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Fans offer their thoughts on the Packers' season, and why Favre should return

An open letter to Phil Simms
Dear Phil,
As a life-long Packers fan, Packers season ticket holder, and Packers stockholder, I would like to make a proposition to you. It is obvious Brett Favre highly values your opinion. Brett has stated that your comments regarding the finality of retirement played a large role in his decision to return in 2006. I know you are a busy man, having to cover the NFL playoffs for CBS Sports and all, however, I would be happy to cover your airfare expense to wherever Brett is located during this critical decision-making period. Take as much time as you need to convince Brett to play in 2007! Titletown and the entire NFL will be forever grateful for your efforts.


Al Schmitz, AlSchmitz@sbcglobal.net, Green Bay, WI

Packers 2006 season went well
This season was good (very surprised but glad) and I hope Brett comes back. Thought we would go anywhere from 1-15 to 4-12, but we played hard and grew up at the same time. We have around $30 million under the cap, which means we can sign some players that will help us for a year or two. I believe that we can make a run at the Super Bowl next year. Can't wait till next season!!!

Go Pack Go!

Todd, toddrjohnson@msn.com, Lynchburg, VA

Sydney on the mark in assessment of Ted Thompson
Hey, Mr. Sydney
Boy, I have to agree with you on the job Ted has done with this roster. He has really injected the team with not only youth but "football players". Like any head man, mistakes happen, and nobody is perfect, so things like drafting Cory Rodgers and signing Marquand Manuel will happen. But at least it's better than giving up multiple draft picks to move up and pick a PUNTER, like Mr. Sherman did. If he has done a good job with the roster he has done a better job with the cap, I remember the years when we used to go into free agency with close to nothing and still find a way to give a large signing bonus to the likes of Joe Johnson.

I was excited about this year because we had an excellent draft, excellent free agency period and it looked like Mike McCarthy was and is the right choice. But I'm even more excited now, because were not far way. If we can go into free agency and sign the same amount of players we signed this past year on defense - were in!! We sign one high priced, two middle and a few gap fillers free agents. Add the draft and, Harry, were talking about a whole new team here.

Brett will come back, how can he leave after getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel? The potential is there, but I'm going to give you one more exciting prospect: There have been rumors of the running back coach from the Denver Broncos being interviewed for the offensive coordinating position. HIRE HIM!!!! Let's see, he has been there since '95 right?? Well that means he has been responsible for, Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, Ruben Droughns, Tatum Bell, and found a way to take a non-drafted running back and make him into a future star Mike Bell. Then you go and tell Alex Gibbs to come over as a consultant, now I don't know about you but that added to what Ted has and will do this off-season.

I smell championship - yes I said it ... and why not? These are the Green Bay Packers. Overall, you don't see this team regressing, you see it progressing, and that's exciting.

Go Pack! Forever a fan!!!

Oscar R., figmateo@hotmail.com, Miami, FL

Packers should try to obtain Gibbs
Hi there, Todd,
Well, Jim Bates is headed to the Denver Broncos. What gives? He had the opportunity to stay with the Packers as DC, but decides to leave and then the following year take an assistant position. And why do I keep hearing Paul Hackett's name as the new OC. They should do what they can to lure Alex Gibbs (as a consultant) over to Green Bay to ensure continuity in the zone blocking, that is what McCarthy is preaching.

I still don't agree with him in sticking with Schottenhiemer, he should look for someone with a similar background in what we run. An assistant that can relate and communicate with our players. If Schottenhiemer is still around in 2007 and the secondary stinks it up, he should be fired right away, no waiting around for things to pan out anymore.

Well, I hope the Packers make the right moves.

Go Packers!

Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Coral Springs, FL

Packers need Favre back to reach NFC playoffs
As far as Brett is concerned, it will be a while before we hear from him … maybe March or so!! Or just before the draft comes out!! It's a waiting game. Let the press think!

Besides, I don't think Rodgers will be ready yet! Rodgers will have to learn HARD and FAST!! With Brett, the Packers have a great shot at the playoffs! Without Brett, were gonna have to wait another two years!! The coaches need to do a much better job of correcting mistakes! It took until December to get the ball rolling! MUCH, MUCH too long of a time period!

I also think much, too much has been made about Brett!!! Example: quarterback rating, completion percentages, breaking Blanda's interception mark. 1. How many times have receivers dropped passes? 2. How many times have they run the wrong routes? These are the stupid things that get lost in the shuffle of it all! But in the eyes of the sports experts, and some reporters "Brett is Done For." This to me is silly, another blast against a Hall of Fame quarterback, which is NOT needed!!!p> Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

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