Hey, Packers fans, are you kidding me?

Packers backers want Green Bay to acquire Randy Moss, a malcont player with eroding skills and a huge cap figure. PackerReport.com's Steve Lawrence has one question: Why?

The scuttlebutt around the NFL is the Oakland Raiders will try to deal Randy Moss.

Amazingly, judging by the calls to Green Bay's sports-talk radio station the other day, a majority of Packers fans want their beloved Green and Gold to acquire the underachieving and controversial wide receiver.

I remember a time not so long ago when Packers fans prided themselves on not only having a good team, but having a good team filled with good guys.

No anymore, it seems. As long as a player can give Brett Favre another weapon, that's all it matters.

Reality check, Packers fans:

— Moss admittedly takes plays off.

— Moss admits to occasionally using marijuana.

— Moss was arrested for pushing a traffic officer a half-block with his car in 2002.

— Moss mooned you during the Jan. 9, 2005, playoff game at Lambeau Field. Are you really read to forgive that?

— Moss quit on his Raiders teammates this season.

— Moss dropped a bunch of passes this season.

— In his last three seasons, he's averaged just 50 catches per season.

He's coming off the worst season of his career: 42 catches for 553 yards and three touchdowns. Sure, a lot of that had to deal with his supporting cast, but more of it had to do with his lack of effort.

Moss turns 30 next month. He's owed $21 million over the next two seasons.

If he comes to Green Bay, he'd be the No. 2 receiver. He complained about his role in Oakland, where he was the offense's only weapon. Think Moss won't pout and dial it back from first to second gear when he sees Favre fire 12 passes at Donald Driver and only four at himself?

And watch out if Favre retires and Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback. How long till Moss starts ranting and raving about Rodgers not throwing him the ball when he's open or Rodgers throwing him a bad pass?

Acquiring Moss is no guarantee of anything, much less making a run at the Super Bowl. Is having such a corrupting influence in the locker room a good idea on a team with the youngest roster in the league? Those young Packers pressed forward after a 4-8 start to win their final four games. Would that have happened with a malcontent like Moss spewing his daily dose of me, me, me?

The Packers, some $30 million under the cap, can afford Moss. The price, reportedly a third-round pick, isn't steep. That's the price in dollars, though. When you have a malcontent like Moss, the price goes far beyond the bottom line.

Lawrence is a regular contributor to PackerReport.com. Send comments to steve_lawrence_packers@yahoo.com.

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