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Ranking Green Bay Packers' top five best and worst trades

The rumors are running rampant. Are the Green Bay Packers really considering a trade for Oakland Raider WR Randy Moss? This has been speculated for several weeks now. We will find out soon enough as March 2 approaches. That is the day teams in the NFL can start signing free agents and making trades. Speaking of trades, let's reflect on the five best and worst trades in team history in the writer's humble opinion.

Five best trades in Packer history
1) QB Brett Favre from the Atlanta Falcons for a 1st round draft pick (1992)

This one is a no brainer. The Pro Football Hall of Fame awaits one of the top five best QBs in NFL history.

2) RB Ahman Green and a 5th round pick from Seattle for CB Fred Vinson and a 6th round pick (2000)

Green will probably re-sign with the Pack and go down as it's all-time leading rusher.

3) DE Willie Davis from the Cleveland Browns for End A.D. Williams (1960)

Vince Lombardi sure took Paul Brown on this one! Davis ended up in the NFL Hall of Fame

4) DT Henry Jordan from the Cleveland Browns for a 4th round pick (1959)

Did Lombardi have some compromising pictures of Brown? He stole another Hall of Famer here. 5) 3rd round pick (MLB Ray Nitschke) from the N.Y. Giants for DE John Martinkovic (1958)

The Packers acquired yet another Hall of Famer with this shrewd move.

Five worst trades in Packer history
1) QB John Hadl from the LA. Rams for (2) 1st round picks, a 2nd round pick and (2) 3rds (1974)

Dan Devine should have been fired for this trade alone!

2) QB Jim Del Gaizo from the Miami Dolphins for (2) 2nd round picks (1973)

Did they drug test General Managers (Devine) in 1973?

3) CB Mossy Cade from the San Diego Chargers for a 1st round pick and a 5th round pick (1985)

Cade spent more quality time in jail than he did on the football field.

4) GM Mike Sherman trading UP to the 3rd round to take punter B.J. Sander (2004)

This is one reason Sherman is no longer employed at 1265 Lombardi Avenue

5) CB Herb Adderley to the Dallas Cowboys for C Malcolm Walker and DE Clarence Williams (1970)

Not much in return for one of the best corners in NFL history.

Coming soon ... top five best and worst free agent signings in Packer history.

Bob Fox is a frequent contributor to PackerReport.com. E-mail him at packrepted@aol.com.

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