Christmas wish list's Bob Fox lists 10 things he hopes Santa Claus will deliver to him and other Packers fans.

Dear Santa,

I only want a few things this Christmas. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

1) A win against the hated Chicago Bears on the last game of the season as they rest their starters for the playoffs.

2) A playoff berth for the Packers. The youngest team in the NFL would gain valuable experience in the post-season.

3) For Brett Favre to return in 2007. He's hung tough with a depleted and very young roster the last couple of years. He deserves a chance to play with a competitive and contending squad again.

4) For Ted Thompson to do whatever it takes in free agency and the draft to make the Packers viable contenders next year. Specifically, TT must address the tight end and safety position.

5) For Mike McCarthy to learn from his successes and failures in 2006. That would include assessing the coaching staff and some of the play calling.

6) For the Packers to start dominating teams at Lambeau Field again. 3-5 is not good. The Packers should never be worse than 6-2 at home every year.

7) An early Bear exit from the playoffs, again.

8) A happy retirement for Bob Harlan, one of the classiest guys in all of sports.

9) Keep Matt Millen in Detroit.

10) Don't let the Packers make uniform changes like the Vikings did. Yuck! But if they do, I hope they go back to the 1996 look with 5 stripes on the sleeve as opposed to the three they currently have.

Bob Fox

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