Sydney Speaks! Pull the trigger's Harry Sydney explains how wide receiver Randy Moss can help the Packers get to the next level in the NFL.

There has been a lot of talk in the last few weeks about Randy Moss. Many have given their thoughts about whether or not the Packers should even think about bringing in this guy because of what he might have done off the field, and they are still hung up on the ‘mooning' incident. Even some sports writers think it's a bad idea, so let me give you my thoughts.

First of all, we must understand the nature of professional football at the present time. This league is about winning now and the price sometimes might be high, but then again to walk away with the Lombardi Trophy raised over your head is what it's all about, isn't it? And the teams that are good but desire to be great take chances, especially when the window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller.

Randy Moss has a lot of baggage, but does he really have more than Koren Robinson? Has he been suspended for a season? I don't think so, and we can talk about the upside, but football is about what you can do now to help the team win. I look back at the Super Bowl and how this team needed a wide receiver and the Packers took a chance on Andre "BAD MOON" Rison, and what happened? He gave Brett Favre that deep threat which made this team better, and so would Randy Moss. In so many ways!!!!

There would be so many positives, but let's visit the negatives first. I know sometimes he's lazy and has said so, but then again has he played with anyone of Brett's caliber? One of his arguments is that he doesn't get the ball enough and hasn't been used as a playmaker, and that the quarterbacks won't put it up and trust that he will get it done.

Well, if that's the case he and Brett would fit very well together because we all know Brett will put it up. How many of you fans have said that Brett hasn't had a receiver that can catch it in a crowd? Well that problem would be solved because that's one of the things that Moss does better than anyone else.

The other thing that has been an issue with Moss has been the way he always wants the ball. So what? I want a guy on my team that wants the ball instead of someone that you can't find. The other negative in many minds is that he played for the Vikings and mooned Packers fans. I say to the fans that live in that world, "WAKE UP." So he fake mooned. Big deal I guess to those that he offended you better never "flip anyone the finger" or "yell anything negative" because the only difference between him and you is that the camera wasn't on you, so you got away with it.

Back to his effect on the field. He automatically makes the offense better because the defense can't play him straight up. They have to roll coverage to him and almost double team him every play because of his home run threat, which makes Donald Driver that much better because now he can only be covered one on one. That's Donald but how much better would Brett Favre be with having two legit receivers on either side to throw the ball to that can take it to the house at anytime? Not only that, but then Greg Jennings can do what he does best, which is run pass routes as the third receiver over basically the middle of the field. Another effect Moss would have is in the running game because as he releases and the defense rolls coverage to him, there would be one less guy to get involved with stopping the run.

Look back to Super Bowl XLI and the effect the Colts receivers had on the Bears secondary because they would stretch the field so much that the Bears safeties had to play 20 yards deep because they didn't want to get beat over the top. That's pressure on the defense and the result was that the Bears couldn't stop the run. They had to pick their poison, and couldn't be right. That's the same thing that a Moss and Driver would do. They would put serious pressure on a defensive coordinator, which in turn, would help this offensive line be that much better. They are pretty good already despite their youth.

Is it a gamble to trade for Moss? Not at all because the word is that all Al Davis wants is a third round pick. I'd give that up in a heartbeat and even sweeten the pot by throwing in Robert Ferguson, or anyone else that doesn't start. I might even throw in a starter like a Marquand Manuel or Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila because I think it's a small price for what I believe they would get in return, and that's instant credibility. It would change the face of the NFC because what other team could match up with the firepower that the Packers would have, especially with the defense finishing the season on a high note.

Like I have said earlier, many writers have already discussed their views on this subject and everyone has an opinion, so I figured I'd add mine as well. I think that the Packers would be foolish not to do everything possible to get Randy Moss in a Green and Gold uniform. Just remember how many of you fans didn't want Charles Woodson, and look at what he brought to the team. Nothing but the best year of his career, so I say to Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy: You must PULL THE TRIGGER.

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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