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Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson's critics apparently have been silenced. PackerReport.com received just one letter since last Friday, but a die-hard fan from Minnesota raises some interesting questions.

Questions for next season and beyond
Hey Todd,
As we know the defense hasn't lived up to expectations. People think Bob Sanders should pack it up and hit the road. But do Packer fans honestly believe another defensive coordinator for the fifth year in a row will really benefit this team?

I believe that Bob Sanders has become the scapegoat for why this team has struggled and is having another dissapointing season. I think this team has had an average defense. Yeah they might of had a couple bad games this year, but who hasn't? Nobody is perfect in the NFL unless your the old Miami Dolphin team, led by Bob Griese, which was about 30 years ago.

Let's face it, this team is young and will struggle from time to time. Give the coaches credit there trying to win games with whatever they got. Ahman Green isn't as explosive as he was halfway through his career. Yeah, he's had an average season, but that's sometimes not good enough. Brett's not that young kid anymore that could make something out of nothing, you ask any 16th year vet that can still do what they used to do back in there 6th or 8th year in the NFL with three rookies on the line and an aging running back and two backups that will only live up to being backups throughout their career and that answer will be no.

Ted Thompson knows these coaches don't have a lot of talent YET because this team is rebuilding and young guys are still learning and old veterans like Bubba and KGB struggling at the run. If you ask me Bob Sanders has done all that he can, probably 9 out of the 12 games we have played the only reason why we have been in half of them is our defense. Seattle being the greatest example in the first half our defense matched our offense in scoring, second half Shaun Alexander ended with getting the ball 40 times and are offense could hardly stay on the feild leaving our defense out there too long. If I was coach Mike, I would give Bob Sanders another year because once our offense finally matures and starts being dangerous, our defense will become a lot better compared to now.

Another question we all wonder about is when Brett leaves who will be are quarterback? Sorry, Packer fans, as much as I want Brett to play till he's 60 it's just not gonna happen. People are starting to doubt Aaron Rodgers and why? Well, when hes gotten his chances out there he has faultered, and in the preseason he's done nothing special. If the Packers hang on to former Saints backup QB Todd Bouman and if Mike can maybe develop him to be good in this offense, since Mike has a resume for developing QB's, then if you ask me I would take Todd over Rodgers.

I expect a good offseason and preseason battle between these two backups, but I would rather see Todd pull through. He's got the experience and he hasn't been too shabby in his career when he's been asked to go run the team.

Yeah, maybe it's a longshot, but I just don't see this team being led by Rodgers in the future. Heck, I wouldn't even count out are third stringer Ingle Martin. It will be interesting after this season is over, but we have Todd Bouman and if I was Ted Thompson I would give this guy a chance and keep him for maybe another year or two and see what he does.

One last question Packer fans are wondering is who are we gonna draft this year in are seven first rounds? And what are the Packers needs?

As we all know we need a star running back to complete a 1-2 punch which would be Marshawn Lynch, a California college star running back that is phenomenal and explosive. Then in the second round we will spend it on a defensive tackle because we need someone to team up with Ryan Pickett and be explosive. In are third round I beleive we will draft a cornerback because Al Harris and Charles Woodson won't be there forever for us. In the fourth round we will go for a future star kick returner and punt returner because, let's face it, the last descent kick-returner we had was Allen Rossum! Then fifth round, I'm sure we will go with a tight end because Bubba and David Martin also won't be around forever, and Donald Lee has not been very impressive. Sixth round I'm sure it will be another defensive back like a corner, but not a safety because Marviel Underwood I beleive will come back and add some good depth or start for us. And in the 7th round I think Ted will draft an offensive lineman to develop! That's how I think the draft day will go!!!

From a true Packer Fan!

Tyler Robinson, tyler_045988@hotmail.com Zumbrota, MN

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