Mike's Remarks

Comments from Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy after loss to Jets

On how he explains the first half: I was trying to think of the words on my way down here, and I don't have them, I really don't. I'm very disappointed and take full responsibility because that's my football team out there, but you cannot perform like that. To play like that at home infuriates everybody involved and it's unacceptable.

On if the Jets were doing anything offensively that the Packers were unable to recognize: Frankly, I thought we had a very good week of practice. You come off a Monday Night Football game, the Wednesday practice was a solid practice, even with the health issues that everyone is experiencing. That's no excuse. The Thursday practice was excellent and Friday was a clean-up. I thought we had the ability to clean some things up.

We didn't have alignment issues. Our issues were execution. You talk about our defense. We had no pass defense. It looked like we were playing in mud. Chad Pennington was out there playing pitch and catch with his receivers. The first half, to give up that amount of offense ... you can't have it.

On opponents scoring 30 or more points against them three straight games: You can't win football games like that. I have to stay within the realm of reality. There's a lot of motion flying around right now. I'm very much in tune with that, but we need answers because we have problems that are happening over and over again, and it needs to change.

What do you change? You evaluate, you evaluate, and you come up with answers. We have some work to do.

Do you have any sense that some of the players have 'quit:' I didn't see quit. I saw poor performance. I saw people in bad positions, playing bad technique, not sustaining blocks, not getting off blocks. We had two mental errors on the first damn series in pass protection. That's what I see. There character was challenged per man at halftime, but I did not see that.

What more can you do as a head coach to improve the defense? I've seen breakdowns where big plays have occurred as a constant problem all year. It was all over the place today. We need to go back to square one and go back through it, and we've got to make some changes.

On what he said to team at halftime:I just talked about the reality of where were were at halftime, the reality of what went on in the first half. I wasn't really interested in a bunch of emotions screaming and yelling. I just addressed it point blank - what happened, how I felt about what happened, and the direction that we were going to go in the second half.

Are you considering coaching changes? No, I'm not considering changes. I'm talking about how we clean things up. We're not sending anybody off the building.

Is there any chance of that happening this year? We're not going to get into that. We lost a football game today that was awful in the first half.

On what he thought of the fans booing in the first half: Hell, I would have been booing, too. I mean, shoot, they should boo us. I didn't have a problem with that. This is a man's league, it's a man's business, a man's game, and you can't perform like that."

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