Sydney Speaks! In over their heads's Harry Sydney offers his thoughts on the Green Bay Packers' coaching, offense and defensive after their 34-24 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. Sydney explains why the Packers simply don't measure up to teams with better coaching and personnel.

Another game that got away from the Green Bay Packers. Another game that was put in their hands, and all they hand to do was close their fingers and squeeze, but they didn't. I don't want to hear any more excuses about youth, rebuilding or bad calls by the officials because that had very little to do with why they lost on Monday night. Let's look at why they lost!!!!!

This was another game where the game plan should have centered around running the ball down the Seahawks' throat until they gagged. Especially after looking at what the San Francisco 49ers did to them last week. Frank Gore, the 49ers' running back, ran for 212 yards. So as I watched the game I couldn't believe my eyes when it was all said and done, and I realized that Ahman Green only had 14 carries for 44 yards.

What happened to the Mike McCarthy that is supposed to be that coach that wants to run the ball? Did he miss the plane or something? Also, Mike McCarthy might want to figure out that he could run to the right side of the offensive line as well. I know that maybe he is thinking his left side is stronger at the point of attack, and it might be, but he also could run at the right side planning on cutting back either way. Talk about being predictable.

Trust me, I want to see the run but then again when in the red zone I would like to see a throw in the end zone to try and get seven points. At one time they ran three out of four times in the red zone. They even tried a draw on the same series when the field goal was blocked. Talk about another blown opportunity. This staff must understand when there is a time to go for the juggler and when to back off, and so far the coaches haven't figured that out.

Offensively this staff had an opportunity to blow the game wide open early and didn't. Because of this they allowed Shaun Alexander to be a major part of the game. The way I saw it was if they score 3 to 7 points after every turnover they could have had a 21-3 lead, therefore, as a former coach with Mike Holmgren, I know he would have gone into the ‘throw' philosophy and play right into the hands of the Packers defense. They would have been one-dimensional offense, but because of they didn't have to, the result is the Packers' defense being gashed for 40 carries and 201 yards.

Since I'm talking about the defense, I thought Bob Sanders could have called a better defensive game plan such as maybe switch Kabeer and Kampman because Kampman is a better run stopper and most of the Seahawks runs were to the left side right at Kabeer. Or how about maybe blitzing or bringing up a safety to cause problems for the Seahawks which might affect their blocking scheme? Not only that but why not blitz Hasselbeck, especially once he started throwing interceptions knowing that he was rusty after missing many games?

Bob Sanders never tried to get in Hasselbeck's head and that was a major mistake, especially the way Al Harris and Charles Woodson were playing. Sometimes it seems that Mike McCarthy and Bob Sanders are watching different games, which is a shame because the players needed them.

While the coaches had their share of mistakes, so did many of the players, so let's take a look at them!!!!!!!

The offensive line got their butts handed to them, especially in the running game and maybe that influenced Mike McCarthy's decision to walk away from it. Clifton, Colledge, Wells, Spitz and Moll didn't knock anyone off the line of scrimmage. They made the Seahawks' defensive line look like they were the Chicago Bears, or something.

I don't believe the Seahawks blitzed hardly at all to confuse the zone blocking scheme which the last couple of weeks has just simply stunk up the place.

Even though Brett Favre wasn't sacked he was hit more than he should have been. The old Brett showed up again, too. Every time I think he has it figured out, he reverts back to the mad bomber and tries to do things he can't anymore, like roll to the left then plant his foot and throw back across his body, like he did on one of his interceptions when he was trying to hit Bubba Franks down the seam in the end zone. He has to know better than that, doesn't he?

Against the Seahawks, Favre pulled a couple of Eli Mannings by throwing interceptions on first downs. What happened to just throwing it away on first down? It used to mean something, I thought.

Donald Driver had another big play taking a slant to the house for a touchdown making a safety miss as well, and Greg Jennings had another steady game. Ahman Green ran hard but he didn't have enough carries to really make a difference. Then again, it wasn't his fault, it was coaching.

On defense it's all about tackling and if they can't tackle they shouldn't be playing. I saw Shaun Alexander run through the defense as if it was last year when he was the MVP of the league instead of a guy playing his second game after coming back from a broken foot.

This was one of those games that didn't make sense. Think about it: Charles Woodson and Al Harris couldn't have played better the first half. Woodson had two interceptions and Harris had one. Then they had Abdul Hodge, in his first game as a starter in the NFL, picks a fumble out of the air caused by Kabeer and runs for a touchdown. Think about how many turnovers this defense caused, yet they give up over 225 rushing yards and why was that? Their tackling was just horrible. The defensive line got over-powered and got pushed up and down the field.

Yes, Kabeer finally got around to the quarterback, but I wish he would have got around Alexander before he was five yards down the field. That goes for most of the defensive players. A.J. Hawk led the team in tackles with 15, but they weren't impact tackles or hits. I thought that the secondary, especially the safeties, played very well. They played more physical at the point of attack.

Trust me, Jerramy Stevens will be seen in the Seahawks training room tomorrow because of how Marquand Manuel and Nick Collins treated him. Unfortunately, Hodge showed he is still very much a rookie and we saw what a smart coach like Mike Holmgren does to a rookie middle linebacker, and that's take advantage of them, which we saw happen.

As you can see, against the sorry teams the Packers can win. Against the middle of the road teams they can hang with them, but against teams with excellent coaching and better than average players they so far seem to be in OVER THEIR HEADS.

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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