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Steamed fans fire away at Packers after another embarrassing loss at home

The punchless, swiss cheese Packers
Notes for Ted Thompson:
1. Fire Schottenheimer ... apply your useless journeyman trade-out for new guy philosophy with your coaches as well as your players. A new coach might be as clueless as your current DB coach but at least the new guy might learn.

2. Fire Sanders ... find out how many millions that Jim Bates will take to come back.. Time to start giving the Wonderlic test to coaches … these guys are getting out-coached in more and more embarrassing fashion every week.

3. Start doing West Coast things with the West Coast offense ... it wasn't made for the long ball and Brett can't throw it.

4. If Bubba continues to drop balls regardless of how well he blocks, find an end that can block AND catch … what in the heck-fire are you paying him millions for ... to be a blocking, pass dropper?

5. What the heck is going on with the zone blocking scheme? It looks more like a 10 yard Olympic sprint to shred the quarterback.

6. Give Ingle a chance … are we trying to extend the streak or win football games?

Gregg Petersen,, Columbia, MD

Not ready for prime time coaching staff
Dear Editor:
I live in the NY market so I get to see the Jets and Giants far too often. Everyone knows the Jets play an up-tempo offense that is meant to confuse defenses. That IS their game. It was apparent that the only ones who did not know this is the defensive coaching staff of the Packers. The defense was completely at a loss, no schemes, no game plan, so obviously no preparation.

This is just a BAD football team, from the General Manager on down.

Doug Faulds,, Trumbull, CT

Coaching changes need to be made at end of season
Hello Todd,
Not long ago, I wrote you defending Ted Thompson and the job he's done with the Packers over the last year and a half. I based my opinion on the fact that Thompson inherited a mess from the incompetence of the Mike Sherman regime, which over a 4 year period depleted the team of talent and depth as well as burdening the organization with salary cap restraints. That being said, I have to take Thompson to task on his head coaching decisions.

When Thompson was hired, I felt it was the perfect opportunity for him to put his stamp on the direction of the franchise by firing Sherman and starting over, as Ron Wolf did in 1991 with the firing of Lindy Infante and the hiring of Mike Holmgren. Instead, Sherman was retained and inexplicably given a 2-year extension when it was apparent that the Packers were going to suffer their worst season in 15 years. It took a 4-12 record for Thompson to pull the plug on Sherman and his staff and look in a new direction.

That direction caused many of us to scratch our heads when it was announced that Mike McCarthy was the new head man in Green Bay. McCarthy was familiar with the Packers as a 1 year Assistant under Ray Rhodes back in 1999 and since has been the Offensive Coordinator of the New Orleans Saints and most recently the San Francisco 49ers. Passed over for the position, amongst others, were last years Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates, Sean Peyton (now a candidate for coach of the year in New Orleans), Steve Mariucci and the Head Coach of the New York Jets, Eric Mangini (also a candidate for coach of the year).

As the season progressed, it looked like Thompson knew what he was doing as the Packers, although badly outplayed in a couple of games, seemed competitive and heading in the right direction. Ahman Green looked like he did a few years back and the offense was moving the ball on the ground. Brett Favre was throwing to the right color jerseys and the Packers could have had a couple of wins more had they made a play here or there. The Achilles heel had been the defense and specifically the pass defense. Big plays, poor tackling and the dreaded "miscommunication" were the culprit but even that had seemed to even out.

Four weeks ago, something happened. The Packers badly outplayed the Buffalo Bills and managed to lose 24-10. Then after an unexpected victory against the Minnesota Vikings on the road, the Packers have managed to lose to New England and the Jets in Green Bay and Seattle on the road. To clarify, the Packers didn't just lose to New England and the Jets, they forgot to show up, losing by a combined score of 73-10!

McCarthy keeps saying that he's committed to the run, yet against the Jets (27th ranked against the run in the NFL), he ran the ball only 7 times the first half! Can someone also explain to me why the Packers are so adverse to using a no-huddle offense? They were down by 31 points yet they huddled up on each play wasting valuable time and not using the clock to their advantage. It's one thing to be competitive and lose but to be outcoached and non-competitive is unacceptable!

One season should be enough for Thompson to realize he made a error in judgment. Fire McCarthy and move on. Once again I allude back to Ron Wolf and his dismissal of Ray Rhodes after one season, and that after the Pack at least played .500 ball at 8-8. Rumor has it that Jeff Fisher may be out as Head Coach in Tennessee after this season. If so, Bob Harlan, John Jones and Ted Thompson should be on the first plane to wherever Fisher lives with a contract in hand. Either way, McCarthy and his staff need to be gone when this years debacle comes to an end.

Mike Fischetti,, Shoreham, NY

Another embarrassing loss
Hi Todd,
Wow! That was another pathetic embarrassment. I was really negative on TT and MM at the beginning of the season. I became somewhat positive after the win at Minnesota. However, I'm just not convinced TT and MM are showing the necessary leadership.

Reaction No. 1: How can the coaches watch the opposition drive down the field consecutive times for a touchdown without making any adjustments? I have said it before--we need a new defensive coordinator and coaches.

Reaction No. 2: I don't expect us to win every game or make the playoffs every year. However, I do expect us to be competitive. I also don't expect every draft choice or free agent signing to be successful. But how about 75% of the time?

Reaction No. 3: TT should have explained his strategy to the fans (we deserved as much).

Reaction No. 4: I have to bring it up again. MM admitting that he had already settled for 3 points last week on third and goal from the 11 says a lot. HE DIDN'T EVEN TRY!!!!!!! WHAT KIND OF A COACH DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO TRY TO WIN? ANSWER: NOT A WINNING ONE.

Reaction No. 5: We simply stink (on offense, defense and special teams). We were 4-12 last year and are currently 4-8 this year. We are losers. Nothing else matters (i.e., the excuses). TT and MM need to prove themselves. They have a long ways to go.

Bobio,, Minnetonka, MN

Saint Vince has got to be unhappy,
Vince Lombardi is looking down on Lambeau Field from football heaven and saying, "What in the hell is going on down there?"

Joseph Hajny,, Washington, Ill.

Another rough Sunday for the Packers
Hi Todd,
Not again! I am not sure what exactly is going on, but we are not getting better as a team. Each week, our play has not improved, it is sliding the other way. There are players that are individually making incredible plays, that are giving their all, but as a team, we go 3 steps back week after week. I am sorry to point out things we missed time and time again, but I am a fan, not a coach, yet these areas cut our throats week after week!

Manuel … What more can I say? He has had a lot of trouble coming here and being the player we pay him to be. Coverage is always two steps behind and communication just doesn't happen. Our whole secondary missed countless tackles. Again, I just can't understand why. They are professional football players, all playing to the best of their ability. Are our players that inferior to the Jets, Patriots and Seattle? I refuse to believe that. It comes down to getting EVERY ounce of heart out of every player, and putting them in the right spot to make plays. We are NOT doing that on defense - we did last year (Mr. Bates, I miss you!) but I cannot understand what we miss this year. We upgraded our secondary, got rid of Ahmad "10 for holding" Carroll, and we leave holes all over the feild and don't tackle. What are we missing?

On offense, we have to stop running up the gut on second and whatever. They all know we are going to do that. Go outside, pass, throw the ball to a water boy, but not running to the same spot every time! Run on first down, which we did start doing, but 80% of the time the linebackers are in on second down because we are running right at them. I also disagree with our play-calling: passing on 4th and 1 after we just ran 20-plus yards easily ... WHY? I also think our receivers (this is sarcasm) need to stop yelling at the refs - we obviously don't have them on our side with all of the pass interference calls we get each week. That is getting brutal.

Brett Favre said it very well after the game: "I don't know what to say." I am going to at least one of these last games and will cheer with all of my heart, but these mistakes have happened all season long, and most of them should be game-time adjustments. Is it Mike McCarthy and his philosophy, or is there another person who should shoulder the blame? I am not sure, but changes NEED to be made. We have talent, and we have heart, and we have the best fan support there is. We are missing something else, and things need to CHANGE! If our staff stays the same and we don't make changes, next year we will be in for more of the same.

I want people to be scared of playing at Lambeau again.

Jason Eckes,, Deforest, WI

Coach Clueless adds another chapter
What can possibly be said that hasn't been said at least once or twice for the last 13 weeks??! Nothing ... same sad story. Coach Clueless and his merry band of idiots coughed up another loss. Are they writing a book? 101 plays that don't work and 50 ways to lose a game, version 2006? Unbelievable.

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Coaches aren't coaching, and players aren't playing,
Well, Ted Thompson you are getting what comes from having such a young team and relying so much on the draft. You have 3 offensive line rookies starting & one first-year center, and Clifton sucks this year. You have one rookie linebacker and one that played half a season … not to mention the youth of the rest of the team. Why are we not using tight ends in the red zone, or any zone for that matter? Martin is injured, so what? What's happened to Donald Lee?

It seems game plans are being dictated to us on offense and defense. There is no consistency. We need to move the chains and get first downs and we are throwing down field. What happened to the 8- to 12-yard patterns and just getting first downs? The offense has no flow to it. You see it so clearly. It looks like most of the players are playing hard. Ahman is really working it, but many players … they just seem not to produce. How many players have gotten better this year … how many have gotten worse?? The defense has provided turnovers, and nothing happens from it. Our Red Zone production is the PATHETIC TWILIGHT ZONE!! You rehire Schottenheimer again after he was pathetic in 2004, and he still stinks! It just looks like Sanders is in over his head. I like McCarthy, but, man, he has not found himself within this team. I really want to know who really stinks - the coaching, players, and/or the general manager?

Jan Mandel,, Phoenix, AZ

Mangini coaching much better than McCarthy
How's it going. Tough loss. In January of 2006, I was a very big supporter of Eric Mangini. He came from a winning organization, and is well disciplined. GM TT didn't bother to interview the guy for whatever reason. BIG MISTAKE. Here we are in December. Both organizations came from 4-12 records the previous season, and Mangini has been able to do more with about the same type of talent the Packers have. Bottom line: Mangini is being creative, he is playing to his team's strength, and taking a page out the Bill Belichick school of coaching, and finding weakness on opposing teams and exposing it.

I am not giving up on McCarthy after one season. He has done some good things with the offense, but when he's behind, he's failed to get his team to get back into the game. The biggest mistake he's done with the defense is hiring Kurt Schottenheimer. MM needs to fire him at season's end, and perhaps Sanders as well. Too many issues there to discuss, they play so inconsistent, awful.

I still cannot understand carrying 4 TE's on the roster (complete waste, and useless). They should have had KGB play a little TE (blocking and such) like other teams (Peppers, Vrable). Create some mismatches, their plays on offense and defense are so predictable, and they have failed to put pressure on the QB. That's where it starts and ends.

I hope McCarthy wakes up and shakes some sense into this team before its too late. By the looks of it, it seems like Favre is as good as gone.

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

Different week, same old story
I feel like I'm sounding like a broken record. Having just read Mike's Remarks, I feel his comment that he plans on making no coaching changes has doomed the Packers to losing seasons as long as he's head coach. We will not get better as long as the coaching doesn't get better. He hired coaches from losing teams just like he came from a losing team, I'd like to know how many head coaches came from losing teams to go on and coach winning football?

I'm feeling he has no clue and if he don't change some of his coaching staff he won't be around too long. I think Ray Rhodes was a better coach than McCarthy is showing and I was glad to see him go. I feel McCarthy is in over his head. He looks to be in way over his head just as Rhodes was. It's almost as if he's afraid to make a decision and stick with it. Every week it the same old barrel of excuses and the fans, I'm sure are tired of hearing them. Some coaches weren't meant to be a head coach and maybe he's one of them. If he's afraid to make changes in his staff then I feel he won't be one for long.

Also, who decided that Nick Barnett was to play with his arm in a club-like cast? I believe Nick wants to play and kick butt, but the coaching staff had to see that he was hurting the team with his play. You could see he was frustrated with the way he was playing and should have been taken out of the game. The possible dropped interception in the end zone along with his poor sportsmanship play shows that he was not going to help his team and the coach should have sat him down in the second half.

I guess what it all comes down to is that the coaching staff from the top down aren't doing as good as they should, and if they aren't then they should be replaced. Other teams have brand new head coaches and are supposed to be in rebuilding years also (Jets), but they seem to at least know what direction they want to go. Hopefully, we'll be able to win at least one more game this season, but I highly doubt it after watching the Pack get their butts whipped by the Jets.

Joe Kempski,, Belleville, NJ

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