Mike's Remarks

Here are some of head coach Mike McCarthy's comments to the media following Green Bay's 35-0 loss to the New England Patriots Sunday afternoon:

Mike McCarthy's opening remarks:
Our preparation and how we handled this week ... It starts with preparation. I thought that we would be able to put it together, but we did not perform very well.

Q: From top to bottom, was this the worst game you have played this year?
I think the score would indicate that.

Q: What is the status of Brett Favre?
He took a shot on the elbow. He was unable to regain strength in his (right) hand as far as holding the football, controlling the football. As far as the future, how bad it is, I would only be speculating."

Q: On if Favre would have sat in the second half regardless of the circumstances:
When we came in the locker room, he was trying to gain strength. As we went through the third quarter, I didn't get a series-by-series update.

Q: How would you assess your passing game today?
I was unhappy, as a whole, with our passing game.

Q:What did they do to take Donald Driver away?
We went into the game anticipating they would roll to him. On third down, they played some off-side leverage man-to-man. They played good defense.

Q: New England had some big passing plays. Is it still a communication problem with the safeties?
We had no communication problems. Our pass coverage was not very good on those particular plays.

Q: Who was not in place on the touchdown pass to Reche Caldwell?
I'm not sure (whose fault it was), but I'm sure it had something to do with the safety play.

Q: How do you get your players to realize how to be more consistent and follow through with the positives?
First of all, we can't keep on that roller coaster that exists. We took a step back today. There are a lot of positive things over the last four to five weeks. ... We have to come back in here tomorrow with a clear vision. Look at it and ask why it happened. How it happened, and address it. It's all fixable. There are a lot of things that we did that led to that performance today and we need to learn from that and move on and get ready for Seattle."

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