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Fans sound off after Packers' embarrassing loss to Patriots

Packers didn't earn their money on Sunday,
If our guys are going to "play" like they did today, they deserve to lose. I have to ask though, must they do this on our home turf? Is it necessary to bring about total humiliation?

The play calling totally stunk, the receivers could not catch anything and it appears that the "team" gave up long before the 3rd quarter was over. That is just sad, pitiful and shameful.

It's time to get back to the fundamentals of how to play football. Needless to say, the Packers have really given their fans a big slap in the face.

No TEAMwork whatsoever.

I think the Salvation Army should get the players' pay this week, as the Packers "players" didn't earn it.

I sincerely hope this loss stings even half as bad for the players as it does for us fans, as even half strength stinging would hurt like ****!

COME ON GUYS ... BE A TEAM, and do what you are paid to do ... WIN!!!

Brenda,, Keizer, Oregon

It could be worse for the Packers
Hi Todd:
Watching Sunday's game was tough. We couldn't get anything going on the ground, nor in the air. Favre kept overthrowing his receivers. Rodgers came in and couldn't get anything going, either. I am already starting to hear the talks. "We should have drafted Leinart. Rodgers is not an NFL material." First of all, Rodgers is still a rookie. He faced a potent New England defense that will throw the kitchen sink at you. Second, look at Alex Smith last year, and see where he is now - improving. Look at what Leinart is doing now, nothing, but he will improve, and so will Rodgers. GIVE HIM TIME.

We were 4-12 last year. Through 10 games, we have managed to match those wins. We get another desperate team next Monday. Seattle just lost for the 49rs, shocking!!! Can we beat Seattle, there is a possibility, they are not playing well.

Things could be worse. Look at the Eagles. They lost McNabb with a torn ACL - out for 8-12 months. Their 2006 season is done, and perhaps their 2007 is done. They have no one back there for the future. At least we do!

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

Packers learn a hard lesson
Dear Todd,
Last week I wrote about Brett having fun. The Patriots, however, took a little of the fun out of the game in handing the Pack a 35-zip loss. This game showed why the Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls. The Pack is a young team and will bring the glory days back to Lambeau and make it the feared stadium it has been in the past. A couple of things were learned: One, Brett is human and could not do much against the Patriot defense .Unfortunately he got hurt and that led us to find another lesson, that backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not quite ready for the big league. I am sure that practice will take on a more intense aspect, that he could be inches from going in. Lessons in the school of hard knocks are hard. Don't give up the ship Packer fans we will get to smooth sailing sooner than you think.

Dr. Vince Winter,, Minnetonka, MN

Secondary needs a lot of help; offense needs Jones
Fellow Fans:
Well, this is a tough one to swallow, especially after such a good game in MN. I am still amazed at the ability of our secondary to point fingers at each other and blame "miscommunication". Manuel, Collins and Woodson have gotten burned for at LEAST one long touchdown every game. If the Pack are going to be a contending team, this has to stop. For pride alone, this has to stop. SOMEONE in the secondary be a leader and help turn our secondary around. Jim Bates had us going in the right direction: what is happening now??? I am not sure what it would take to get Jim Bates back, probably a lot of money and maybe incentives against McCarthy if our offense doesn't step up as well, but no one can doubt how effective he was with basically the same players. I cannot say what he had or said to our team, but we obviously miss it now.

Offensively, I believe Thomas Jones is a free agent next year: That is the type of runner we need. He can break tackles, has good vision and is tough. Green has done a fantastic service to us over the years, but it is time to look forward. Morency and Jones (or a similar back) would help our backfield immensely. Our line did not play particularly well, and Favre had a terrible game. That does happen. Not to Super Bowl teams, they thrive on consistency, but to the Packers that does happen. Keeping our line together will help, as will the support of a good running game.

Finally, crucify me if you must, but if Favre is struggling, he needs to visit the bench. We NEED to find out more about Rodgers, I for one have high hopes, even after this game. We have to start believing in him as our next QB. As a coach, you have to make that decision. When Rodgers needs to come in, PUT HIM IN!!!

I am impressed with our midseason surge, but these games show why we are where we are. The Patriots played very well, but the game was in Lambeau. That should mean something - at least a few points on the board.

I stand behind my Pack regardless of the record or score. Go Pack.

Jason Eckes,, Middleton, WI

Overhauls in order for Packers
It is clear from the start who was ready for this game and who was not! Just Plain Pitiful! It looked like a High School Team vs. New England Patriots rather than the Packers Playing to me! Totals here tell that story! No Blocking, No Running game, no Passing game, Secondary needs Major overhaul!!

When the Patriots FUMBLED THE FOOTBALL (4) TIMES, Yes count them FOUR, and only the Packers got 1 of them, then something there is wrong too!

When the Punter for the Packers has More Yards than the Offense, you begin to question a lot of things! McCarthy said "We Will Be Ready For This Game." You wonder What Game? (Not This One) When you allow Brett to get injured, Is That What You Call Being Ready? When you miss a 44 Yard Field goal try you wonder who kicked it the Water Boy? All and all the Packers did NOTHING!! but make a Laughing stock out of themselves, but I guess this is the new way of McCarthy saying "Were Ready For This Game" So Coaches Remain the problem! Film Studying Needs an Overhaul, Coaching Needs an Overhaul, need we say more?

Letting your people get injured like that is pitiful as well. I wonder what Vince Lombardi is thinking right now up in heaven, or Reggie White? One can only wonder! Packer Fans deserve better than this, The Team is much better than this. Can they win out to look respectable!? I hope McCarthy has learned a lot from this. A lot more than just a few good things MUST happen in order to win a game! Not being 32nd in the League in allowing Yardage Passing! Being TOTALLY PREPARED for a game tells you just how good your going to perform. It's clear from this game that the film broke and the coaches went Brain Dead! A.J.? Yea, Done Good!

Tom Fast,, Hendersonville, N.C.

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