Team chaplain spread Jagodzinski's gospel

The Rev. James Baraniak, the Packers' team chaplain, helped Jeff Jagodzinski land Boston College job

When offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski became interested in pursuing the head coaching job at Boston College, did he ask Packers coach Mike McCarthy to put in a good word?


How about Bob Harlan?


Ted Thompson?

Wrong again.

When Jagodzinski applied to replace Tom O'Brien in Chestnut Hill, Mass., he turned to the Rev. James Baraniak, the Packers' team chaplain and a priest in charge of recruiting members for the Norbertine order at St. Norbert College, Green Bay's training-camp home in suburban De Pere.

"‘Jags is one of my favorites. What are you doing trying to take away not only one of our best coaches, but one of my best friends?' Baraniak, in an interview with Boston College's school newspaper, recalled of his conversation with BC president William P. Leahy.

"I told Father Leahy that he is a very good person, he will represent the Jagodzinski family well, he will represent Boston College very well, and he will represent the Church and the Jesuits very well.

"He just does things well," Baraniak continued. "I think that Jags is being tapped not just to be a coach to some fine athletes, I know that he will do that, but he will be a tremendous role model and a mentor figure to all sorts of students at Boston College.

"When Jags told me what was going on with the job at BC, I said to him, ‘What do you want me to pray for?' He said, ‘Wisdom. Wisdom that I make the right choices and they make the right choices.'"

Jagodzinski was an assistant coach at Boston College in 1997 and 1998. He said he "had always been interested in the BC job" since leaving the school for his first stint as a Packers assistant.

"I had a great experience here before," Jagodzinski told the Boston College Chronicle. "The thing that stuck out the most for me was the kids. I still talk to some of the kids that I coached here 10 years ago. When this job opened up, I had a bunch of BC guys that I had coached call me up and say ‘You need to try and get this thing.'

"I thought that it was pretty good that after all of these years that they still thought enough of me to do that."

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