Packers will pick 16th

By beating the Bears on Sunday night, the Packers fell from the 13th pick of the draft to the 16th selection.

The regular season is over, so it's time to look ahead to 2007.

By beating the Chicago Bears on Sunday night and concluding the season at 8-8, the Green Bay Packers will own the 16th pick in each round of April's NFL draft.

The Packers are one of eight teams to finish with a .500 record. The first tiebreaker when determining draft order is strength of schedule. The easier the schedule, the better the draft selection.

With a strength of schedule of exactly .500, the Packers finished fourth of the seven non-playoff teams that went 8-8. The Giants, because they earned the final playoff spot, are at the end of the list of 8-8 teams and own the 20th pick in the draft.

Had the Packers lost to the Bears, they would have owned the 13th pick.

Below is the draft order for the April 28-29 draft. The first 19 picks are final. The Super Bowl winner picks No. 32 and the Super Bowl loser picks No. 31.

Draft order

1. Oakland (2-14)

2. Detroit (3-13)

3. Tampa Bay (4-12)

4. Cleveland (4-12)

5. Arizona (5-11)

6. Washington (5-11)

7. Minnesota (6-10)

8. Houston (6-10)

9. Miami (6-10)

10. Atlanta (7-9)

11. San Francisco (7-9)

12. Buffalo (7-9)

13. St. Louis (8-8)

14. Carolina (8-8)

15. Pittsburgh (8-8)

16. Green Bay (8-8)

17. Jacksonville (8-8)

18. Cincinnati (8-8)

19. Tennessee (8-8)

20. N.Y. Giants (8-8)

21. Denver (9-7)

22. Seattle (9-7)

23. Dallas (9-7)

24. Kansas City (9-7)

25. New Orleans (10-6)

26. New York Jets (10-6)

27. Philadelphia (10-6)

28. New England (12-4)

29. Indianapolis (12-4)

30. Chicago (13-3)

31. Baltimore (13-3)

32. San Diego (14-2)

2007 schedule

Most of the Packers' 2007 schedule was set in stone a couple years ago. As usual, the Packers will play the other three NFC North teams at home and away. In the schedule rotation, the Packers will play the four teams from the NFC East and the four teams from the AFC West.

The final two opponents were determined after Sunday's games. Because the Packers finished second in the North, they will play the second-place teams from the NFC South (Carolina) and the NFC West (St. Louis).

The Packers' 2006 opponents finished 128-128. The 2007 opponents finished slightly worse, 126-130.

They played six eventual playoff teams this season: Chicago (twice), New England, New York Jets, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Seattle. They will play six playoff teams next season: Chicago (twice), Dallas, Kansas City, New York Giants, Philadelphia and San Diego.

Home games

Chicago Bears (13-3)

Detroit Lions (3-13)

Minnesota Vikings (6-10)

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)

Washington Redskins (5-11)

Oakland Raiders (2-14)

San Diego Chargers (14-2)

Carolina Panthers (8-8)

Away games

Chicago Bears (13-3)

Detroit Lions (3-13)

Minnesota Vikings (6-10)

New York Giants (8-8)

Dallas Cowboys (9-7)

Kansas City Chiefs (9-7)

Denver Broncos (9-7)

St. Louis Rams (8-8)

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