Brookins' bizarre tale has unhappy ending for RB

Maybe Jason Brookins needs to look into a new cellular calling plan.<p> No one seems to be able to reach him en route to Missouri, or back to Green Bay. Not his coaches, not his agent.<p> So the Packers have terminated the call. Thursday's axe brought an end to Brookins' Packer career, which was hanging in the balance along an interstate somewhere for two days.<p>

The bizarre tale started with the phrase "bring your playbook; the coach wants to see you." Usually, these words from the "turk" usually mean the player is cut. This time, the words meant exactly what they said: Mike Sherman wanted to see Brookins, and his playbook, in order to insert a few new plays into the binder.

Brookins didn't wait around to find out. After receiving the unofficial word, he got into his vehicle and headed southwest on the 10-hour trek to his hometown of Texas, Missouri.

The word of Brookins' mistake spread quickly, but he didn't answer repeated cell phone calls which would have let him know he still has a job. Meanwhile, the Packers placed Brookins on the little-used "Reserve - Left Camp" list and replaced him with a free agent wide receiver.

He finally answered the phone Thursday, but this time the call was to tell him not to bother to turn back north.

"It's over with Green Bay," said agent Stephen Weinberger, who conferred with NFL Players Association officials on Thursday morning. "The team just called to say they had released him. And I had to hurry to get Jason on the phone, because I was afraid he was on his way back (to Green Bay)."

Two days of conversations between Weinberger and Green Bay officials only muddied the waters, according to ESPN. Said Weinberger: "One (official) would tell me they wanted him back and another would say to wait until (coach) Mike Sherman decided what he wanted to do. It just made things even crazier."

Brookins, who played last season for the Baltimore Ravens, signed with the Packers as a free agent earlier this spring. He rushed for 551 yards and five touchdowns for the Ravens in 2001.

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