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Lee, Goodman among final cuts

The Packers faced a difficult assignment the cutting 15 players to reach the NFL-mandated 53-player limit Sunday, so there were bound to be some tough choices. Those on the "wrong" side of today's bubble were receiver Charles Lee, running back Herbert "Whisper" Goodman and linebacker Rob Holmberg.<p>

Lee, Goodman and Holmberg were among seven veterans to be waived in the final roster reduction, the list also including cornerback Keith Thibodeaux,defensive end Jared Tomich, wide receiver Chris Jackson and defensive back Todd Franz.

Also waived were eight rookies and first-year players - guard Mike Houghton of San Diego State, the Packers' sixth-round selection in the 2002 NFL draft; fullback Chris Gall (Indiana), cornerbacks Hurley Tarver (Central Oklahoma) and Erwin Swiney (Nebraska), wide receiver Devin Lewis (Southern University), defensive end John Gilmore (Tennessee State), tight end/fullback Bill Seymour (Michigan), and center Andy Eby (Kansas State).

Goodman was waived injured and Tarver and Gall following injury settlements.

The Packers, along with other NFL teams, will have the opportunity to establish a 5-player practice squad after 3 pm., CDT, Monday.

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