Plays of the game: Doing the little things

Vernand Morency scored the clinching TD on Sunday, but Ahman Green had two key runs, Brett Favre completed a third-down pass and Driver had a catch and a key block.

Brett Favre had perhaps the worst regular-season performance in a victory of his career. Ahman Green was solid, but his play was overshadowed by Vernand Morency's two touchdown runs. Donald Driver didn't do anything spectacular.

But it was Favre, Green and Driver who helped spearhead the clinching drive in Green Bay's 17-9 victory over Detroit on Sunday at Lambeau Field.

The first key play came on second-and-7 from Green Bay's 35-yard line. Green ran around left end for 11 yards, led by something new — left tackle Chad Clifton pulled to his left and led the way. Receiver Carlyle Holiday, signed just last week, came down and sealed unsuspecting linebacker Boss Bailey to spring Green.

The second key play came on second-and-10 from Green Bay's 46, with Morency running around right end for 10 yards. Bubba Franks delivered the pivotal blocks, helping right tackle Tony Moll seal the Lions' defensive tackle, then coming off to block safety Jon McGraw. Split wide to the right, tight end David Martin manhandled cornerback Dre Bly.

The third key play came on third-and-10 from the Lions' 44, with Favre hitting Driver for 12 yards. Safety Terrence Holt lined up about 15 yards off Driver, making for an easy pitch and catch.

The fourth key play came on third-and-9 from the Lions' 31, with Green running through a huge lane to pick up 10 yards. Center Scott Wells made the pivotal blocks this time, teaming with left guard Jason Spitz to blast defensive tackle Cleveland Pinkney then coming off to take care of overpursuing linebacker Ernie Sims, pushing him far enough inside for Green to cut past. Meanwhile, right guard Daryn Colledge pushed another overpursuing linebacker, former Packer Paris Lenon, an amazing 15 yards downfield.

On the next play, Morency scored his clinching 21-yard touchdown. The play was designed to go left, but Morency took advantage of more overpursuit by cutting to the right and outrunning Detroit's defense. The play would have merely picked up 10 yards if not for Driver knocking Bly, the last line of defense, off-balance.

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