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Fans offer their thoughts on off-season moves, Moss, Thompson, Favre and more!

Packers' off-season needs
The Packers need to get a lot better at tight end and WR, but the tight end position is a big need either though the draft or free agent wise. Favre needs that target down the field and someone with good or great hands and speed to catch the ball, but we also need another WR to help Driver and Jennings out. I think Jennings will be OK.

If we don't get a tight end in the first round then let's get a running back that is a stud so we can run the football to open things up. If Ted thinks no, not in the first round, then WR for sure, or tight end and then Ted Thompson can work on the defense and help improve the safety position and get a good backup CB to help out Woodson and Harris back there.

Hey, Ted, you need to go and get some players through free agency this year and show Favre you are trying to win. I know you want to show people around that you want a young team but you still need the veterans to help them, so please help this team get better and show Favre you do want to win, and also tell him you are going to try and make this team better so he will come back for one more year.

Dean, packerbuddy14@yahoo.com, Green Bay, WI

Moss is not a good fit in Green Bay
If Ted Thompson even hints at bringing in Randy Moss, Thompson should be fired right on the spot because he will have proven that he knows nothing. To the Packer Backers that want Moss on the team, get off the drugs. Moss could never help the team.

Joe Kempski, animal70@att.net, Belleville, NJ

Moss will never make a good teammate
Dear Todd,
I have been a Packer Backer for 46 years and have always seen them referred to as a "TEAM." We might define the term as seen in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary: A number of people working together on a common task, i.e. "Super Bowl Champions."

I am also an avid reader of Packer Report and it just blew my mind when I read Steve Lawrence's article "Hey, Packer Fans, Are You Kidding" (posted on 1/12/07). To even mention the idea that Randy Moss could be a "Team Mate" on the Packers. Steve must have slipped on the Frozen Tundra and hit his head to even suggest that TT would consider having Moss join the Packers. Ted has been working since his arrival to build a team, not tear it apart with making such a move. Do present Packer players take plays off? Do you see any players quit on their teammates? Look how they ended the season.

Even if Moss were to donate his entire salary to the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay, it would not be worth it.

Let's keep entrusting Ted to continue building a TEAM.

Dr. Vince Winter, vwdoc504@yahoo.com, Minnetonka, MN

Tight end tops list of Packers' needs
Hey Todd,
If the Packers want a chance at making the playoffs next season they are going to have to upgrade the offense. First, we need to get rid of Bubba Franks because of his lack of speed and his ability to be a red zone threat has diminished.

Also, since Tony Gonzalez is returning to the Chiefs, the Packers are going have to pursue new targets through free agency. If there is no quality TE available we should seriously consider trading our first round pick for Jason Witten. I think this could work because Dallas has an up-an-coming TE in Anthony Fasano. Also, Dallas will be looking to improve there defense after a lackluster year. If Witten came to Green Bay, he would give the Pack another red zone threat.

Finally, the Packers need to add another receiver to the corps. In the draft Ted Ginn Jr. or Dwayne Jarrett would be the perfect options. Also, in free agency you can't forget the speedy but yet dependable receiver Kevin Curtis.

Austin, badgerfan111@yahoo.com , Alpharetta, GA

Sydney's straight-forward style is refreshing
Man, I look forward to your articles. No kidding, you should write a book about your playing days in San Fran and coaching days at Green Bay. You can call it, ‘Harry's Corner'! Thanks for your honesty!

Dan, Publisher/Editor, GRIDIRON Coach Magazine

Magazine article does injustice to Packers fans
Dear Todd Korth,
Thanks for publishing Jeff MacGegor's story in the February 2007 issue of Packer Report. I do hope the fans don't treat our team and especially families like is written.

I grew up in the Odessa, Texas, area where they made Friday Night Lights which was biasly told.

There are two High Schools and it's gotten better since 1962. When Permian loses they treat players & coaches like crap, including placing realtor signs in the coach's front yard. My High School team has always been the underdog, but in 1999 they finally beat Permian for the first time since 1967 (Larry Gatlin) was quarterback. The Permian fans booed their players, spit on them, even threw the little footballs back at them as they went in to the locker room.

I have been a Packer fan all my life here in West Texas since I was old enough to know about football, was which is about 44 years (born in 1959). I have caught heck down here all my life, but I don't care, I always have been a Packer Backer and always will be.

This is no way to treat our team, and I'll be damned if you hear it from me. I hope to visit that small town some day, sit and witness a game in Lambeau Field. I will have the same goose bumps Ned Beatty had in "RUDY'.

Brett deserves respect and should get it no matter how many games they lose. He has done a remarkable job and has made his mark.

Bennie Cope, BENNIE2559@aol.com, Odessa, Texas

Pursuing Moss would be a huge mistake
It's time for Packer Report to do drug testing on some of its writers!!! Randy Moss in Green Bay (Matt's article, Jan. 18)? Players like Moss and Owens are a cancer in the NFL. Moss ended up in Oakland because no other team in the NFL wanted this loser! He's right where he belongs. I'd rather see Green Bay have a losing season than sign someone like Moss!!

I read that TT is looking "Football Players" like AJ. Hawk. Football player means "Team Player." Moss has some talent, but it only comes out when it's to his benefit. Let Moss rot on the vine on a team that doesn't care what the character of their players are. Players like Favre, Driver, Hawk, Jennings, Green and the other quality talent on the Packers Team deserve better that having to play with "me first" player like Moss at any cost.

Actually, I expect that Matt only wrote the article to get a reaction from Packer fans. Articles about the possibility of Favre's retirement haven't brought any reactions lately, so this type of article may get him some attention.

Jeff Behnke, MDPACKERFAN@aol.com, Lifetime Packer Fan and Shareholder, Gaithersburg, MD

Evaluation of Ted Thompson's moves thus far
The Packers have gone from pitiful to mediocre. And, mediocre is what Pete Rozelle liked to call parity because it sounds a lot better.

As Ted Thompson sings the song, "My Way", we can give him a grade of somewhere between a C and B for his accomplishments so far. His first draft pick will spend another one or two years on the bench behind Brett. Ted was extremely slow to repair the big rupture in the offensive line. He has been slower to repair the inadequate tight end spot, manned by the man he shelled out $4 million to retain in Bubba. He brought in a safety from Seattle who is asleep. He has no receiver with the speed of Javon Walker. He has no real replacement for an aging Ahman Green.

On the plus side, he did a nice job of upgrading the linebackers. He signed...and overpaid...for Charles Woodson, who finally turned the corner just in time. He has found rookies to finally anchor the O-line. He did a good job in retaining Aaron Kampman, even though many people thought he overpaid. His drafts have been solid with few real mistakes.

Somehow, he has convinced Brett Favre to hang on. He may or may not have an adequate backup in Rodgers.

The Bottom Line is that this team is not near the quality of the Patriots, the Chargers, the Ravens, the Colts or even the Bears. Yet, luckily in the NFL it only takes two or three key additions in a year to turn a team around.

Of course in my humble opinion those key additions are help in the secondary, a solid tight end, and a good young running back. Hopefully, we will find a prospect that can start at one of these positions in the draft. Maybe we will be lucky in finding two. But most probably, we will have to add someone in free agency.

Bill, broncobill_99@yahoo.com

It would be fun to watch Favre break some more records
Brett should come back. Four out of five records will be set by looking at the Favre Watch. TRUE RECORDS!! Have a look for yourself like I did:

One of them will have to wait for another year I think - Most Regular Games by ANY PLAYER. Nothing would be finer than that!

Let's face facts, we all love record breaking performances, no matter who it is! It's just great knowing Brett will be the one to break them all! It's great for the fans, for the good of the National Football League, and history itself! Brett may not care about records, and that's fine! But the FANS love it! Packer Fans!

What makes this so amazing to me, and I'm sure one way or another we all can agree to this, is that Brett was going no where in Atlanta. When Green Bay got him the fans went "Brett who? Who is he? Never heard of him." We quickly found out who he was! Did anyone know that one year he was two votes shy of getting his 4th MVP Award? Yes, true, he was! This is one player we can say went from NOTHING into the HALL OF FAME!! Now that's something to write about!

Instead of the nonsense of quitting golf clubs or Blanda's interceptions record, let's remember Brett when he does retire a champion, a leader, a player's player, and loved by all.

Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Hendersonville, N.C.

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