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Fans speak out on Moss and Favre's return to the Packers

Favre plus Moss equals Super Bowl
I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those "agree to disagree" topics for many Packer fans. Either you hate Moss and can never get past the fact he wore purple, or you respect and envy his talent and wish he was part of your team. I fall into the later category. And living in Minnesota, I have followed this guy for years. Let me give you some insight.

Randy Moss is a competitor. He loved playing for the Vikings. He seemed to enjoy being in the community. Of course, he is no choir boy, and his antics would always attract the attention of the national press. But locally, they also covered the charity work he did...some of which continued locally even after he was traded away. (Check this link if you want to see more about his work with the Smile Network for Children: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-422349845559822834 ) He wanted to retire a Viking, but unfortunately he had a habit of saying stupid things and smoking pot (ironic, that he backs a children's charity).

I think it broke his heart that the team he played so hard for and did so much for turned its back on him and traded him to Oakland. It wasn't his choice to play for one of the worst teams in the league ... he was traded there. He has no quarterback to get him the ball. There's no second receiver to draw coverage. Name one other player on that offense? And new coach or not, obviously he wants out. That place is so diseased, a half dozen quality coaches declined to even interview for the opening at head coach. Is it any surprise that he had the unreceptive conversation with the new coach? He doesn't want to be there, and it shows in his play. How do you think Favre would react if he was traded to Oakland? He'd retire ... and nobody would criticize him for it. But Moss is too young to retire. And he IS a football player.

I thought your oddest point was that Moss is not a "football guy." Are you kidding me? A five time Pro Bowler who was on pace to break Jerry Rice's records ... not a true football guy? I suppose he was just sleepwalking for those 6-7 years.

And who cares if Moss mooned the crowd? It was a joke, people. Get over it. I wasn't offended. I thought it was funny. What offended me that day is how the Packers played uninspired football, in the playoffs, on their home field, and let Randy Moss walk all over them. Randy Moss beat them that day, as he has several times over his career. That was just a few short years ago. Now at 30, he's over the hill? Marvin Harrison is 34 and he just won a Super Bowl.

You make good points when it comes to salary and trading draft picks/players. Of course the trade has to make sense on both of those levels. But that doesn't mean you don't consider the trade. And the upside seems huge.

1. Randy will want to play and play hard if it's a team he wants to play for. With the Packers, it gives him an opportunity to play for a rising team, with a Hall of Fame QB that he respects, that plays the Vikings twice a year. Do you think he might want a little payback? Sure he might say his stupid things from time to time. Hopefully, he's matured, though I wouldn't count on it. But in the Minnesota locker room, nobody ever called him a cancer. The other players loved him.

2. Randy won't impede the progress of young receivers (and face it, Jennings is the only one we care about. Ruvell Martin et. al. are just guys) ... he will enhance it. Don't you think they could learn some things from a five-time Pro-Bowler? How many more opportunities do you think Greg Jennings will get as a No. 3 when Moss is drawing coverage? He and Driver would never see another double team. It would open up all facets of the offense. Running game, tight ends, and receiving. Look at the Minnesota offense pre- and post-Moss. The Vikes were continually a top 5-10 offense with him in the fold. The second he left, they plummeted. He's a game changer.

3. For selfish reasons, living in Minnesota, I KNOW there would be nothing that would CRUSH the hearts of Viking fans more than to see Randy Moss, in Green and Gold, doing a Lambeau Leap after he torches DARREN SHARPER for six. That alone would be worth the price of admission.

To me, the only question is do we give him No. 18 or No. 84? Make it happen, Ted. Make it happen.
Michael Holmstadt, Michael.Holmstadt@wealthspringmortgage.com, Mound, MN

Just say "No" to Moss in Green Bay
A team on its way up doesn't need any Moss!!!!!

Great Article! The "mooning" was enough for me. How do we know he doesn't have a deep seeded hatred for our beloved team and would make nice to get here only to stab us in the back!!! He doesn't care about anybody except himself. He's another head case, like T.O.!!!

Past behavior is usually a pretty good indicator of future behavior. Moss had a lot of trouble in high school and college. The Vikings took a chance on him and, for a while, all was good. Then the "Randy" Moss surfaced and all hell broke loose. He went to Oakland and seemed happy ... but no ... once again the bad Moss surfaced. Now the Packers should take a chance that he'll be happy in Green Bay? Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Mike and Ike ... JUST SAY NO!!!!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Moss would be too much of a distraction
I am glad to see you change your mind where "Moss the Loss" is concerned. We are in need of a receiver, but we don't need a cancer. I really think he would be a distraction, maybe not as bad as Owens, but still a cancer.
Steve, branson1@charter.net, Janesville, WI

Random thoughts on the Packers
Fellow fans,
All good thoughts on our off-season moves - and everyone is welcome to an opinion. Here are a few of mine!

First, I do not want Randy Moss. I believe he has shown his character time and time again. I can take the taunts and immature behavior, but the way he seems to "give up" when things aren't going his way, that is not being a team player at all. The Raiders NEEDED him to draw coverage away and help make the QB there better. Moss didn't seem to gel with them, and I didn't see the effort that I know he is capable of. He has amazing ability, but I don't think he is a good fit here.

I also don't want to see the Pack go with Stallworth - just too injury prone and we have enough trouble with that already. Two possibilities are Keary Colbert (who has been forgotten behind Smith and Johnson) and E Wilford from Jacksonville. Just putting ideas out there.

Running back: Green has done us a good service, but I think the time has come to turn in a different direction. Morency has good skills behind a blocker, we need a pounder now. I would love to see Turner, but I don't think that is realistic. Adrian Peterson, or even bringing back Davenport could support Morency and Herron, and a three-pronged attack like that could be effective, especially if our O-Line stays healthy and improves like I think it will.

Our linebacking corp is incredible, and Barnett is part of that. It will be interesting to see what he is looking for in free agency: We have Abdul Hodge on the bench, so we have depth if he is too costly, which could very well happen. The one player I really would like to see Green Bay keep is Al Harris. He is a quality player who hasn't taken plays off, who is a proven hard worker, and who deserves a contract similar to that of Woodson. We don't have the depth there either, I would sign him as soon as possible.

My thoughts - the off-season is always full of possiblities. With Brett coming back I think this next year is a big year, hopefully we can develop players and build an offense and defense so when No. 4 decides to step down, Rodgers, or whomever we decide on, can take that role. This is a team game and we need to focus on creating the best team we can. We have many peices of the puzzle already together. Here's to hoping we fit the rest together. GO PACK!
Jason Eckes, eckesjh@yahoo.com, Deforest, WI

Favre's return is exciting
Now that the great news is still flowing around the Internet of Brett's return, we can sit back relax and enjoy at least 1 more year with Brett at the helm! Officially, it's his 16th not 17th season, after all going 4 pass attempts, 0 completions in Atlanta in two non starts. In my view, that doesn't qualify as a season. If that's the case then, Brett's passing rating for that time was 0 and that's his worst passing rating of all time!

Anyway, Brett is back, the fans are happy, as well they should be, even Tony Dungy, plus other coaches around the National Football League said, "It's great for football that Brett is back," including the Comish of the National Football League. Who wouldn't? Except maybe some of the sports experts and polls said that "He Is Going To Retire." We all can sit back and have a good laugh! Quitting a country club, having a team photo, tears in his eyes and on and on, it seemed like the poor guy couldn't do a thing on his private time without someone getting the stupid idea that Brett is "Going To Retire." And now for the all-time blunder, Brett's in it for the money!

Yes, it is true he will make $11 million, but he is worth every penny of it! After all, it's not every day anyone gets to see quarterback break records. The best part of it all is we the fans get to see it, not only us Packer fans, but National Football League fans, players, coaches, and teams! You can't help but feel happy for Brett because he has earned it. Let's all share the moments this year when he does break them. Let's not ask anymore stupid questionsl like, "Is this your last season Brett?" This shows no respect at all for Brett! Would you like that question asked to you EVERY WEEK? We all must remember that Brett believes in finishing out contracts. If this is the case then he has another 3 years left.

We do need a much better supporting cast around Brett, however. They say Thompson isn't going to spend much in the free agency market! It is still unclear whether Thompson will or not, it's still too early yet to tell! But we need OUR great players first, then go out and see what's out there! We can't have anymore very slow starts like last year! It won't cut it! Are we improved? I think so. I'd say we make the playoffs as silly as it might sound. Having Brett back helped matters, now to get the rest back and NOT make any stupid moves would help more! The draft even more so. Taking a peak at the 2007 Packer schedule will be a bit harder than last year!! But if we play like we're supposed to IT'S BACK TO THE PLAYOFFS!!
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

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