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Packers fans rip on TV announcers, offer thoughts on future of team, Bubba Franks and more!

Respect by the TV announcers? Yeah, when?
I have to totally agree with Johnnie Gray's first paragraph in his latest article - Packers Making Progress (Dec. 23, PackerReport.com).

The "most aggravating thing" that Packer fans have had to deal with for a long, long time now, even when playing at Lambeau Field ... is the constant disrespect by the announcers at 'every' game. Seriously, this is ever since 1998, at least, as far as I can tell. Nowadays, it's way out there. It'd be different if they were vanilla about it. But, they're not!

In fact, the commentary is complementary to the other team(s) even when the other team makes the most outrageous errors a fan could imagine. It used to be that the announcers would at least be kind to the home team, yet the Packers don't count with that rule, it seems. What do they want to call it - the Papa Bear Trophy? Kinda corny just hearing it, let alone writing it.

I am certainly okay, right now, with knowing the Packers are not playoff contenders. We lost some serious personnel, recently. But, listening to the announcers discuss only how the other team just might be, pending certain scenarios come to fruition is just damned ridiculous. Especially when they exclude the Packers without ever having any type of chance whatsoever. A good example was watching us against the Niners, geez, Todd.

Yet, look. Here we are at 7-8, with one game left to play (against Da Bears) and a record that's twice as good as last year's, and the pundits, along with the announcers are trying to find anything, anything at all, to fill the commentary, as long as it's not about the Packers climbing out of the loser column and back into contention. Right now, as I hear others laying it out online, the Packers might very well be in a playoff berth pending what happens with Da Bears game, on New Year's Eve and a big IF on how the Rams and Giants end up in their seasons. No one in the TV-booth mentioned anything about it, period, during the Vikings game.

Johnnie's right, the Vikings game was full of errors on BOTH sides of the ball, not just the Packers, and it was all game long. Yet, the announcers only found fault with the Packers performance. One got the idea that both of those play-by-play media types had money on Minnesota - and they couldn't help themselves in being blatant about it. They may have the bully pulpit, since they have the microphone, but the fans also have something to say about it, by writing the TV stations that handle the coverage - and Cheeseheads will certainly make it a point to do so. I know, I will and I would think the rest of Packerfandom, who read this, will do so, too!

I love Bob Fox's Christmas Wish List, especially the final comment about the Packers uniforms. Do you know how hard it is to find a five-stripe No. 4 jersey? Of course, I don't hold as much animosity against Da Bears as he does. I'm more against the Vikings than any other team in our division. On the uniform thing, my wish list would be to find a Ken Ruettgers, five-stripe, jersey; certainly a rare find.

One quick note -- I want to give kudos to TOM FAST of Hendersonville, NC in "Reaction to the Action (Dec. 23, PackerReport.com). Tom's rebuttal to the Blanda comparison comment by the announcers was "right on" and deservedly so. Funny how the commentator could only bring up one side of the comparison; and leave out the rest of the stats, too. Gee, there was no agenda there....!

Ya see, Todd, we Cheeseheads get it. The media doesn't want this team to regain any popularity. Oh yeah, I forgot, we have more fans out there than any other team in the NFL. Which explains where a small town team is placing so high in the profit margin in the NFL (top five). Doesn't make any sense, does it? We have more fans, the media wants us shut down. That's the essence of propaganda, in how they're behaving!

It seriously blew the wind out of their sails (meaning the media) when Reggie White went to Lambeau and made the call for others to come play there ... Ron Wolf, Brett Favre and the rest of the organization, marching right along with Reggie White ... all got it right. This non-sense that any other location "except Green Bay" is good enough to play in is a bias that the NFL and the media need to be called on. I mean, c'mon already. You're gonna tell me that the NFL doesn't see what's going on?

Try this take - Jacksonville was good enough to host a Super Bowl, using Love Boats for hotel space, for cry iy iy. And whether or not, it was frought full of problems. Who says Green Bay can't do exactly the same thing? What's more, they can certainly do it better. We have Wisconsin hospitality, remember. And, there's no place like Lambeau Field. Everyone loves being there for a game. Everyone! That'd be a real Super Bowl - in the Frozen Tundra, ya hey!

At Lambeau Midwest (IPB Land), we don't call it the Cheese Underground, for nothing. Packer fans are everywhere! Even in the Media. It's getting them to be able to call the games, that's the real problem.

Quick question to the rest of the fans out there: Will Lovie Smith allow the Packers to win this final game, on New Year's Eve? Somehow, I don't think so. Remember, in 2004, in the home opener? His comment was to "beat the Packers" period! He didn't even mention the Lions, or the Vikings.

I'll hope for a win in Soldier Field, anyway. Heck, Brett still holds all the records there, anyway!

Go U Packers Go!

Tony LaRussa, ipbprez@gmail.com, Indianapolis, IN

Comparing Favre's INTs to Blanda's like apples to oranges
Having just read the letters (PackerReport.com, Dec. 23, Reaction to the Action), I have to agree with the letter from Tom Fast on the stat about Brett and his closing in on George Blanda's record for interceptions. It's a bogus stat, the way all the announcers state it. If you compare stats between the two, Brett comes out better.

Yes, Brett is going to match the record, but Brett has thrown over 8,000 passes and Blanda threw just over 4,000 passes in his career. Brett also has over twice the yardage of Blanda. So, this stat is like comparing apples to oranges.

If Blanda had 4,000 more attempts, he might have over 500 INTs. So if any writer or announcers out there, read this letter, please put this record in perspective when talking about this.

Joe Kempski, animal70@att.net, Belleville, NJ

Let's encourage Bubba Franks, not discourage him
THANK YOU for the article on Bubba! Too many people want to discourage vs. encourage, and with someone like Franks who has done so much for the team it doesn't make sense!

I even think he can bounce back next year and return close to the level from some of his Pro Bowl years.

Yes, he's had a very subpar year. Who hasn't throughout their careers?

Plus, the comment about the radio station annoys me to no end regarding how they may have taken his comment about the plane of the goal line out of context.

As a reminder to my fellow Packer fans who can realistically view the team and the circumstances without a huge bias, Green Bay is not a place every player WANTS to play. One of the reasons being the small market atmosphere. However, one advantage is the mostly positive media coverage. They can get mistreated by the media in larger markets. If it is the same way in Wisconsin it makes it that much tougher to sign free agents and re-sign the players on your roster.

Thanks, I enjoy your articles. Packer stockholder and fan since 1972!

Mike Galligan, mgiowa@cox.net, Tucson, AZ

Bubba deserves more credit that what he receives
Your column about Bubba Franks was right on. He has done a great job for the team in the past and other than a few dropped passes and fumbles he has been doing just fine this year. It is easy to knock him for his low total of receptions but he has been asked on many pass plays to stay in and help the offensive line block. He has done what the coaches have asked of him, so I don't know what else people could expect of his performance.

He sounds like a very stand-up man and he is exactly the kind of leader and role model this young team needs.

Bill Goodin, BRGBRONCO@aol.com, Boise, ID

Harry Sydney telling it like it is
Hello Harry,
The only reason I read your articles is to experience truth. You are the best at truth!

The subject article left me with a sickening feeling. Experiencing truth then has caused me to face reality - not a lot of fun.

The questions you raised about all aspects of the offense - plays and players - just has to be a great analysis, a truthful analysis, and reflects the understanding of someone who has been there and knows what it takes to win. Good job!

I want to be optimistic as a die-hard Packer fan so I have told myself that the Packers will build an incredibly good defense and develop excellent special teams, thus, being able to win a lot of games by scoring field goals.

McCarthy seems to praise Paul Hackett, but has he ever been a big winner?

Keith Wire, silstl@swbell.net, Springfield, MO

Ted Thompson should spend some of that cap money on WRs
Here are just a few things I'm thinking we need...

I think Ike needs to show some spending ability. I think he needs to spend some of that salary cap money instead of just sitting and looking at it. Buy us some quality players! A couple more WR's that can CATCH the ball and HANG on to it! A tight end that knows where the end zone is!

We need a quick decision from Brett. We need a defensive coordinator who has some schemes that are good and a guy who can get the players on board to execute them.

These things would be great for a fresh start.

Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Patience, please! Packers are headed in right direction
Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts. I know it is hard to be patient, but when rebuilding, it is a necessary evil. The Packers have a good mix of veterans with a ton of youth. They have many promising young players that are getting better. When was the last time we could all talk about "winning" a game that was played poorly? This happens to the good teams all the time and there is something to be said for overcoming adversity and still gutting out the win.

Each game is a continuum of plays, not a set of unique events. One of the reasons that Favre plays poorly at times is the combination of drops, blown coverages, and rushed throws that occur throughout. This does mean that there will not be games that he forces passes or misses open receivers with greater frequency than others. The young Packers need to get better and continue to improve in all areas of their game: blocking assignments, defensive position, catching passes, hitting open receivers, running correct routes, etc.

Film breakdown and off-season review will help determine whom the Packers will keep and who will need to be replaced. I like what has happened this year. The NFL Power rankings at the beginning of the season ranked them 32 out of 32. Now the pundits are asking if Favre should come back to a very mediocre team - translate average - which is a far cry from 32. And I guarantee if they win Sunday night, which they may very well do, that they will finish in the 14 to 20 range with a lot of young starters coming back. Sorry for your luck everyone, but this is not the time to blow up the team or coaches. It is time to continue to make positive incremental changes of improvement. This includes some tough decisions about veterans and rookies alike.

I believe Favre is still our best option heading into next year, our defense is heading in the right direction, our receiving corps needs some attention, and Ahman Green and KGB will get some serious evaluation. Continuous improvement means 8-8 this year? Playoff contention next? 2 to 3 years of rebuilding isn't all bad and there is still some fun as we go.

Tom Nash, thomas.nash@gm.com, Indianapolis, IN

Sydney continues to be too hard on Favre
I still think you got a burr up y-- for Brett Favre. Please tell me how MM has taken the ball away from Favre? When last I looked he threw for 50 times in one game. Any QB needs a good offense around him to look good. Favre has done more with less and is better than most QB's playing today.

Favre with a good offense would never be on anybody's mind but with praise.

Look at Manning, he loses just a couple of his starters and he cannot get the extra 6 points a game that he was used to for his offense, and his lack of putting points on the board (along with his team's poor defense has cost him games). If Manning was on the Pack this year he would be doing no better than Favre.

I wish I knew why you do not like one of the most likable guys playing in the NFL.

Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie, Pa.

Thompson deserves more love from Packers fans
Playoffs?? Really?? I mean, it would be great and all, and anything could happen in a 3 game scenario … but all that would do would save a couple jobs that need to be taken.

But quite honestly, where is the praise of TT? I was STILL hearing fans in the stands on Thursday saying, "Gosh, that guy hasn't done anything, he sucks." Now, obviously, that is a very misinformed fan, however, how can ANYONE say that??? It's ridiculous at best.

T.T. is re-building this team, and Week 17 matters! This team's foundation has been tore up and put back in place with new, young talent, and T.T. has hardly gotten a sniff of good pub.

Buy him a beer, throw some love his way in an article or something!! It's just killing me Todd!!! That all being said, playoffs ... here we come baby!! Let's kill those FIBS!!

Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

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