those are my Green Bay Packers. Right along with about 400 million other humans on this blessed planet called Earth. Down here, we call it the Cheese Underground. Packer fans are everywhere. You don't have to look very hard, either!

Everyone always has a great instance of when they first became a Packer fan, too. It's akin to the first time you really saw your first girl (or guy, for you ladies out there). It just sticks with you. You never ever forget. My turn at becoming a fan was in Junior High, watching ol' Vince Lombardi win the blessed three-in-a-row. Something today's mainstream always wants to side step discussion about. I watched ESPN replay historical about PapaBear Halas and going up against the original New York Giants, back in the day. I thought to myself, "huh, I bet they never do that for the Packers." To their credit, the Packers have made sure to get the real message out there for its fans. These days, credit isn't always given where its due; and sometimes some is given where none was ever truly earned.

Anyway, I guess I get a bit defensive when week after week, the media can't stop themselves from finding sportscasters in the booth who'll root for anyone BUT the Packers. We not only have to beat the other team; and sometimes the refs, as well, but we also have to listen to hype about whomever we're playing that week, as if they're the new dynasty about to break it wide open. Puh-leeaase, most of these other teams aren't really that good to begin with. What's more, they have bad days, too. You just never hear them tell it in the same words. Many Packerfans have started calling it the four-letter network.

Let's move on.....

One can sum up 2006 as the season that was, with exception of two plays per game (it seems) in half of those we've played so far. Certainly the Saints game was ours for the taking, had we the spine for it. Then to throw yet another one away to the Rams, especially after that oh-so sorry playoff game from a few years ago. I felt bad for Brett and the team, as well. You know he had to be brooding about it, afterward. I know I would have been. I 'm not even going to start discussing the Bills game. What good would it do?

After the Vikings game, Brett went up to Ragnar and said a final goodbye. As much as McCarthy makes of preferring that Favre come back for yet another season, I think Brett's ready to go sit down, grab a fishin' pole in his backyard, back home and catch that long awaited nap. You know, worry about nuthin' more than having to "mow the lawn." All true Packerfans certainly know he's earned it.

Years back, I remember reading that one article about how Brett would always prefer to wait and shower etc., after the rest of the team had hurried on out. He'd get up from Holmgren's office and limp over to the showers. He just made sure to never limp in front of the team, or most of the press. I seriously don't think that was hype. And, it was deserving in that it truly summed up the ironman (John Wayne/Hondo) image that's been his moniker for over a decade now. This country could damn sure use quite a few more Brett Favres, these days.

The only game I think the Packers never had a chance to win was the Bears game, at Lambeau (like 2004, a Home Opener). The team was just simply not cohesive in many areas. Nowadays, however, the Packers are seasoned, almost veteran-like. And I'm talking about the WHOLE TEAM, not just the father types like Brett and Willie Henderson, etc. Every man on this team who has stepped out onto the field has felt the speed and passion of NFL football and that makes them seasoned as it can't be any other way. Many are learning what it means to play through the pain, which has always been a basic necessary part of the game. Read Ray Nitschke's book if you don't believe!

I'd like to think the Packers can finish the season with a winning record versus what has happened during the first half. I know this, the Packers schedule, this season, has been pretty evenly set. We have just as many so-called easy games, as there are what are thought to be hard games. What with having to play the Niners in the state they are right now. Yeah, I know, they just beat the Lions. But, c'mon it's fun to say "they're just the Niners!" I haven't met a Packer fan anywhere that still doesn't get riled about the 1998 game where Jerry Rice DID fumble the ball.

This last Sunday, we just beat the Vikings in their own house, which makes it two outta three for Brett in the Purple Dome. Pretty good for an older QB, I would say. He played an almost perfect game, at that, too! Now, if we can just get the same type of game going against the Patriots at Lambeau, and give the fans hope that the mystique really is coming back, as it should be. Well, can you imagine the pandemonium?

I know one thing, it oughta be complete pandemonium during the Patriots game. Gilbert Brown is slated to be the Honorary Captain of the Team. Yes sir, that's right, Gravedigger's going to be back at Lambeau, finally! I hope they let him g out and say something to the fans, this time. That's all he asked for when he was let go, in 2003. Personally, I think he's earned it. Bob Harlan and the Packers could do at least that much, eh? I wish I could be there.

Then we have Mike Holmgren and the Seahawks, and as the season winds down, we finish up against Divisional Foes with the Vikings at home and the Bears at Soldier Field. I know the Bears will be glad to see Brett finally sit down. Heck, he owns all their Stadium records (heheh).

With the new guys finally stepping up, I'm hoping that Scott Wells finally settles down, as he should. The O-Line seems to getting its proverbial act together. I'd like to think the defense will solidify, and for the most part it has. Yet, we're starting to see injuries crop up across the breadth of the whole team. And, that has me worried as we get into the stretch. We should be hitting our stride going against the Vikings at home.

We're in second place, and basically have no chance at much of anything this year. Hard to swallow, for a die-hard packer fan, but there it is. Could we get lucky? Don't even think about it. Then, as soon as the season is over, the pundits will question if Brett still wants to play. You know the drill. You've heard the hype.

This one attitude is important above all else -- one thing to always remermber -- A friend, who calls himself "Packernation" online, puts it this way:

"I'm a Packers Acolyte, not just a Brett Favre Acolyte. There's a difference!"

He's right, too. I'm already starting to hear how some fans are ready to stop going to Lambeau since Brett will no longer be there. To me, that's wrong ... wrong in oh so many ways. Think long and hard on what it means to be a true "die-hard" Packer fan. A real Cheesehead. Seriously! All of us are getting ready to see what it felt like the day Vince Lombardi walked away from Lambeau Field for that last time, along with the rest of the Glory Days players that we all have collectibles of in our shrines, at home. I'm glad of this. I always said that Brett Favre and William Henderson would walk off into the sunset together. And, it appears like that's exactly what will happen, after all. What's more, I was around to see it happen. All of it, like many grandparents were here for the 60's teams.

Lambeau Field's got nothing to worry about. I know I'll be back. How can you not want to taste a bit of heaven, right here on Earth?

Remember the motto I put up on our banner - "There's always room for one more Packerfan!"

Simple enough .... it matches the logic of calling Lambeau Field a 'slice-o-heaven'. Jesus once said "there's always room in the house of god for one more!"

See you at the game! Go U Packers, Go!

Tony LaRussa (IPBprez),, Indianapolis, IN

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