Aaron Kampman Q&A

Here is how rookie defensive lineman Aaron Kampman, the Packers' first of two fifth round draft picks this season, responded to questions on various topics from the Green Bay media. Kampman has been playing mainly at defensive end with the second team defense this preseason.<p>

On playing first exhibition game of NFL career against Philadelphia:

"It felt pretty good getting that first one under the belt. I know I'll be even more comfortable personally against Arizona."

On what he needs to work on the most:

"I don't know. I can think of about 10 things. Probably when I see the play-action pass, make sure I get pressure on the quarterback, things like that."

On playing with safety Matt Bowen at Iowa:

"He's a great guy. We were great friends at Iowa. When he left, I said, 'Hopefully someday we'll be reunited on an NFL team' and sure enough. He's unbelieveable. He runs to the ball. Just hustles. He's tough. Can't ask for anything else."

On what he got the most our of first exhibition game against Philadelphia:

"I'm probably just more comfortable. You practice against your own guys, then you finally get an opportunity to go against someone in a different jersey and different color. You play against them, too, and it gives you more of a sense of confidence."

On the defensive scheme:

"It's a one-gap scheme but it's a different one-gap scheme. You're not just flying off the ball. It's similar to what I did in college with the terminology. I couldn't be happier with this defense."

On impressions of Green Bay, Lambeau Field and the new facilities:

"It's phenomenal. You're looking at not only the tradition and the fans, but the coaching staff and the facilities. I visited a couple of other places, but this is top notch. I really believe that."

On staying in Green Bay over the off-season:

"I've been here since I graduated on May 16th. We moved on the 17th. My wife and I went home for one week to say goodbye to the family. We've been up here since."

On if there is any pressure on him as a rookie to produce:

"Whenever you bring someone new into the program, you want to see what they can do to contribute. You're something new, you're unkown quantity. Whenever you do that to a team it affects the dynamics, but you want that to happen. That's probably the only so-called pressure."

On keeping in touch with other current NFL players from his hometown of Kesley, Iowa:

"I haven't had the opportunity to speak with Jared (DeVries) (Lions) a whole lot, but I've kept in touch with Casey Wiegmann (Chiefs) and Brad Meester (Jaguars). It helps knowing how those guys grew up and their lifestyles and things. And then knowing they got through it and have done fairly well in the NFL."

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