Favre firmly in Glenn's corner

Don't worry about Terry Glenn's lack of preseason action, his trend of injuries or his well-documented clashes with his former team. Don't be concerned, because quarterback Brett Favre isn't.<p>

Favre said he still has the same optimism about Glenn that he had when the big-name free agent signed with the Packers this spring.

Ask the QB his opinion of Glenn, and he'll tell you this every time:

"He's a heck of a player," Favre said. "Terry Glenn probably has the best hands I've ever seen and he has the most confidence in his hands."

Finally, Favre will get a chance to work with his projected "go-to" receiver. After missing the first three games, Glenn is scheduled to start Friday's preseason finale vs. Tennessee at Lambeau Field.

If Favre has concerns about his chemistry with Glenn due to an utter lack of opportunity, it doesn't show.

"I said this before, it isn't the end of the world if he doesn't get to play in the preseason, but I would like him to play," Favre said. "I think everyone wants to see him play."

If fans here are eagerly awaiting a chance to see Glenn in action, New England fans are equally excited to say 'I told you so.' After a stunning first season in which Glenn caught a rookie-record 90 passes, he was soon slapped with an injury-prone label. Recurring groin injuries and suspensions earned Glenn some harsh critics in New England. When his free agency arrived, Glenn was more than ready to go.

Favre said the atmosphere in Green Bay will help turn the tide for Glenn.

"I told Terry this - we like him here," Favre said. "We want him to be successful here."

"Some of the things he's had to deal with are not his fault. We understand that," Favre said. "What happened to him in the past is in the past."

That includes Glenn's recent injury episode. The receiver wanted to put that one behind him sooner, but coach Mike Sherman wanted to take a more cautious approach.

"I'm glad that I waited," Sherman said. "When it first happened, he jumped up and said he'd be back real soon. I said 'Listen to the doctors.'

"He was anxious to get back. The doctors said it was an MCL and it takes three weeks. That's about where we are."

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