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Packrs fans offer their thoughts on Favre, playoff possibilities

Packers show they are better than everyone thought
I'm going to be the first to say that I was wrong about this team. I thought they should get rid of Mike McCarthy, but I'm wrong. He has turned Favre back to the QB we knew when Holmgren was here. With the players he has, they have finally bought into his system and I feel like that can make a run to the playoffs this year, and Favre will be back for another year.

I will admit that Ted Thompson is showing maybe he does know what he is doing and we have to give him time to show more, but I still think he does need to bring in more veterans to this team to help the defense, but, again, I'm wrong about Thompson and McCarthy, so all, please give them time.

Dean, packerbuddy14@yahoo.com, Green Bay, WI

Favre on his way to ‘sainthood'
Todd Korth:
I have been a Packer faithful since I was 13 years old. If you check back in Packer Report history, you will see that I have supported the Green Bay team. They are for real.

Brett Favre is for real. He is everything we (the franchise and the fans) believe embodies the Green Bay Packer tradition. I remember when Green Bay played the Colts. Peyton Manning wanted to win the game so he could beat ‘Brett Favre.' Manning, on his best day, cannot "beat" Brett Favre. Manning follows in his father's and brother's (and God knows who else?) footsteps. Brett Favre is his own man. He follows none.

Brett Favre is not perfect and will not attain sainthood. But Brett Favre is a natural and pure product of the Green Bay Packers, and he will attain ‘sainthood' in football lore. All on his own. Something Peyton Manning can never do.

My bet is that the Packers will get in the Super Bowl. Hey, I believe in Saints.

Nancy Dahl, Montague, MI

With Favre, playoffs are very possible
It's about time that some other people, besides players stand up for Brett. I think McCarthy's statements were true to the word! Brett does have a few more years left. 37 years old is NOT that old anymore in the National Football League. There are a handful of quarterbacks, kickers, wide receivers, and others that have made it past 40-plus years old, so I don't see the big deal. Everyone knows that Brett plays at a HIGH LEVEL! I say "Let Him Play His Game." The 347 yards proves he has a lot left in the tank. It is more than likely true that the 420 touchdown passes don't mean that much to him.

Last year, injuries played a BIG part of the Packers fall. This year there are no excuses other than the fact new coaches, trying to change whatever, and to get used to it! This did backfire some going 1 win, 4 losses, something Packer fans and Brett are not use to, or should they ever, including myself EVER get used to!!

Secondary remains the problem, and the old saying "We Need To Get This Corrected" 9 games worth and it's still off? or "We Will Look At The Film" Somehow someone is looking at it wrong! At least 14 more points could have been added to the Minnesota game which would have made it Green Bay 34, Minnesota 17. The number 1 question now is "Can This Team Make It To The Playoffs?" Sure they can and why not? Brett is on the team and others MUST follow him!!!!! It's a longshot, but it's been done before by other teams in the past!

Other than that, great job guys!!!!! You need to win out to have a shot, but it can be done it's still not to late, play smart football the rest of the way NO MORE! STUPID MISTAKES!!!! DO IT FOR BRETT!! DO IT FOR THE TEAM! DO IT FOR THE FANS! No one gave the Packers a chance even I had questions at times, most Packer fans think the team have a shot at the playoffs. As well they should. It's IMPORTANT to every Packer fan, young and old. That's why they call it TITLETOWN! For that reason. Give Brett that opportunity again, give him a chance, let him lead! I'm sure no one will be disappointed!!

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

Favre conforms more to McCarthy's system PackerReport.com,
Brett has done well to adjust his play style to conform to the system. I think it has always been a matter of coaching ability and game planning. I believe under Sherman he was expected to use his arm to make big plays down field and when it wasn't there, he struggled to find a way to get a completion.

Under McCarthy he has been given opportunities he never had before and is loving it.

I do think however, that as teams begin to adjust to his new play style, they will be making a large mistake to think he will not try to thread a needle, especially when a big game is on the line. And like when he was younger, it will be enough room to get it threaded and make something happen.

I think currently Brett is playing his best football ever. I think this has resulted in a satisfaction that he has accomplished something nobody thought he could.

His future though short, appears to be very bright indeed!

Mike K., docrock376@new.rr.com, Green Bay, WI

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