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Packer Backers air out their concerns about Favre, Moss, and team needs

Fans, media the ones to blame for stirring up Favre saga
I just read Harry Sydney's article about Brett. I have a different take on this Brett watch. It's us making it a problem. Yes, it's the fans, the media, and everybody talking and writing about it that makes it a bigger issue than it is. Brett's just taking his time making a decision. He's not hurting anybody! He's just living his life and minding his own business. Many of us take a while making a major decision like buying a car, buying a house, or changing jobs. We all need to chill out and leave him alone. He's not the problem! WE ARE!!!!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

With a little help, Packers can go a long way in 2007
Fellow Fans,
I enjoyed reading your comments (Letters to the Editor, PackerReport.com, Jan. 19), and agree with many of your assessments: Moss falls into the "he** NO!" category, and we were beginning to make some real strides at the end of the season. Watching the Bears win makes you wonder how far WE would have gone if we could have snuck in the playoffs (hindsight stinks!).

But now is time to start thinking about next year and I have a few points and/or ideas I would like to throw out there.

First, we do need some key pickups this year - next year MAY be the last time No. 4 is around, and I do like Rodgers (will talk about next) but right now our chances of winning are greatest with Brett. We need a solid RB to open up the passing game - I think the O-line is coming together, and a power back to support Morency is a must. If there is some way Thomas Jones from Chicago could be lured (they have Benson) I would love to see him in Green and Gold. Otherwise, move up in the draft, I don't think anyone other than Michael Turner fills our need in FA.

I would love to get a tight end in the draft, too. Not sure who is available in FA. Tony Gonzalez would have been great, and I don't know the cap hit we take with Bubba - if he wants to stay, both him and KGB need to restructure and give some $$ back.

Safeties need to be shopped for as well. And I wonder what will happen to Barnett: we have a guy named Hodge on our bench, which is NOT where someone with his talent should be!?

Second, give Rodgers a chance. I honestly feel for the guy. Here is someone who was arguably a top 3 pick, and he slid all the way to us. That was a gift, and we have not developed that enough. I am not sure if that is the QB coach, or just the situation he fell into behind a durable No. 4, but when he comes into any game thus far, he is either behind by 21, or in some unrealistic scenario and everyone is grading him on that performance. I believe in him and his talent, and would like to see us support him, give him the starting cast he needs to be successful. Playing as long as he did on a broken foot shows he has heart, and that is a key component to football, and especially to our beloved Pack.

Finally, with all the "stuff" that goes on around the league, let's keep the Packers as one of the few class acts in the NFL. No drug problems, no arrests, no contract holdouts, let's just have a solid football team that WANTS to be there and play together. If people don't fit this - get rid of them. Players like Favre, Kampman, Driver are what football should be. Jennings and Poppinga also seem to fit into this category. Yes, they make a lot of $$ and have a good life, but they also show what hard work and appreciation can do for a person. If the attitude in Green Bay stays positive, the players realize they are part of something special, more than just a payday, we will have a heck of a season next year. The off-season will definitely be something to watch.

Jason Eckes, eckesjh@yahoo.com, Eau Claire, WI

Acquiring Moss is no risk at all to Packers
Just writing to share my views on the Randy Moss rumor. Most fans agree that Moss would help this team win in many of the online polls popping up on this issue, but there are some fans, like the ones who wrote in to PackerReport.com last week that are against bringing him in because of the "risk". My question is what is so "risky" about this move?

First of all, you have to be very uptight and narrow minded to hold a grudge against Moss because of the ‘mooning.' It was obviously in jest and part of the rivalry, which is entertainment. If former Red Sox star Johnny Damon can be received by Yankee fans, then Moss should be fine in Green Bay.

Secondly, Moss respects Brett Favre A LOT and would be motivated to play alongside him, and also be motivated to play against the Vikings. I could see Moss having fun again if he came to Green Bay. When Favre has more than one receiving threat, he has had his best seasons. Having Moss would eliminate the double teams on Driver and would instantly make the Packers' offense one of the best in football. Brett made lemonade from lemons this year with virtually no supporting cast at WR other than Driver. If we are serious about winning, we do the deal.

Lastly, taking Moss eliminates the need to draft a WR. We can then focus the rest of the draft on other needs like TE, RB, etc. If we were to draft a WR, chances are more than likely, as is the case with most rookie WR's, that the results would not be anywhere near the impact that Moss would have.

The Packers will only have Favre for another year or two tops. They have to win now, not 3 or 4 years from now. There is no guarantee that Rodgers will be a good QB. If you ask me, relying on "winning in the future" with an unproven QB is what's truly "risky." Our best chance is with Favre and he doesn't have much time left. If Thompson wants Favre back so bad, then why not give him a real weapon and a real chance at a Super Bowl? The Packers have way too much cap room to penny pinch this year and Moss's contract won't hurt the future because with Favre's contract coming off of the books in the future, the Packers will have a ton of cap room for years to come. We simply don't have an excuse not to get this trade done if the Raiders are only asking for a draft pick & Ferguson.

That's my 2 cents.
Jay, jayjuke@hotmail.com, Green Bay, WI

Seeing Bears in Super Bowl is sickening
Hi Todd,
I guess Packers fans' worst nightmare came to fruitition Sunday. The Bears are going to the Super Bowl. I live 30 minutes away from Dolphin Stadium, and I am already getting images of these annoying Bears fans. This morning on my way to work, I was listening to the local newscast on the AM radio, and what comes on? "The Super Bowl Shuffle." I wanted to take my car and drive off the highway. Thanks for letting me rant, now down to business.

First and foremost, Favre needs to come back for a year or two (ala John Elway) for the Packers to be competitive. Thompson should look into free agency for some experienced, young talent. RB Adrian Peterson, not the Oklahoma guy, but the one going to the Super Bowl with the Bears. He's young and he's so far back in the depth charts. He looks like a strong runner, and he's an UFA. Should be affordable in case Ahman Green goes elsewhere. Thompson should sign this guy, and perhaps draft another RB later in the draft. I hear that RB Chris Brown (Titans) and Buckhalter (Eagles) are also UFA. Wide receivers Drew Bennett (Titans) and Kevin Curtis (Rams) are also UFA, both fairly young and have good size with the scheme that McCarthy is running. Bennett has good hands. Tight end: The only one that comes to mind is Eric Johnson (49rs) is a UFA. He also has posted decent numbers, but the Niners drafted Vernon Davis, so Johnson will be starting elsewhere in 2007.

If we can land at least an RB and a WR in free agency (player mentioned above). Then we perhaps trade down 2 or 3 spots in the draft, gather more picks, and take the best player available with the first pick. Then we should load up on CB's take a RB later in the draft as well as WR and TE's. Then we can be competitive in 2007, and knock the Bears' block off.

Go Packers ...Good luck Colts in the beating the snot out of the Bears!
Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Coral Springs, FL

Packers need to re-sign Green
Hello Todd,
Reading your article on Ahman Green (PackerReport.com, Jan. 22). Well thought out. I do not see the Packers letting this guy get away.

Ahman has at least two, maybe three more years in him - pending he doesn't get hurt again.

My hope is that the Packers concentrate on the one thing that gave Brett his angle at beating everyone. And, that's the tight ends. Mike Sherman didn't have the smarts for it - I'm hoping TT and MM both do. I'm already watching the wire on FA's. Any thoughts?
Tony LaRussa, President - IndyPackerBackers Club, ipbprez@gmail.com, Indianapolis, IN

As far as the FA market, it seems kind of thin out there for TEs and WRs. I could see the Packers going after the Niners' Eric Johnson or perhaps Indy's Ben Utecht.

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