Favre's last game? Maybe? Probably not

Post-game interview reveals that he has made up his mind

Maybe he was emotional following a big win over the Chicago Bears on the final game of the season, but Brett Favre certainly indicated that he has his mind made up on his future in football.

While being interviewed by NBC's Andrea Kramer, Favre broke down in tears and admitted that will will "miss the game."

Wow. Favre certainly has enough in him to play at a high level for at least a couple of more seasons, so his emotional field interview took many Packers fans by surprise. While many, including this scribe, feel Favre will return for the 2007 season, he gave a major indication after Green Bay's 26-7 victory over the Chicago Bears that he played his last game.

"I love to play the game, I love these guys, I love to compete," said Favre.

When asked if this was 'it,' Favre said, "We'll see. We'll see."

NBC's John Madden, after watching the interview, feels that Favre played his "last game."

Favre expects to make a decision on his future within the next "couple weeks." Within that time, he may announce his decision to retire from football, though, it would be difficult to imagine him walking away.

"A game like tonight certainly makes it difficult for me, but the win is ultimately what we wanted," he said.

The feeling here is even though it was an emotional moment for Favre, he will return to the Packers. Yes, there is a chance that he'll decide to hang it up, but he still has too much fire in him to walk away from a profession that he truly loves. The Packers, by winning their last four games, are officially an up-and-coming team. With Favre back at quarterback, and many of the same young starters returning, Green Bay will be a playoff contender next season.

Todd Korth

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