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Fans submit more observations, thoughts after frustrating loss to Patriots

Breaking down the Packers in their loss to Pats
After re-watching the game twice while also using slow motion, the position break downs were rampant. There were some positives as well.

O-Line Blocking: On running plays there was little effective cut blocking going on as the OL had many difficulties identifying their blocking assignments. When they did, they did manage some good push against the DL, however they also got stood up and the blocks were easily pushed off and the DL made tackles as such. Pass blocking was better in that the assignments were identified properly most of the time, however throughout the game different positions along the OL had bad technique in being stood up, or bad footwork or bad handwork. Many times they failed to sustain their blocks as they jumped up and back and were engaged while on their heels allowing DL guys to blow past them to pressure or sack the QB.

Route running: Routes were run loose and lethargic as the defense seemed to have a large speed advantage for some reason. The play where Martin was open down the middle, the defenders were on his outside left, the ball was properly thrown to the inside of Martin and deep enough to run right under. However, Martin turned to the wrong side (outside) to look for the ball, then turned around backward and lost his stride as he spun 360 degrees to stay on the ball, which then sailed past him as he lost his speed and was 3-4 steps behind the pass.

Bad RB cuts: Numerous times the HB's made bad decisions in their cuts many times as it appeared they didn't think the blocking was going to occur at the location they were originally headed. Green made a number of cut backs directly into waiting linebackers, namely Bruschi.

Bad RB blocking: Green missed a few pass blocks as the QB got sacked. Henderson missed a number of key blocks where he exited the pile ups still on his feet with no one in front of him and no one on the ground. Other times he attempted some low or cut blocks and just missed them totally.

Bad tight end blocking: Bad technique and lack of ability to sustain a block was the issue many times for Franks.

Failure to sustain blocks: The entire OL "seemed" to trade off on who was going to let someone slide past them on each play. Not saying they intentionally tanked it, just saying that it continued on each play with a different guy or combinations of different guys. Very bad!

Assignment breakdowns: Many times someone on the OL would shoot out to block someone and find himself with no one in front of him to block. By the time they adjusted to some other D guy to block, the D guy would be gone and the OL guy would be trying to get a piece of someone (read that anyone) at the end of the play.

Yet, I would not say they quit out there. Though it had to be very disappointing. And from a coaching standpoint, it had to be disgusting to watch and be unable to correct. The thing is, that these are all problems that should not have been taking place as they all have enough years in their positions to know proper technique.

So the question is why they all had so many breakdowns in technique and assignments? Is it party time the night before home games? What is going on? Let's hope they are far more focused this week!!!

Mike K., docrock376@new.rr.com, Green Bay, WI

Packers have promise, but more help is needed
I think the Packers have promise, but New England is still out of their league right now. I think with the right tools, like really good safeties, two more wide receivers beside Driver and Jennings, we need little better WR to back them up, and a running back for sure. Green is great, but you do need a younger veteran RB, or rookie to break tackles and keep the line intact for sure. The Packers need to find a better backup to Favre when he does retire after next season.

Rodgers is no future starter and you can't change my mind that he needs time, even if you compare him to Alex Smith. I just don't see him as our starter when Favre leaves.

Now the defense, I think the defensive line is good, and our LB's are really good with Hawk and Barnett, but we need to improve the CB's like Woodson, and all of the backups. So, Ted Thompson, work on the CB's and safeties, too, and maybe we can be a have a really good defense next year, and offense, too. I'm still thinking we might squeeze into the playoffs this season, if not, maybe next year.

Dean, packerbuddy14@yahoo.com, Green Bay, WI

Hall of Fame passes over Kramer yet again!
Well, they did it again. I just saw the list for the Pro Football HOF semi-finalists for 2007. GUESS WHAT? There are no PACKERS on the entire list, including no JERRY KRAMER on the Seniors side. It's just another slap in the face to Packer fans world-wide. It just shows that the Pro HOF has become a low class organization. All Packer fans should write and tell them what we think. I know I will.

John McNichol, gbppsugo@netzero.net, Altoona, Pa.

Packers should issue refunds after last Sunday
I just want to say that after driving 10 hours to see the Green Bay Packers play on Lambeau Field, I felt let down to say the least. I didn't expect us to win, though, I thought it was possible. But never did I even think we might get shut out and have 35 points put up in our own stadium. I was looking forward to witnessing the Lambeau Leap firsthand. Do you think there is any chance I can get a refund and 20 hours of my life back?

Tom Voss, voss.tom@gmail.com, Lincoln, NE

A few observations after the New England disaster
Hi Todd,
Tough loss, especially after a sharp performance the week before against the Vikings at the MetroDome. I was hoping (if you recall) for an upset or at least a strong showing against the Patriots. Oh well! Anyway, just a few thoughts:

1) Tough break for A-Rod (i.e., getting injured). I don't think it is fair to make any judgments about him based on his play against the Patriots. He seems to have a strong arm, mobility and a presence (when not being mauled by a defensive line). I'm still OK going with him in the future. Hey, nobody is going to find another equal to Favre.

2) Somebody needs to tell the players and coaches to at least show up on game day (especially at Lambeau Field).

3) THE DB COACH NEEDS TO GO NOW! I have said this many times before (as has just about everyone else on the planet). It is really sad (after week nine) that nothing has been done yet. Waiting until the end of the season to evaluate the situation is a disservice to everyone involved (players, fans, etc.) I thought we were to judge MM on his ability to correct problems. This has been a problem from day one and yet he hasn't done anything to correct it yet. I really believe his credibility is at stake!

P.S. - The Williams Sisters (i.e., Pat and Kevin) are crying about the lack of production by the ViQueen offense. They might have a point. They didn't score from the 1-yard line against the Dolphins (even with the $100 million left side of the offensive line).

Bobio, rschneider1975@yahoo.com, Minnetonka, MN

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