Sydney Speaks! See what I see?'s Harry Sydney offers his own, unique grading system on the team's offense:

At this time of year everyone tries to figure out what the Packers really need to improve on for next year. People throw out all kinds of grades. Some use the grading system that the combine uses, such as color codes. But I will use that old reliable system of can he play or can't he, and at what level is he? This will not be on what the player has done, but what I believe he can do.

My grading system range is as follows:

A - Pro Bowler
B - NFL Starter
C - Solid backup
D - Needs to be replaced
F – Why is he on the team?
I – Incomplete, I didn't see enough.

Let's start with the offense:

Brett Favre – B:
He had a better year, and played more under control, but still made some mistakes he shouldn't have. He showed he still has a passion for the game and is willing to change his ways, at least sometimes.

Aaron Rodgers – C: He got hurt, but I'm still not sure he can or will be the guy. He doesn't seem to be that difference-maker. Unfair or not, I question his leadership ability.

Ingle Martin – I: I am leaning to an F because so far he's just a camp guy.

Todd Bouman – I: Who are we kidding? He will be a life-long backup at best.

Tight ends
Bubba Franks – D:
The coaches didn't use Franks right, but he made enough mistakes to make me want to give him an F because the way he played he was stealing from the organization. I don't care about all the good stuff he does off the field. They pay him to produce on the field and he didn't get it done, plain and simple.

David Martin – F: Can't stay healthy. He looks like Tarzan, but gets hurt like Jane and way too often.

Donald Lee – F: Enough is enough. He can't catch a cold, let alone a football.

Zac Alcorn – F: Why is he taking up a roster spot?

Tory Humphrey – F: Somebody's favor, I guess

Running backs
Ahman Green – B:
Still showed that he can run with power and has the desire to punish defenders. He got better as the season went on and he didn't put the ball on the ground nearly as much as in the past. I know this is the age when many running backs break down, but he still can play.

Vernand Morency – C: He is a good change of pace guy and shows a nice ability to read blocks. A good cutback runner and might be better suited to be a third down back.

Noah Herron – D: Just a guy that nobody would miss if he wasn't here. A dime a dozen in the NFL.

Brandon Miree – D: I didn't see him explode on any block this year. Just because he can read where to go in the zone blocking scheme doesn't mean squat if nothing happens, or he gets knocked back into the backfield. That happened way too many times for a starting fullback in the NFL.

William Henderson – C: He is still good, but he's not a spring chicken anymore. Age has caught up with him, but he is still the best the Packers have at this position.

P.J. Pope – D: Another training camp body.

Arliss Beach – D: An average special teamer at best.

Wide receivers
Donald Driver – A:
One of the best in the league and finally the world knows it.

Greg Jennings – C: I like the kid, but he might be better as a third receiver. Doesn't have the speed to stretch the defense, but would be good finding the holes in zone defenses.

Ruvell Martin – C Like what I have seen from the big guy, who isn't scared to take a hit and runs good routes.

Carlyle Holiday – C I know he came to the Packers late, but I was impressed with his ability to catch a bad ball. He showed excellent hands and seems very intelligent.

Robert Ferguson – F: Out of sight out of mind. Did anyone miss him?

Chris Francies – D: A young pair of legs for training camp. He did have a big play during the season.

Koren Robinson – C: He needs to get his life right because that's the most important thing.

Shaun Bodiford – I: Too much of an unknown.

Offensive line
Chad Clifton – B he is still a force at left tackle.

Mark Tauscher – B While he is there, that's one position you don't have to worry about> Scott Wells – B: He became the leader of the line and played like a veteran. Excellent job.

Daryn Colledge – C: He is a solid back-up that became a starter and improved I'm just not sure he is going to get that much better. I wonder if he can be physical for 60 minutes. Jason Spitz – C: Probably the most versatile of the rookies, and he has a mean streak. However, he gets knocked around .

Tony Moll – C: He became the jack of all trades and master of none, which hurt his growth. He might get better when and if he stays in one place.

Junius Coston – D: I think the experiment might need to come to an end. He doesn't seem to have it.

Tony Palmer – I: Didn't see enough of him.

Tyson Walter – I A journeyman backup

Kevin Barry

-F: His body structure isn't exactly what they want for a zone blocking guard.

Josh Bourke – I: Hurt his back in training camp, but before that showed some promise.

On the offensive side of the ball there is only one player in my mind that is Pro Bowl caliber, and that's Donald Driver. We do have some solid starters, such as Brett Favre, Ahman Green, Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher and Scott Wells. Does this team need help in certain areas? I hope the powers at be SEE WHAT I SEE.

My next article will be about the defensive grades, unless something else comes up!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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