What's the future for Favre? ...

Raw emotion, and his actions after the game, tell you Brett Favre is leaning toward retirement, PackerReport.com's Steve Lawrence says.

Being a card-carrying member of Those Who Write About The Packers, I'd be in danger of being deported to some hideous locale such as Chicago, or, heaven forbid, Detroit if I didn't throw in my two cents on the Brett Favre issue.

So, here goes.

It's not what Favre said but how he said it that makes me think we have seen a legend play his final game. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Like when Donald Driver carried Favre off the field toward the end of Sunday night's satisfying thrashing of the Bears. Like when Favre posed for pictures with his offensive line.

Like when, just moments after his 15th season with the Packers had come to a triumphant end, he broke down on national TV when interviewed by NBC's Andrea Kremer.

"Well, if it is my last game, I want to remember it," Favre said before taking a moment to compose himself. "It's tough, it's tough. I'll miss these guys and miss the game, but just want to let them know that."

I'll miss these guys?

It was raw emotion at that point. Nothing scripted. No time to think things through and give a rehearsed comment, as he did when he met with the scribes after the game. It sure sounded like a guy who let the emotion of the moment get the best of him because he had given his future a great deal of thought long before.

Of course with Favre, nothing is for certain, even though the fact he canceled his ankle surgery provides a clue. He told Mike Holmgren after last year's finale that he was going to retire, but a few months later, he announced he was coming back.

The guess here is if he makes an announcement soon, he will say he's retiring. The longer it takes, the better the chance he comes back. Say, for instance, the Philadelphia Eagles make a run in the NFC playoffs this month. Don't you think he'll be asking himself, "Boy, if Jeff Garcia can do this with the Eagles, what can I do with these promising Packers?"

My heart tells me it's a 50-50 proposition — he's got to come back because he's close to Dan Marino's TD record and the team showed so much promise in the last four weeks, right? — but my head tells me there's a 70 percent chance Favre, while not necessarily exiting on top, will exit on his terms.

Of course, there a few other Packers who might have played their last game with the green and gold. See my accompanying piece for the breakdown.

Lawrence is a regular contributor to PackerReport.com. Send comments to steve_lawrence_packers@yahoo.com.

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