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Fans offer their thoughts on Packers after victory over Detroit Lions

Ugly, but a win's a win
Hi Todd,
Well a win is a win, even if it was an ugly one. Favre needs to stop making those crazy throws. Throw the ball away, it's better than giving it to the other team. For a while there, I had glimpses of the Buffalo game. The TE's are horrible they are dropping too many balls. I say keep Franks, and get rid of the other ones, then draft an athletic TE.

Good to see the defense get back on track. Harris and Woodson are playing phenomenal. TT should consider restructuring Harris's contract, and give Barnett an extension. TT is going to have to make some decisions about KGB, as well as for Williams because he's playing well.

Would this be the last we see of Ahman Green, at least in Green Bay? They need to draft a stud RB to keep pressure on the QB. The defensive coaching looks better, but that was against the Lions. I still would like to see Schottenhiemer go. I hope Jags stays in Green Bay, but if he bolts for BC, at least we might be able to raid the Falcons staff, if Mora decides to leave or gets fired.

We got a short week, and the Vikings are coming to town on Thrusday night. I sure hope can end up at 8-8. I would be nice.

Go Packers!

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

Christmas cannot come soon enough for Packers
It was a win yesterday and that's about all it was. It was really the ugliest of the ugly and the team really doesn't look that much better than they did in Week One. I don't think the game could or should save Sanders' job. This team needs some major gifts from Santa this year (for next year) and it starts at the top. If some people get new luggage for Christmas, I think they'll be using it sooner rather than later.

Ingrid Adams,, Jefferson, WI

Do everything possible to bring back Jim Bates!
I still want my Jimmy B!! ... and tell me you didn't see a little Mike Sherman coming out in that Mike McCarthy play calling in the second half there??? Can you say ... conservative???

Ben Crowell, Infamous, Madison, WI

Sanders still needs to be replaced
I respectfully disagree with your thoughts that Bob Sanders may have saved his job with the latest performance of this defense. I mean who have they played that could be counted in the upper class of offenses???? They need changes in the coaching on defense. We were in agreement a couple weeks ago and nothing has changed that would make me think there shouldn't be changes.

Yes, Cullen Jenkins showed up as a replacement for KGB, and Corey Williams has helped, but there are a lot of holes there yet that he has problems with and I'm not convinced it's the players that are the problems. GO PACK GO!

Steve,, Janesville, WI

Lawrence's column on Favre is not objective
Steve Lawrence is so far of the mark it is ridiculous. Is this all that Packer Report contributors are relegated to? They lack a reporter's objective talent to dig for stories and take to expounding on replacing personnel and coaches. Like the reporter has a larger clue than Packer coaches. His article is ridiculous and contradicts the current observations of the Packers General Manager, Head Coach and former GM Wolf.

The Lions game on Sunday was demonstrative of the lack of blocking ability by the offensive line, which is very undersized for pass blocking. The offensive line has been backed up all season by keeping potential weapons in as blockers and further depleting targets for Favre to throw to. He is then left with one veteran receiver and a handful of rookies to throw to.

And Lawrence goes off on Favre's accuracy rather than the multitude of dropped balls that hit receivers hands and chests?

Hopefully, Lawrence invests in DIVO before he writes his next article and takes a closer look at what he is writing about and gets off his personal anti-Favre tangent.

Mike K.,, Green Bay, WI

Notes for Ted Thompson to consider
- Great job picking up Charles Woodson. He is demonstrating skills and courage. See about a strength coach for him in the off-season. He could use some muscle mass to be a little more resilient. I hate to say it, but see what the Bears did in the off-season? Heck, even Lovie Smith looks like he could get in uniform after his team's program in the off-season.

- Lock up Al Harris now; he and Woodson are a matched set. Just imagine how much better they will be next year if Woodson practices with the team in the off-season and bulks up a bit.

- Talk to Andrew Brandt about incentive contracts for the tight ends; have Andrew tell them that catching the ball 90% of the time is part of their job description. Rewrite their contracts to a base salary and put in an elevator clause for millions more based on percentage of catches with even higher incentives for catching the ball in the red zone. Based on their performance on Sunday, Nick Barnett could have caught more balls than the three bozos who profess to be tight ends. Certainly at worst he would have equaled the pathetic statistics the tight ends recorded on Sunday. What was that technical word Harry used in his article? Oh, yeah, the tight ends "sucked."

- Finally, have Mike McCarthy tell Brett that if there are four guys of the wrong color jersey on one receiver (twice) and around six of the bad guys trying to sack Brett, then maybe, just maybe, he should look elsewhere to pass the ball ... cuz there's only supposed to be 11 of the other color jersey on the field.

Gregg Petersen,, Columbia, MD

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