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Packers fans submit their thoughts on season, Favre, and defensive coordinator

Packers 2006 season better than expected
Well, another regular season has come and gone, and I must say that this one was better than I expected.

Winning the last four games means that this team is headed in the right direction. They almost made the playoffs, which was not even in the equation at the beginning of the season. The O-line is good. The D-line is good. Special teams still need some improvement. QB & RB are the biggest question marks.

The Packers are something like, $30 MILLION under the cap for next year. In my mind, there is NO REASON to not sign some star players during the off-season. Even if Favre does retire, this team still needs help in some skill positions to be competitive for next year.

Tight End, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Run Stopper, and Pass Rusher, and another Corner/Safety on ‘D.' I think that $30 million ought to about cover it! QB is gonna be up in the air. I hope Favre comes back. If he doesn't, then it's Rogers. Hire a veteran backup QB, and let ‘er rip man!!

Coach McCarthy seems to have this team on board with his system. The body language on this team is far superior to last year's team. They quit on Sherman last year, plain and simple.

I have been a very unhappy Packer fan for the past 3 or 4 years now. I hated seeing this team slowly and painfully slide downhill. Losing big game after big game. Now there is new blood, and new life for this team. If the big shots at the top don't fork out some cash for some needed players for next year, then maybe THEY need to be fired, and replaced with some forward thinking professionals.

Good job this year Packers! It was better than I expected!

Gary Allen, garysremodel@sbcglobal.net, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Let's give Favre some room to make a decision
Dear Todd,
Last year the question of Brett returning or not was hashed over and over. Is he staying or is he retiring? Some movement had to be made by management to help Brett make a decision. It took Brett some time to make the choice if he had the desire and skill to continue.

Here we go again being unfair by pushing the question for an immediate answer. Some things have to be indicated by management (T.T) in giving Brett some help with signing wide receiver help to menton one area and unlocking the Fat Cap Vault. To press Brett so close to the end of the season with its emotional and physical toll is unfair.

I for one would love to see Brett come back with added support through free agency and draft selections.

In the meantime let him rest, both emotionally and physically. We can then go to the mountain top in the spring.

Meanwhile remember it was a great year with more to come.

Dr. Vince Winter, vwdoc504@yahoo.com, Minnetonka, MN

Favre's interception total is misleading
Earlier this year I wrote about how everybody was making a big deal about Favre's 29 interceptions. Well, this year I watched all the games, and of the 18 interceptions Favre threw, only 11 by my account were his fault. So it seems to me that they made a bigger deal of it, than was really necessary. Just shows how stats really don't show the true picture.

As far as this year's team and coaches, Bob Sanders and the special teams coach probably should get a second chance and coach next year. If the defense starts out next year as bad as this year then they will have to go. We shouldn't have to take 3/4 of the season to make adjustments in the game plan. Overall I think the Pack did good, lost some we should have won but that's the way it goes. I expect a lot more out of the team next year. Hopefully, Favre will return and we'll have a good draft and we'll make it to the playoffs.

Joe Kempski, animal70@att.net, Belleville, NJ

Favre will be back … He's not going anywhere!
If I know people, and after supporting our IPB Club for the last four years, I think I do, I can tell you with 90% certainty, that Brett Favre will be back. Brett Favre could potentially play starting QB for the Packers until he was as old as Vinny Testaverde. Last I heard, Vinny was almost 45 and still available. Doug Flutie just sat down at the tender age of 42. Brad Johnson (I think) is older than Brett Favre, too.

No, the Gunslinger's not gonna quit after having played one of the better Decembers that the Packers have had in awhile. Sure, the season started out tough. But, at the end, we saw a 180 of sorts.

Why? Let's take a look-see, real quick.

I seem to remember the Packers shutting out the Bears for three quarters on New Year's Eve. On top of that, if not for a rookie mistake on running a sure route, it would most certainly have been a true shutout. Inherently, this is giving as one gets - call it "an eye for an eye" in the best of traditions. Which is definitely what Da Bears had coming after our home opener back in September.

I say Brett's coming back because he loves the game too much to walk away now.

Let's go a bit further. Last year, was Ted Thompson's truer form in the 2006 Draft. We went from 5-plus draft picks to gaining a modest 12 draft picks. This is something that the Packers organization had damn well better get used to, and real quick at that. I'm talking year in and year out. The fans, might as well knuckle up and get prepared for it, as well. I already am.

What does that mean? That means a much better team, next season, for a Brett Favre to play within. We all know he's not going anywhere. We all know he won't play anywhere else. No matter what the four-letter network may have to invent about him.

I figure Brett's got at least three more years in him, as a true starter. This year, we have seen a level of smart play that reminded me of 1995-7. If not for two of the later games, he was on target to have one of his best and lowest INT seasons, ever. A world of difference from last year, all around. There's a sureness about him, again. And, I (for one) would like to thank Head Coach Mike McCarthy for that. He's earned it.

Mr. Ironman, the Gunslinger, Mr. Brett Favre, will go home to his hideaway from the rest of the world, take some time to get what they call the proverbial oil change, as quite a few NFL pros will do every so often. He'll take care of that nagging ankle and rest up his soreness that all players learn to cope with. He'll go play a lot of golf.

And, then he will be back, taking us on into the playoffs next year. A complete turnaround of 2005.

You know what? It couldn't happen to a nicer, more loyal guy than Brett Favre.

So let it be written - so let it be done!


Tony LaRussa, President - IndyPackerBackers Club, ipbprez@gmail.com, Indianapolis, IN

Sydney is a man to admit when he is wrong
Would like to say that as a man and a good sports writer you have surpassed what I thought you were capable of ... Everyone can make statements pertaining to players and their capabilities and their downsides, but you admitted when your thoughts might have been wrong and still stood tall when your beliefs were still the same.

Thanks for being you and the capacity to admit your thoughts are not always right. Hope I will do the same.

Steve, branson1@charter.net, Janesville, WI

Thompson should pursue Jim Bates as defensive coordinator
Hey, Todd,
I would like to see Ted Thompson lure Jim Bates back as defensive coordinator, unless he gets a head coaching job. At least, they need to find a new secondary coach. Kurt Schottenheimer is not getting the job done nor has he on any team he has coached the secondary. Check his record.

Peter Schwind, petey@bright.net, Tipp City, OH

Sanders should have little room for error in 2007
What happened!?!? I thought you were Jim Bates stand strong buddy!?!? Then I arrive in FL last night only to pop up the site and see that I have been betrayed! :) What is going on here?? You know very well they didn't play anybody on offense at the end of the season to be capable to show if they are any good, BUT ... that being said, UNLESS they CAN get the true, 1 and only J.B. back, which thank the devil they can't, he has earned another year at it. BUT... if that year is even mediocre somebody needs to get the axe.

They MUST play great next year, and be a top 10 defense without a doubt, or he can just go away. I still think they should throw the kitchen sink at J.B.:) I shall not give up the hope!! You may have jumped off of the best bandwagon in the world, which I shall lead into the new year stronger than ever, but this bandwagon isn't going anywhere!!:)

Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi, Madison, WI

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