Jagodzinski puts new job on hold

Offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski is focused on his duties with the Green Bay Packers instead of his new job as head coach at Boston College.

Jeff Jagodzinski has two important tasks looming.

The Green Bay Packers' offensive coordinator was named head coach at Boston College. But before he can dive head-first into recruiting, implementing his scheme and rounding out his coaching staff, Jagodzinski has to find a way to get his offense on track against the Chicago Bears' superb defense.

The Packers were shut out against Chicago in Week 1, and enter Sunday night's showdown having scored 26 points over the last two games against the un-Bears-like defenses of Detroit and Minnesota.

"I'm looking forward to that challenge, but I really want to do the most I can here to help us win and get into the playoffs," Jagodzinski said.

If the Packers aren't among the NFC's six playoff teams, he'll begin his tenure with the Eagles a day or two later. If the Packers beat the Bears and squeeze their way into the playoffs, he'll remain in Green Bay and his new job will have to wait.

Nonetheless, Jagodzinski is focused on the task at hand, and says the benefits of the Packers getting into the playoffs outweigh any negatives.

"To be honest with you, I think (getting into the playoffs) would help us more than anything, because you get exposure and the players get to see what you're all about," Jagodzinski said.

His work with the Packers won't stand in the way of his recruiting job, he says, because college coaches aren't allowed to talk to contact high school athletes until Jan. 14. The first weekend of the playoffs is Jan. 6-7 and the second is Jan. 13-14.

Boston College faces Navy in the Meineke Bowl in Charlotte, N.C., on Saturday.

"We'll be up in the air flying to Chicago , so I won't be able to see that, either," Jagodzinski said.

On the field, Jagodzinski must find a way to get his offense into the end zone against the NFL's top defense in terms of yards allowed and points allowed.

In the Week 1 game, the Packers turned the ball over three times and mustered only 267 yards of offense. The Bears, however, have allowed 79 points against St. Louis ,Tampa Bay and Detroit the last three weeks.

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