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Post-game quotes from Packers and Seahawks players; coach Mike Holmgren

Wide receiver DONALD DRIVER

On the first half in rough conditions: "I think we came out and played pretty well in the first half. We just didn't execute in the second half."

On the conditions of the playing surface: "It wasn't that bad. We play in it all of the time. It isn't hard for us to play in it; it seemed like it wan't hard for them to paly in it either. It went both ways. It wasn't that bad out there. We thought it was going to be a little bit colder than it was. We were just glad it wasn't raining. We were fine with snow."

On being unable to score off turnovers: "That was the biggest thing. Normally when we get turnovers, we execute and get points on the board. We didn't do that. I think that was basically the turning point in the game. They gave us the ball and we just didn't execute off of that."

On his touchdown: "It was a run play. Me and Brett talked about it at halftime about the issue. He just kind of looked at me and did our own little thing. But it worked out, you know. That is a good thing. We have passed out of that formation before. We thought the momentum shifted a little bit. After you make a big play like that, you hope that momentum will shift. We thought it was a turning point in the game."

On being 4-7: "I think we have to look at ourselves right now. We have got five games left and we have got to make sure we got out and execute. We have got to win the next five if we have any chance for the playoffs right now, we have to win the next five games."

On if winning the next five games is realistic: "I am always thinking playoffs. That is the biggest ticket. I am not young anymore, I can't be thinking, ‘Go home and get ready for next year.' I worry about the next five games and hope that we can get in. I think every game means a lot to us. Just coming back to play here in my first time in Seattle was good. But we played Seattle in Green Bay many a year so it was no big thing for us. It is a loss; it is going to hurt. I think a lot of guys right now know that we have an opportunity to win the game and we didn't win it. So we have got to figure out a way to shut people out when we have a lead."


On how not capitalizing on turnovers contributed to the outcome: "I think that has a lot to do with it. Against a good football team you really need to take advantage of turnovers and their mistakes, get up on them and make them play from far behind. We didn't really do that."

On how Brett Favre looked today: "He looked fine. The turnovers in the second half were when we kept trying to make things happen. We were behind and we had to do something to try to get a big play and get some momentum. I think he looked fine."

On the running game: "Assume that with our running game it was one guy here and one guy there, which is the same old story it seems like; it is getting repetitive. We have all got to get on the same page and get everybody blocked. Make the holes easy for the running backs to hit. Tonight there was always somebody there. We have got to fix that, and we have to do it fast."


On Seattle's offense: "We have got to give people some credit for doing their job. But for the most part we have got to blame ourselves for not being more productive."

On the footing on the field: "No, footing was not an issue on artificial turf. Most of us guys are used to playing in poorer conditions than that as far as field conditions. So footing was not a serious concern."

On playoff discussions: "This team dug an even deeper hole. We have got to find ways to win. Right now we are trying to create wins. We are not worried about the playoffs, or all the rest of that post-season stuff. We need to get victories before we can be concerned about anything else. Right now we have a winning deficit. Turnovers, execution, productivity on our offensive side. We have got to give Shaun Alexander and their offense a lot of credit. Defensively, I know our defense feels a little bit scorned today. They had a running back get over 200 yards rushing. Even though he is a talented running back, you just don't want those type of numbers against yourself."

Defensive tackle RYAN PICKETT

On the roughing-the-passer call: "It was a bad call, (Cullen Jenkins) didn't even hit him. You know he pulled off. It was unfortunate it was a bad call. That's all I can say."

On Seattle's ability to run the ball: "We lapsed and gave them the chance to win."


On the missed field goal: "It is not a good sign, we're gonna have to watch it and see. It might have been a protection problem; it might have been me. I couldn't tell you right now."

On the weather conditions: "Yeah it was like hailing and doing all kinds of stuff. It was a good way to get us ready for Lambeau, from what I've heard, so you know the weather kind of calmed down in the second half it wasn't too bad."

On the return success and having to make tackles: Entirely too many tackles. I shouldn't make tackles like that if we are doing something right. We will watch it on film, but we obviously didn't cover the ball well like we usually do. I am sure Coach Stock has some things for us to do next week."

Seahawks head coach MIKE HOLMGREN

Opening: It was a great win for us. I want to give the Packers all the credit in the world. They came in and battled like crazy. You know that I have great affection for a number of people in that organization, not the least of which is their quarterback. We were a little careless with the ball in the first half. Usually when we you have five turnovers like we had, you don't have a chance to win. I was very, very pleased with our second half and how we battled back and fought through the adversity of the turnover situation. The obvious thing is that Shaun Alexander gained over 200 yards, had 40 carries. That was not the plan coming into the game. I wanted to be more balanced, and I really felt we could throw the ball against them pretty good. But, things were happening, so I kind of took the ball out of Matt's hands for a while. Shaun carried the load and Matt finished up pretty good, with the three touchdown passes. But it was a great win for us and hopefully we can get hot down the stretch and build on this. They are all very happy in there.

On the weather: It was kind of wild there for a while. I had been through a couple of those things when I had coached for them, but not here in Seattle. The guys said that the footing was a little slick for a stretch there, and I'm sure it had some affect on throwing the ball and actually moving the ball. But, I won't complain too much about it. I think our surface is pretty good, and then in the second half it was OK.

On what was said at halftime: It was 14-12, and to be in that position after all of those turnovers, and all those things, I thought if we just got better at holding on to the football, then we could make a move. I said we were fortunate to be down just 14-12, our defense has done a nice job. All of the bad things that I thought could happen, happened, but I was wrong. Because we had one more thing go against us in the third quarter. But, if things even off the way they normally do, I said that we could hopefully take care of business, and that's kind of what happened in the second half.

On Shaun Alexander: He had a really good night, given the conditions and that it was only his second game back. All of the fans and all of the coaches get used to him having good days. I think was one of the real good days he had, when he carried the ball that much, given the fact that he hasn't played very much lately. He came off a couple of times, because he was tired, and I think if you talk to him he would say that, and Mo went in and did a nice job. We can do that, we know we can do that now with Mo Morris, we knew before, but now everyone is real comfortable with it. It was a good performance for Shaun.

On Matt Hasselbeck's turnovers: I think it was the fact that he hasn't played. He was a little rusty. The first interception was a tip, and that stuff happens, it's just kind of unlucky. The last one, he got sacked and ball popped up in the air, and I don't count that one too much. The one that Harris got, that was from not playing recently, because he normally has much better vision and scanning the field on that particular play, specifically. He just kind of zeroed in on a receiver, and he knows better than that. I think he would admit to that. I think one more tip went up in the air, but I don't know. His rust showed in that he was focusing in on the receiver a little too much instead of using his eyes to work people off, and that comes back rather quickly. He did a much better job of that in the second half.

On going for it on fourth down: Last week it was fourth and two, and we really didn't have a choice last week. Tonight we had a choice. It was less than a yard, it was a foot. I thought we had good plays to call. Mack is pretty good at doing that, Shaun is pretty good at doing that. I didn't want it to be a field goal game, necessarily, with Brett, because he's too good, I've seen him beat that too many times. So, I took the chance.

On the level of exasperation in the first half: I wanted to play the game a certain way, and I thought we had a lot of good stuff, and if anything could go wrong, it went wrong. But, the score never got out of hand. We were fortunate. You can get in a game like that, and all of a sudden… We blocked a couple of kicks, and that was big. Burleson gave us pretty good field position. When we weren't careless, if the bad things weren't happening, we were doing OK. I was frustrated, yeah, but I thought we were still hanging in, so we still have a chance here.

On working with Matt to change the direction of the offense: I think tonight I was pretty good with Matt, and he was pretty good with me. We've gotten to the point, that, he knows, I don't have to tell him too much. My job, is that if he was getting too frustrated with what was going on, then I had to figure out a way to calm him down. He really wasn't. He looked at it rather matter of factly, and said that it's going to get better. Don't get tense, and we didn't. I think the two of us handled that pretty well.

On using three- and four-wide receiver sets more because of the snow: It was more of the game plan than the conditions. I wanted to spread them out just a little bit, if we could, to open up some things in the running game. Hackett, I thought the matchup there was pretty good. I have to give Woodson and Harris credit; they're good corners, and they played a good football game. I thought if we could get that third receiver, either Burleson or Hackett, on the field then we had a little edge there.


On how he rallied after the first half: Well, you need to. That was one of the things, maybe the only thing, that I learned when I got to sit back and watch, watching the Kansas City game from my couch. Saying, hey guys, you're still in this game. Seeing the look on everybody's face like I usually would have, hey the game's not going well. Or, even last week against San Francisco when it was 21-0, as a bystander, you're saying hey, guys, you're still in this game, but as a player, it's easy to feel like, hey, it's 21-0. As bad as it was today, and it was bad, I had 4 turnovers by myself, with one for a touchdown. I tried to keep reminding myself of that situation. Hey, stay with it. So, we were really fortunate to still be in the game at that point.

On what coach Holmgren said: He really sets the tone. It's my job to stay calm no matter what, but he really sets the tone, and he set the tone today. He was really calm before the game, which I think surprised people. He was even more so at halftime. Very positive, very upbeat. We communicated really well at halftime. As a coaching staff, and coaches to players, and that's the kind of stuff you need. We did it, and I feel really fortunate that everyone kept their poise that way, and we stayed the course.

On possibly being rusty in the first half: Ah, sure. Some of it is probably that. Some of it is just bad bounces. Some of it is sloppy, I don't know. I would like to know. I feel fortunate that we were still in the game. It's unusual to have that many turnovers, and not be getting blown out. It felt good to still be in the game.

On the fumble that went for a touchdown: Like I said, the game wasn't over. Bad stuff is going to happen, you just have to respond. You have to stay positive, and that is what I tried to do. I know that my demeanor and my body language speaks volumes to my teammates and to our defense and to our special teams and to everybody. I'm not going to preach one thing to my teammates, say a guy drops a couple of passes and I pump him up and say keep your head up the ball is going to come your way, we still need you in this game, I'm not going to preach that to one guy, and then not do it myself. I just try to stay positive and just say, crazy stuff is happening right now, but who knows. Just keep doing what you're coached to do, and hopefully good stuff will start happening.

On his knee: The knee is good, it did really well. The slippery conditions probably helped it, just in terms that it wasn't very grippy out there, so I was very pleasantly surprised with how it did.


On getting 40 carries for 200 yards: Yeah, that's hilarious. I used to always crack jokes like I want to get the ball 50 times a game. I've changed my mind now. 40 is good.

On how demanding it was to carry 40 times: I'm not sure it was the fact that you don't tune up for 40 carries, period, but the fact that I've been off for 2 months. Then, you get one week, and then you get it, so I am definitely tired. But, I feel good. I think that I am probably in better shape than I even thought I was.

On this game getting him back into the rhythm: I think last week was kind of like my warmup game. You hate to take a game that really counts and warm up in it, but it was. I think that our line really played well today, and I got into a groove early, and it helped us control the clock, which is always important. We put up some good numbers today.

On carrying the ball that many times: Any time that you control the clock, you have a better chance to win. We all know how great Brett Favre is, and if he gets hot, then it pretty much doesn't matter what your team does. Our best plan was to try to keep him off the field. Mike had told me all through the week that ‘if you feel good, you're going to get it a lot' and I told him, ‘I think this is a really good thing right now, because I don't think that they understand that I am really feeling good.' This is the first week that I got to practice since we were preparing for Detroit. I practiced every snap, and I think it went good for us.

On the snow: I thought it was exciting. I was telling all the boys, it's like a high school playoff game in Kentucky. It was like being a little kid; you just go out there and play. When you get tackled, you slide for five more yards. Football is still football; we had fun. That's what it was today.

Note: The players and Coach Mike Holmgren quotes were supplied to by the Seattle Seahawks public relations department.

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