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Fans offer their thoughts on Packers' loss to Seahawks

Run the freakin' ball already!
I'm starting to think that Mike McCarthy doesn't believe his own mantra about running the football. I really thought we would come out and and run the ball down Seattle's throat. We're now 23rd in the league in rushing attempts and 1st in passing attempts.

Can you think of any other "running" team that has had those kinds of stats going into Week 13? I used to think that maybe McCarthy was paying lip-service to the run game to keep our opponents guessing. Now I think he's just confused about what he wants to do. Maybe that's to be expected with such a young coach. I sure hope he figures it out quickly.

Tom Voss,, Lincoln, NE

Secondary coach must be fired after this season
Hi Todd,
One thing that came out of the loss against the Seahawks is that we are talented enough to hang with other teams, but incapable of closing games out. It starts of with McCarthy, he needs to learn how to close games out, and instill that into his players. The play-calling on a few plays was suspect. He was playing it safe trying not to turn the ball over, but it also showed that he doesn't fully trust his offense.

Thompson is a smart guy. I like his mentality in building via the draft, and then sprinkling some veterans via free agency. It keeps the team competitive. He also signed McCarthy to only a three-year deal, so Thompson buys himself some more time with another coach if McCarthy should fail. McCarthy should know by now what he needs to do in the off-season. If he is as smart as Thompson gives him credit for, MM should fire Kurt Schottenheimer, maybe even overhaul the entire defensive staff, whatever it takes to start and finish games in a winning fashion.

Thompson will get McCarthy all the talent he needs to succeed. The secondary had the same problem in 2004 when Schottenheimer was there. In 2005 when he wasn't there the secondary was much better. Jim Bates did more with less. One thing is for sure, McCarthy has about 25 months left in his contract, it's time to buckle down and take the necessary steps in order to win, because if he fails, he will never have this opportunity EVER!!!.

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

Why not run the ball like the 49ers did against Seahawks?
I thought the team played pretty good Monday night. That being said, what is going on with the coaches? N.E. got beat twice before the Packers played them because the other teams put pressure on the QB. What did the Packer coaches have the defense do? Nothing as far as pressure and they didn't look like they even tried to put pressure on Brady. Then we play Seattle after they got beat by the 49ers because they ran the ball, so what did we do? Well, it sure wasn't run the ball down their throats, and we lost another.

It seems to me that if the team we play lost to someone the week before, the coaches figure we can't try to do it a second week because it won't work. Maybe they should try it, it might just work. Then maybe we need new coaches.

I'm also tired of the refs ruining games because of some of the Bull S_ _ _ calls. If a QB can't get hit just put flags on them and don't touch them at all. This isn't the first bad call and I'm sure it won't be the last..

Joe Kempski,, Belleville, N.J.

The good, bad and ugly from Monday night,
As most of you, I am almost sick over this loss once again. I know I take football and my Pack too seriously, but that is just the way I am. I was glad to see Hodge in there, I think he is the future starter when contract talks start for Barnett. I also thought Woodson played well, as did Harris. I hope we can keep Al: he has proven he deserves a contract similar to Woodson's, we'll have to see how those talks go, but Al does a lot that doesn't get recognition: curse of the position. Our offensive line also did a good job on pass protection, run blocking was a little rougher but that was a step forward. So even with the loss there were some things to cheer about. You can only applaud when Double D or his "twin" Greg Jennings makes plays, those two together are exactly what professional receivers should be and act like: hard-working, humble and a credit to the game of football.

SO, what happened on Special Teams?? That has been a rough spot all season, but their starting on the 40+ each time? Unacceptable. And our adjustments on the defensive line just weren't there either. There is no way we should give up 200 yards, even to a talent like Alexander. They ran to the left 85% of the game, and we didn't do anything about it. The same could be said for us- we ran on our left side unsuccessfully too many times. I guess I am still unimpressed with out coaching more than anything. I still believe Jim Bates had something special: He had our defense clicking and fired up ALL GAME. If he could have brought that to the table for the entire team: I hope we give serious consideration to finding him and doing whatever it takes to get that guy back. It is obvious that we are lacking that fire this season, not that people aren't trying, but we are missing what we had last year with our defense. I, as all of you, want the power and pride of Lambeau back in Green Bay. My love of the Pack will never falter, but for success, things need to be addressed. Go Pack

Jason Eckes,, Deforest, WI

Terrible call by the officials
Somebody PLEASE tell the officials the Packers are quite capable of losing a game on their own...they don't need the officials help! That roughing the passer call was atrocious!

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

McCarthy too quick to give up on game plan
Now that I am on the west coast, one practically has to take a vacation day in order to watch MNF. However, I caught the first 10 minutes of the game on my ride home via radio. Once home I quickly tuned it in just in time to watch Mike McCarthy nervously abandon the run. It's clear that he has no patience in which to stick with running the ball. I have, during this season, seen some bright spots in our running game. Ahman Green's 3 consecutive 100 yards games, solid performances by Noah Herron and Vernand Morency both of whom can give Ahman a rest when needed.

McCarthy appears to really have no game plan or he has one and quickly forgets it. I question plays such as throwing to Ruvell Martin in the red zone. What happened to the great screen passing team of yesteryear and going to the tight end in the red zone. Not that long ago Favre to Franks in the red zone was a sure 6!

How great was the first quarter. Finally the secondary seems to have their "communications" down and we quickly see them capitalize on Matt Hasselbeck's rusty play. Throughout the next 3 qtrs we see them routinely put pressure on the receivers keeping Hasselbeck's completion perecentage to less then 50% for the evening. One must think that with 4 turnovers, and that completion percentage the Pack is in quest of a victory at Qwest Field. Why am I wrong in that thinking? Well the team forgot that you must also play run defense and not just pass defense! Alexander was the GREAT again. This kept our defense on the field way to many minutes.

Let's now go back to my first paragraph where McCarthy abandons our running game, creating far to many 3 and outs. He must not understand what an established running game means. I'll keep it simple for him as I am not an experienced NFL coach. A running game, chews up the clock, a running game keeps your defense off the field and a running game forces their defense in to one on one coverage which opens up the secondary for game breaking passes.

Last but not least SPECIAL TEAMS! I say this with exclamation because for the past 6 seasons we have had nothing in kick return coverage. I am so tired of teams starting on their own 40-45 yard line. McCarthy, as did his predessesor, puts no emphasis on special teams. Such a shameful mistake in today's NFL.

There is really so much young talent on this team. No question Ted Thompson has loaded his guns with some great NFL players of the future, AJ Hawk, Greg Jennings, Nick Collins, Abdul Hodge, the young offensive line, and many I am sure I have not mentioned. Please Ted give us a coaching staff that can harness, teach and take this young talent to the next level. I just don't think this staff has it.

What's the old saying, "3 Mikes and you're out!" pun intended.

Mike Fosso,, now of Thousand Oaks, CA formerly of Manchester, CT and Packer Fan and Wisconsinite 4-ever!

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