Mike's Remarks

Here are comments from Packers head coach Mike McCarthy to the media following Green Bay's 34-24 loss to the Seahawks Monday night:

Thoughts on the game: "Anytime you have the momentum like we did particularly early in the game, and you do have turnovers, you want to score touchdowns. Those are all factors in the game, particularly early. We had a number of opportunites that we didn't take advantage of and that's the start of it there."

Did you make more of an effort to pass the ball in the second half after it stopped snowing: "Yes, but we were also taking what the defense gave us. The defense was crowding Donald Driver a lot. There were some coverage tendencies that we felt like we were able to get the ball deep and that's where we took our shots."

On the long touchdown to Driver: "That's a run-pass option. Brett (Favre) did a great job and Donald did the rest."

On Shaun Alexander rushing for over 200 yards: "It wasn't just one thing. I say it all the time. If it is, we need to fix that. Without looking at the film and based on our communication, they (Seattle) ran the ball a lot to their left. He (Shaun) was able to get to the outside. He was able to cut it back, I'm sure tackling was a part of that. Those are things that need to be looked at and cleaned up."

On the Seahawks kickoff return yards: "In the second half we got some (of our) guys pinned inside and they were able to take advantage of that. As you saw they were able to get the ball to the boundary, and that factored into the field position."

How did the defense play? "I thought our defense with the turnovers early in the game, just the way they played the ball was outstanding. You would have liked to have gotten more points off the (Seattle) turnovers early in the game. I really thought that our defensive, particularly early, gave us a bunch of opportunites to win the game."

Were you playing for the field goal in the first half when you ran the ball on third and 11? "Yeah, we were playing for the field goal. I played it safe. I was concerned about the weather early in the game."

Thoughts on the field goal that Seattle blocked: "It looked like had some penetration. I don't know how well Dave (Rayner) hit it. He didn't think that he hit it good enough. I'm sure that the film will clear that up."

On Brett Favre throwing the ball: "I thought the ball came off his hands accurate tonight. You have to ask Brett, but I had no communication from him that he was affected by his injury tonight."

Notes: McCarthy's quotes are compliments of the Seattle Seahawks public relations department.

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