Sydney Speaks! Stinking it up!

Think you're a little upset with the Packers? Read what Harry Sydney has on his mind in the wake of the Green Bay Packers' worst performance of the season.

With the snow falling and with everyone all geared up to watch what should have been a good game between two up and coming teams turned into something that stunk so bad that many faithful left at halftime. I felt sorry for the fans that worked their butts off only to waste their hard-earned money to go see that crap. I could tolerate something like this against the Patriots, even the Bears, but versus the Jets? Are you kidding me? What a JOKE!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED????

First off, let's stop using the excuses that the players are so young and this is the youngest team in the league. SO WHAT? Maybe it's time to realize, like I have, that it isn't just the players' fault anymore. I've been saying this for a while and it finally might be sinking in, but it starts at the top.

I will admit that Bob Harlan has to be held responsible for some of what has happened, which trickles down to Ted Thompson. He did bring Mike McCarthy in. Is it all his fault? No, but Mike McCarthy hired his coaches and he is in charge of the offense, and that's one of many things that suck.

Let's start with Mike McCarthy. His play calling is absolutely horrible. I've said this before and I'll say it again: He seems to have no feel for when to throw or when to run at the beginning of the game. I believe it's time for him to turn the play-calling over to Jeff Jagodzinski for the rest of the season because it couldn't be worse.

Throughout this year on the radio show that I'm on here in Green Bay I have been asked over and over if the reason that Brett throwing so much is because they are trying to set the touchdown record this year. I have said ‘no,' but I can't say ‘no' anymore. I can't come up with any other reason in my mind why Brett was in the game in the end against the Jets because there was no chance of getting a win. The game was over at half.

Then I ask myself are the coaches thinking if Brett doesn't get the record this year will he come back next year? Is that really what they want to happen?

Back to coaching. As much as I am disgusted with the offense the defense is making me just want to gag, and that starts with Bob Sanders.

Bob Sanders and this defensive staff have no clue to what they are doing. And I'm not talking about all the miscommunication issues. I'm talking about their inability of knowing how to use their players. Why was Nick Barnett on the field? Was Bob Sanders saying that a one-armed Nick Barnett is better than a healthy Abdul Hodge? Are you kidding me? Then again, didn't Nick play the whole game? Besides getting a lot of tackles, what did he get? Two penalties and got beat for how many touchdowns. How could Bob justify not playing Abdul at least the second half when the game was 31-0 at halftime.

Also, another issue I had in the game against the Jets was why in the world would you have Aaron Kampman dropping off in pass coverage on third down he was leading the league in sacks three games ago? Instead of rushing him, you have him dropping in coverage? I wish I knew what they are thinking.

After the game I finally heard Mike McCarthy say that they had no pass rush. I said to myself, ‘Did he just figure that out?' It was amazing that even the Jets receiver Laveranues Coles said he was surprised on how much zone the Packers played when the corners Al Harris and Charles Woodson excel in man-to-man coverage.

It's like Bob Sanders hasn't figured out this team is better when he lets the corners play tough man-to-man and blitzes the linebackers.

Think back when the Packers were on the winning streak. What were they doing on defense? They were sending the house and not letting the quarterbacks have all day to throw the ball, so he had to make quick decisions. Chad Pennington had so much time to throw that I don't care who was covering, they couldn't cover that long.

And when do you think the offensive coaches are going to figure out that it doesn't matter how much confidence you have in Bubba Franks and his pass protection ability. He needs help especially early in the game. THAT'S BAD COACHING!!!!!!!!

Let me be positive to start. Hat's off to A.J. Hawk for always playing hard. This guy brings it every game and gives the fans their money's worth win or lose. He's not the only one. For all those that didn't want Charles Woodson, he has earned his keep. Also, for Ahman Green, every time he gets the opportunity he makes the best of it. These guys I have mentioned have earned their checks and, of course, there are others like Donald Driver and Al Harris, but there also are so many others that really need to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are helping or hurting this team. So let's get to them.

First, we have to start with the leader, Brett Favre, who was or is supposed to give this team the best chance to win. My question is to how? He is still the same guy that refuses to protect the football in the pocket. I saw some crazy stat that said he has more fumbles than anyone else in the NFL the last two years. And as for the interceptions, he was lucky to only have so few against the Jets because he was his usually inconsistent self making bad throws. I guess he is lucky he throws the ball so hard. And as for the offensive line, someone needs to tell them this is a physical sport and sometimes they have to look the their guy in the eye and take him out instead of always cutting.

For me to keep saying this defense is playing with a handicap would be kicking them when they are down, but there is no defense that can play without a pass rush and this team is. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila should be ashamed of himself for making so much money because what he is delivering is nothing. And as for Aaron Kampman, I need to see more from him then just effort. He can't fall off now because all of a sudden he isn't going against tight ends or sneaking up on people. Where has he been?

My biggest disappointment that I witnessed against the Jets was the play and attitude of Nick Barnett. During the week he talked about what he was going to do with the club, which brought more attention to it (nice veteran move). But when he is getting his butt kicked all over the field and getting penalties, let's not do the war dance, or whatever it is, after a tackle 8 yards downfield.

So as I replay that thing we witnessed on Sunday against the Jets, notice I didn't call it a game because in order for it to be a game you have to have two teams playing. As I looked in the stands at halftime as the people were leaving I realized it wasn't the snow or cold that was making them cover their face, it was the Green Bay Packers SMELLING IN LAMBEAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Editor's note: Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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