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Comments from fans after Green Bay's win over Vikings

Defense lifts offense
Hi Todd,
After watching the game last night, I can't believe how anemic the Packers have become in the red zone. It seems like they are allergic to it. This cannot be Favre's last season in Green Bay, he needs some talent around him. The WR's and TE's just keep dropping too many key passes. The WR coach should have clinics and teach these guys to hold on to the ball. I saw Javon Walker use this widget that he places in the palm of his hand in order to strengthen the muscles in his hands, he uses it while he catches passes. Maybe the Packers should look into that.

The defense played lights out, but again the Vikings are a mediocre team. TT should be scouting some TE's and WR's via free agency. Perhaps the return of K. Robinson will help in 2007. With Jags going to BC, and Mora in Atlanta out the door, what are the chances of us luring Alex Gibbs from the Falcons, as a consultant that is? It would provide continuity, MM has worked with him in the past, and he will make sure we are using the correct techniques. That is how you beat the Tampa-Cover 2 defense, you run at it. That's why MM installed the zone blocking because everyone in our division runs the Tampa2, you wear them down, but we need to draft a bruising RB in the draft.

Overall, we have been good enough to beat less-talented teams; we swept the Vikings and the Lions not bad; last year we couldn't do that.

I understand Donovan McNabb has an off-season QB workout in Arizona, any chance Rodgers can become good friends with McNabb, and perhaps work out with him in the off-season?

Go Packers, 1 more year for ole #4.

Lou,, Coral Springs, FL

Offense should have scored a ton more points
It's about time our defense proved something to the 70,900 fans at Green Bay. The statistics here really fooled you if anyone believes that sort of thing. What stands out is that the Vikings ONLY had 3 first downs to our 19. Total yards by almost triple, anyone get the idea yet? We should have WON this game 31-7. Passing yards 27 for the Vikings to our 273!

What killed us was turnovers, miscues, communication, and so on! NO running game at all, so it was up to Brett to handle it! 50 passes, yes 50! If his arm is worn out, or OLD, it didn't seem to be! It doesn't matter who you are if you throw that many passes most of the time, interceptions are going to come! If the running game doesn't work, then what is the team supposed to do? 1.9 yards a carry isn't going to get you far now is it?

So, once again Brett showed WHY he is coming back next year, maybe longer who knows? He can still pull off come from behind victories, like it or not! What caught my eye here was all over the Internet, "Brett's Last Game At Lambeau Field!! Not too much about the game, just Brett's last game! And that Brett almost lost the game, I guess everyone must take a cheap shot at Brett, which I think is unfair since the offensive line is barley average at best, as a unit! Brett needs a better supporting cast around him. Including receivers, and tight ends who can catch, hold onto the ball, and run proper routes. Plus more plays, play-action fakes, power sweeps and such need to return. It worked before, why not now? They say missing little stupid things is the HARDEST to correct!!!

Another useless fact is Brett is 5 away from breaking George Blanda's interception record, which some reporter, sport expert, pointed out! My only question is how many passes did George Blanda throw? Is it as many as Brett? Or less? And how many games did Blanda play at quarterback? 100? 150? Sorry, but I don't see the point of it! Except another cheap shot!

This kind of stuff gets old after a while, and it shows me that these people have NOTHING else to talk about, but to blast Brett! OK, his statistics are not all that colorful in 15 Years, but what he gave, and his enjoyment for the game will by far out-weigh anything else! Ask any pro football player who has played against him! As far as Brett retiring? Brett did sign a 10-year deal in 2001, which would make him 42 or 43 when that contract runs out. I think there are a few players in the National Football League who are that age now!

In closing, You Done Good Guys, Brett!!! YOU'RE STILL THE MAN! Now go whip on to Chicago, BUT SCORE A LOT MORE POINTS!!

Tom Fast,, Hendersonville, N.C.

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