Why not trade for Moss?

Disgruntled receiver still has enough in him to be a playmaker for Packers

I've read Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth's column on why the Packers should not trade for Randy Moss and I've read readers' comments, for the most part, supporting that thought.

Now I'm here to make an argument for the Packers to serious consider trading for the Raiders' wide receiver. This is an argument, I'm not calling GM Ted Thompson daily telling him to get this done.

Acquiring Moss would no doubt bring many negative reactions, based on his off-field problems in Minnesota and his "mooning" incident in Green Bay after scoring a touchdown. However, what happened the last two seasons in Oakland on the field has to be erased.

Could a receiver have played for a worse team? Andrew Walter and Aaron Brooks were the quarterbacks this past season and neither could hold Ingle Martin's jock.

Packers fans know this about Moss: His best pattern is a fly right down the sideline. How hard is it to call that play five times a game, heave a pass and tell Moss to go get it? Minnesota did with great success, especially against the Packers, and Moss became a perennial Pro Bowler because of it.

Oakland was clueless, which led to Moss being upset this past season. Can you blame the guy? Here's a Hall of Fame receiver playing for a team which has the senile Al Davis still calling the shots. Oakland the last two seasons has fired coaches, and countless coaching candidates refused to interview because of the joke the Raiders have become. Moss surely wasn't the only one frustrated with the direction the organization was headed as Jerry Porter requested a trade in 2006.

The experience in Oakland has never been good for Moss, but what happens if he goes somewhere, like, Green Bay? He hasn't had any off-field troubles recently, so maybe he has matured that way. Put him on the same field with Brett Favre and it's not a stretch Moss regains his Vikings form. Moss has always enjoyed watching Favre. I remember watching an NFL films story on Favre and the Packers were playing the Vikings. Moss went to bench, set his helmet down and returned to the sideline and said something like, "That's Brett Favre, man." His voice indicated his respect for the quarterback. He wanted to watch the opposing quarterback. Think he might want to play with him? Terrell Owens did a couple years ago. Sometimes players can change if put in the right situation. Green Bay may just be that for Moss.

Furthermore, what he does to the offense would be huge. He moves Greg Jennings to No. 3, gives Donald Driver some breathing room and the likes of Carlyle Holiday and Ruvell Martin have more time to mature as receivers.

He also gives the Packers a top-notch downfield threat, giving Favre a chance to throw the "home-run" ball a few times a game.

I know acquiring Moss would bring a lot of negative talk, but sometimes teams have to take chances to get places. His salary cap number would be $9.75 million in 2007, trailing only Favre on the Packers. Green Bay has about $28 million available under the cap, so it can afford this purchase.

Moss will be 30 soon, but others at 30 or older in the NFL who are premier receivers include Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Owens (led the NFL in TD catches last year) and Hines Ward.

Moss hasn't been a marquee player in Oakland, combining for 102 catches, 1,558 yards and 11 TDs in his last two seasons. Still, I think Moss some years ahead of him, and it's apparent Raiders fans don't want him. On Moss' site, therealrandymoss.com, he has a forum for fans, if they can be called that. Here's an excerpt from one of them: "You're an overpaid, underachieving piece of (expletive). You lost any fans you had and you're nothing but a loser now. Thanks for nothing you piece of garbage. Why don't you crawl in a hole and die."

It looks like Moss has to leave Oakland for everybody involved. I'm not saying his arrival in Green Bay would solve everything and lead the Packers to Super Bowl XLII, but Thompson would have to determine if the risk is worth the reward.

It actually could work as long as Favre is around, and maybe that's the route the Packers should take. Randy Moss a Packer? Not so far-fetched when you realize Jim McMahon was one also.

Doug Ritchay

Doug Ritchay is a frequent contributor to PackerReport.com and Packer Report magazine. E-mail him at dritchay@sbcglobal.net.

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