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Fans baffled but happy to see Pack get back on track in San Francisco

Merry Christmas, Packers fans!
Santa came early and gave us a win for Christmas. Maybe he'll come back a few more times before the end of the season.

Joe Kempski,, Belleville, N.J.

Who are these guys, anyway?
Todd and Fellow Packer Backers:
OK, will the REAL 2006 Green Bay Packers please step forward - PLEASE!!!! What is the deal? You are driving us crazy!! However, the 49er game went pretty much as the pattern for the year would dictate - beat the average teams on the road. I was not surprised about that at all.

Now can someone PLEASE tell me why they can't win at home? I am not so sure it is the competition as the Patriots and Jets proved Sunday they were not nearly as good as the Packers made them look at Lambeau.

Harry, do you have any insight, as a former player, as to why they come out and lay eggs at home? I would lay it on the youth and the new coaching staff but that makes no real sense since they go aon the road and play well for the most part and have won fairly consistently this season. In fact, were they not ahead in all road games at halftime thus far? I am just baffled. A win is a win and this season we will take what we can get but the home fans sure deserve more at home!!

Jeff D.,, Kearney, NE

Marinelli for DC in 2007?
Hi Todd:
After watching the game, the adjustments that McCarthy made finally paid off. It's sad to see that KGB's days in Green Bay may be numbered. Gore just ran him over. He's a liability against the run. Thompson should try to trade him at least, and he should also open his checkbook to Harris.

I am still not convinced that Sanders and Schottenhiemer are the right men for the job. The adjustments came in after MM stepped into the defensive side of the team. Apparently Sanders had no idea what to do with the defense, what type of adjustments to make, and that caused MM to get his hands on the defense.

Those two are just not cutting it, and with so much talent the defense needs to go a different direction. Perhaps if Rod Marinelli gets let loose due to Millen being fired/resigns, we could convince him to be our DC. If not him, I would love to see the 3-4 defense being installed in Green Bay. GO PACKERS.

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

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