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Packers fans chime in with thoughts on Favre, NFL draft prospects

How the Packers can get better this off-season
Wanted to comment on your article today Doug (Jan. 26, PackerReport.com) and share a few thoughts to perhaps generate more discussion with you all. The buzz is in the air as regards the Packers 2007 draft and possible FA moves or trades. It is much more exciting this season than last as I think we all can agree there is a lot more of a positive vibe about the team going into the 2007 season.

I am of the opinion Brett will come back, but who knows? I do not think he will drag it out much longer. If he does, then the Pack don't need to draft a QB. If he retires, all of a sudden QB becomes a position of need as Rodgers is coming off injury and is by no means proven. Ingle Martin … WHO? Can you say JEFF GARCIA? If Brett comes back I agree that the offense really just needs an the infusion of a playmaker and perhaps a FA lineman for depth. However, I do not quite agree that one (playmaker who can contribute right away) can be found in the draft. It would have to be a Reggie Bush type of special player. Greg Jennings is a good example - he started out very nicely but leveled off at the end, never was able to take it to that next level (the injury hurt his progress, I know, but not as much as I think we have been led to believe - he hit the rookie wall).

I also agree with keeping Ahman, and paired with Morency they are in great shape and can add a RB via draft in the LATER rounds. If they let Ahman go, then all of a sudden RB becomes a position of immediate need and I do think they get one via draft and Marshawn Lynch becomes the target. I think they go for the playmaking WR via FA or trade as I just don't think a rookie WR will have the huge impact they need right away. Guys like Marques Colston are the exception, not the rule.

I cannot believe I am typing this, but I am finding myself slowly lifting one leg up onto the "trade for Moss" bandwagon, and I am not talking about Santana Moss. While I would never be able to stomach someone like T.O. on the Packers I think Moss is a different cat and I think, if Bret comes back, we would see the Randy of old (the pro-bowler, difference maker).

As of now I have not seen any other FA WR's that would make that big of a difference so if this trade is not made then, yes, the draft would have to be the place to go. By the way, no matter what, Ferguson has to go. I feel bad for him, but business is business.

So, assuming Ahman is kept, Brett comes back, and the Pack is able to get a playmaker at WR through free agency or trade, I am thinking defensive line - notably defensive rush end - is the way to go with that first pick. KGB is no longer the answer, he needs to take a cut or be released. The jury is still way out on Cullen Jenkins at end. A name to keep in the back of the mind is Adam Carriker, who could be had at the 16th pick or perhaps they could trade down and still likely he would be there. Either way he projects as of now to a middle-to-late, first round pick, but I bet he moves up the boards before the draft. Think Kampman with the same motor, but more speed and bigger.

Safety could also be the way to go but I would guess unless there is an off-the-charts guy there when they draft, the safety will be drafted in the 2nd to 4th round.

There are so many scenarios that could change things in many ways and hopefully some of those will start to happen soon, so the picture can become a bit clearer. It is an exciting time again to be a Packer fan.
Jeff D., jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

Let's leave Favre alone; Packers should draft another QB
Hi Harry,
I have written to you a few times in the past couple of years. Here is my take on the Brett Favre situation: First, Brett is under contract. I assume he is going to return unless he says otherwise. Does Brett even need to tell the Packers he is coming back?

Personally, I don't think he does. If the Packers organization were to take this approach there would be no story until Brett retires.

The writers and the media have played on this saga and are making a mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill for the way the Packers have played their cards with Brett. When Brett is ready to retire he will let the Packers organization know of his decision. Until then, why bother him? Is it really going to make that much of a difference in how the Packers go about their business?

With that said, I think the Packers need to consider drafting another QB in this April's draft. Ted Thompson should look no farther than Ron Wolf who was a master at drafting NFL type QB's in the mid-to-late rounds while he was the Packers GM. A QB such as Jared Zabransky out of Boise State comes to mind. Zabranski was undefeated in his senior season, had a passer rating of 161.9, and compiled a 32-5 record during his collegiate career. The Packers should be looking to improve the QB position regardless of whether or not Brett decides to retire.
Randy Nyberg, nyberg@aps.edu, Albuquerque, NM

No need to make excuses for Favre
I'll bet you'll get a lot of mail on the Favre 'apologist' article (Jan. 30, PackerReport.com)!

Like you've been told before, you are a voice of reason in a sometimes (mostly?) Packer partisan press coverage. Thank you for the realistic assessment week after week, it's worth the 'price of admission'.

I am not a Favre apologist. I love what he has done for the Packers, and may even go to Canton for his induction. I've seen him throw interceptions in person when driving for a game winning score (Jets at Lambeau, Cardinals in Phoenix), and seen him lead the team to a win, or put them in a position to win (Raiders at Lambeau, Chicago at Lambeau, Eagles in Philadelphia -Longwell missed the FGs at these last two games and I had the pleasure to be at both!).

However, I am a PACKER FAN FIRST, not a Brett Favre fan. I don't care who is quarterbacking my team, so long as it is the best player for the TEAM. Same with every other position.

I get tired of the 'he was just trying to make a play' comments. Favre has been around long enough to make better decisions, or maybe he is not capable of playing more within himself.

Before his 29-interception season of 2005 I saw an interview where he said he had to be more careful and not force things (play within himself?). I almost laughed out loud because that is not Brett Favre, and there is no reason to apologize for it, just to recognize what the reality of the situation may be. And the season proved how the comment was totally absurd.

Still, you think he would be 'older and wiser' and play smarter, much like Brad Johnson did to extend his career.

I believe Brett started going downhill with the Philadelphia playoff game. The INT in overtime was inexcusable, and hearing that the receivers misread a blitz pattern they should have run gets old. Plus, I think the third down run where he ended up 1 yard short of the first down, setting up Philadelphia's possession where they converted the fourth and 26, could have been made with more effort. I think of the Super Bowl against the Broncos and Elway's famous 'helicopter' run. That was third down. If he doesn't make that the Broncos have to kick a FG.

Brett again had games this year where he didn't look like himself, but different from last year. Not necessarily bad passes into coverage, just not good passes to receivers we are used to seeing him hit.

On the positive side, every pre-game where I see Brett warming up gets me totally stoked for the game. He is also worth the price of admission!

There's obviously been more good than bad, I do wish he would decide on his future so the Packers can plan for theirs.

I actually hope he comes back. That price of admission thing, the fact he was better overall last season, and Rogers can wait (look at Philip Rivers). Plus, his season in 2006 was better than 2005, maybe 2007 will be better than 2006. Especially if we can improve o the running game (am I sounding like an 'apologist'?).

And I believe he will come back, for one reason; he believes that the Packers can make a playoff run next year(as do I), and he couldn't stand watching it unfold at home verses being a part of it.
Mike, mgiowa@cox.net, Tucson, AZ

Favre needs to decide, so Packers can plan for future
Right on! I have been following the Packers for quite a long time and have seen the good and the ugly over the years. Brett deserves respect, but he is absolutely not above the team. I feel Rodgers is a big question mark at QB and definitely has to be addressed if Brett doesn't come back and maybe still if he does come back. The staff needs to know.

It is not about right now, but planning for the future. I would love to see Brett come back and go out in style with a Super Bowl win, but I remember the heart breaker in SF, the interceptions in St. Louis, the embarrassing loss at home to Atlanta, and the infamous 4th and 26 in Philly, not to mention the 14-point favorite that went into SB XXXII. This team has been far too talented to have won only 1 SB during this run. And that's when Brett was at his finest.

After the 2004 season there was a QB controversy in SD, I felt that Brett should maybe step down and the Pack should make it happen to bring Drew Brees in. I also had had enough with Ahman Green's fumbles and after a poor output thought he should have been traded while still healthy.

The record shows what happened to Green the next year, and while Brees stayed one more year in SD we can look to this year to see what might have been.

You have the best column because you use your smarts when breaking down the arguments. Keep it up!
Michael D. Brown, MBrown3@trane.com

Packers fans should DEMAND Favre's return to Green Bay
Listen up! There is too much at stake if Brett doesn't return. Even though he doesn't care about records, ALL of the fans do!!! Brett has a good chance of breaking 3 of them in 2007: 1. Most wins by a quarterback; 2. Most touchdowns; 3. Yards Passing. If McCarthy will allow him to, the fourth one will have to wait another year - MOST GAMES STARTED BY ANY PLAYER!

Without a question, WE WANT BRETT BACK!!! And we should by all means fight to keep him. Not ask, "Brett have you made up your mind yet?" Why do we need to ask this type of question? Why do we need to keep saying, "Well, if Brett retires we can save millons of dollars?" How much colder do the sports experts, media and some fans need to get?

This is a MAN who came from NOTHING into THE HALL OF FAME. Who cares if he is 37? Age is a number only!! Ask Jerry Rice who played until he was 43!!!!!
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

Another opinion on Favre's annual off-season saga
Hey Harry,
Good article (Tuesday) in expressing many different sides to Brett's annual retirement party. Here's where I stand:

1. Strictly business … Favre has made GB franchise and, namely the NFL, multi, multi millions of dollars. Provided countless memories and victories for us to last a lifetime, and few we'd like to forget, but mostly special heart felt times.

2. Green Bay is a different franchise than any other, and are not run like other franchises would you not agree, Harry? Would you not say more history, class, and responsibility to the fans, more legends of the game and respect for them? They don't have to respond like some of the other classless organizations, or business accounting idiots, or those that disrespect its veteran's or the game.

3. Granted last year he took a little longer than most of us wanted, but this year it won't take as long. Really, how did this hurt the team at all? REALITY, HARRY, IT DIDN'T. Just mainly people were impatient, or the thought that someone would get special consideration, they were getting bent out of shape because they wanted a story NOW. Time and time again I've seen veterans in a multitude of businesses get special consideration, sometimes not, and it may be unusual in this day and age, especially in the cutthroat business of the NFL. But maybe, Harry, that is one of the attractions of being a Packer fan, the franchise & the fan what makes us a great franchise and great fans.

4. Brett is not perfect, and sometimes I could have kicked him in his Mississippi for some of the passes he's made. But the majority of time we all could have hugged him for the passes and plays he made, and the victories he helped to give us. But more importantly, he is not a veteran just hanging on. He can still play and he makes other players around him better and the team as a whole better, and they will get better quicker with him around. It gives us the best chance to win.

So those in the press, take a chill pill, because when Brett is gone you'll have so much more to write about regarding the next GB quarterback. Or maybe everyone could start writing about how many players have been arrested over the last few years, who were involved in murders, guns, drugs, etc., and are still playing and have gotten special treatment.

Thanks, Harry, I do enjoy your articles. Just 1 Fan's Opinion….
Jan Mandel, Janmandel@cox.net, Tempe, AZ

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