Fans Reminded of New Lambeau Smoking Policy

The Green Bay Packers and the Green Bay Police Department said Wednesday that extra efforts would be made to make sure fans know about the new smoking policy at Lambeau Field.

"In the past, those attending games could smoke anywhere in the concourse area underneath the seating bowl," explained Green Bay Police Commander Al Timmerman. "Now, with all of the changes at Lambeau, there a very limited number of places where people can smoke." Those areas are:

The open areas on the four ramps going to the upper concourse

The south end of the upper concourse (which is not enclosed)

Smoking balconies off the back of the skybox areas

"No smoking will be allowed in the lower concourse or anywhere in the Titletown Atrium," said Timmerman. Despite signage clearly identifying smoking and non-smoking areas, some fans at Monday night's game were unaware of the change in policy. "It was the first game in a substantially different stadium, so we understand that some people may not have noticed the signs or been aware of the change," said Timmerman. "That is why we're getting the word out."

The smoking policy change was made for a number of reasons. While the lower level concourse is now larger, and provides additional coverage to protect people from the elements, it also has more enclosed areas than in the past. For the health and safety of all fans, it was decided smoking areas needed to be restricted to areas with appropriate ventilation. Even the concourse food stands had their ventilation systems re-routed so that smoke would not build up in public areas.

Timmerman said security personnel would be enforcing the no-smoking areas. "We want Lambeau to be a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. Packers fans are a great group and I think once they know and understand the policy, they'll have no problem following it."

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